The Works of Laurence Sterne ...: With a Life of the Author, Written by Himself ...

J. Turnbull, 1803
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Seite 252 - TO conceive this right, — call for pen and ink — here's paper ready to your hand. —Sit down, Sir, paint her to your own mind as like your mistress as you can as unlike your wife as your conscience will let you — 'tis all one to me please but your own fancy in it.
Seite 189 - There are a thousand unnoticed openings, continued my father, which let a penetrating eye at once into a man's soul; and I maintain it, added he, that a man of sense does not lay down his hat in coming into a room, — or take it up in going out of it, but something escapes, which discovers him.
Seite 203 - The Accusing Spirit, which flew up to heaven's chancery with the oath, blushed as he gave it in, and the Recording Angel, as he wrote it down, dropped a tear upon the word, and blotted it out for ever.
Seite 197 - I thought it wrong, added the Corporal. I think so too, said my uncle Toby. When the lieutenant had taken his glass of sack and toast, he felt himself a little revived, and sent...
Seite 200 - Tis finished already, said the corporal, for I could stay no longer, so wished his honour a good night. Young Le Fevre rose from off the bed, and saw me to the bottom of the stairs ; and as we went down together, told me they had come from Ireland, and were on their route to join the regiment in Flanders. But, alas ! said the corporal, the lieutenant's last day's march is over.
Seite 196 - But alas, the poor gentleman will never get from hence, said the landlady to me, for I heard the death-watch all night long ; and when he dies, the youth, his son, will certainly die with him, for he is broken-hearted already. I was hearing this account...
Seite 204 - ... in the night, what was his complaint, where was his pain, and what he could do to help him ; and without giving him time to...
Seite 202 - Your honour knows," said the corporal, " I had no orders." " True," quoth my Uncle Toby. " Thou didst very right, Trim, as a soldier, but certainly very wrong as a man." " In the second place, for which, indeed, thou hast the same excuse...
Seite 202 - Trim, — and what with thy care of him, and the old woman's, and his boy's, and mine together, we might recruit him again at once, and set him upon his legs. In a fortnight or three weeks, added my uncle Toby, smiling, he might march. He will never march; an...
Seite 194 - Nicholas; and besides it is so cold and rainy a night, that what with the roquelaure, and what with the weather, 'twill be enough to give your honour your death, and bring on your honour's torment in your groin.

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