Prisoners Of Hate: The Cognitive Basis of Anger, Hostility, and Violence

Harper Collins, 14.09.2010 - 368 Seiten

World-renowned psychiatrist Dr. Aaron T. Beck has always been at the forefront of cognitive therapy research, his approach being the most rapidly growing psychotherapy today. Now, in his most important work to date, the Father of Cognitive Therapy presents a revolutionary look at destructive behavior--from domestic abuse to genocide to war--and provides a solid framework for remedying these crucial problems. In this book, Dr. Beck

  • illustrates the specific psychological aberrations underlying anger, interpersonal hostility, ethnic conflict, genocide, and war;

  • clarifies why perpetrators of evil deeds are motivated by a belief that they are doing good;

  • explains how the offenders are locked into distorted belief systems that control their behavior and shows how the same distortions in thinking occur in a rampaging mob as in an enraged spouse;

  • provides a blueprint for correcting warped thinking and belief systems and, consequently, undercutting various forms of hostility; and

  • discusses how the individual and society as a whole might use the tools of psychotherapy to block the psychological pathways to war, genocide, rape, and murder.

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PRISONERS OF HATE: The Cognitive Basis of Anger, Hostility, and Violence

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A reflective consideration of the dysfunctional thinking that results in acts ranging from verbal abuse on the personal level to mass murder on the societal level, as well as suggestions for remedying ... Vollständige Rezension lesen

Prisoners of hate: the cognitive basis of anger, hostility, and violence

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Noted as the founder of cognitive psychotherapy, Beck (emeritus, Pennsylvania State Univ.) here applies his work to greater social problems, from domestic violence to bigotry, crime, and war. Focusing ... Vollständige Rezension lesen


Hijack the Mind
The Egocentric Bias
The Vulnerable Selfimage
Let Me Count the Ways Youve Wronged Me
Cognitive Errors and Distortions
Rights Wrongs and Retaliation
The Transformation of Love and Hate
VIOLENCE INDIVIDUALS AND GROUPS 8 Individual Violence The Psychology of the Offender
Creating Monsters and Demons
The Deadly Construction of the ENEMY
FROM DARKNESS TO LIGHT 12 The Brighter Side of Human Nature Attachment Altruism and Cooperation
Cognitive Therapy for Individuals and Groups
Applying Cognitive

Group Prejudice and Violence

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Über den Autor (2010)

Aaron T. Beck, M.D., widely known as the father of cognitive therapy, is currently University Professor Emeritus at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and president of the Beck Institute for Cognitive Therapy and Research. He graduated magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from Brown University, and went on to attend Yale Medical School. He has received at least 18 major professional awards from associations such as the National Institute of Mental Health, the American Psychiatric Association, the American Psychological Association, and the American Psychopathological Association.

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