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The world of spirits, action all, and life
Unsetter'd, and unmixt. But here the cloud,
So will.. ETERNAL PROVIDENCE, sits deep.
Enough for us to know that this dark state,
In wayward passions lost, and vain pursuits,
This Infancy of Being, cannot prove
The final issue of the works of GOD;
By boundless Love and perfect Wisdom formid,
And ever rising with the rising mind.

ove ba l'origin primiera il mondo incorporeo, tutto moto, ed una vita libera e pura. Qui però, tale è il volere della Providenza Eterna , tiene il suo luogo nube profonda. A noi basti comprendere che questo stato di tenebre, immerso in capricciose passioni ed in vane intraprese, quest'infanzia dell'esistenza manifestare non ponno l'ultimo scopo delle

opere di un Dio, create con un amor senza limite e con persetta sapienza; e che ognor più si sublimano, viepiù che la mente meditando si elevi (63).




The subject proposed. Addressed to Mr. Onslow. A prospect of the fields ready for barvest. Reflections in praise of industry raised by that view. Reaping. A tale relative to it. A harvest-storm. Shooting and hunting, their barbarity. A ludicrous account of fox-bunting. A view of an orchard. Wall-fruit. A vineyard. A description of fogs , frequent in the latter part of Autumn; whence a digression, inquiring into the rise of fountains and rivers. Birds of season considered , that now shift their habitation. The prodigious number of them that cover the northern and western isles of Scotland. Hence a view of the couutry. A prospect of the discoloured, fading woods. After a gentle dusky day,, moonlight. Autumnal meteors. Morning: to which succeeds a calm, pure, shiny day, such as usually shuts up the season. The harvest being gathered in , the country dissolved in jny. The whole concludes with a panegyric on a philosophical country life.

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Crown'd with the sickle and the wheaten sheaf,
Wbile AUTUMN, nodding o'er the yellow plain,
Cones jovial on; the Doric reed once more,
Well pleas’d , I tune. Whate'er the Wintry frost
Nitrous prepar'd, the various-blossom'd Spring
Put in white promise forth; and Summer-suns
Concocted strong, rush boundless now to view;

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