Catalogue of the Hunterian Collection in the Museum of the Royal College of Surgeons in London: The pathological preparations in spirit


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Seite 49 - A portion of intestine of a hog, the peritoneal coat of which is covered in several places with small pellucid cysts containing air. It was sent to me by my friend Mr. Jenner, surgeon, at Berkeley [afterwards Dr. Jenner], who informed me, that this appearance is found very frequently upon the intestines of hogs that are killed in the summer months.
Seite 89 - ... the uterus from causes other than torsion it rapidly undergoes putrefaction ; in some cases it becomes converted into the peculiar substance known as adipocere. The museum of the Royal College of Surgeons contains some specimens illustrating this condition taken from cows and ewes. One of them is "a portion of the horn of the uterus of a sheep containing the head and of the feet of a lamb, which remained in the uterus beyond the ordinary period of gestation and became adherent to the surrounding...
Seite 8 - The inflammation was followed by an exudation of coagulating lymph ; an effect which is only produced on the inner surface of a canal opening externally, by a very violent degree of inflammation.
Seite 66 - A kidney whose ureter, pelvis, and infundibula are very considerably enlarged, in consequence of a stricture in the urethra, accompanied by disease of the bladder.
Seite 33 - An aneurism of the arch of the aorta, which burst into the trachea and killed the patient.
Seite 44 - ... of separation from the bone, so as to produce the same resemblance in that texture to what you find elsewhere. There is, however, in the Museum of the College of Surgeons, the humerus of an ox, " whose medullary cavity is filled with a glossy semi-transparent cyst, resembling an bydatid, which contained fluid.
Seite 24 - The head of the femur is lodged on the dorsum of the ilium, to which it has contracted adhesions.
Seite 69 - A portion of the stomach of a person who died of haemorrhage, in consequence of the rupture of a vein in the stomach. [The vessel is injected, and from its size appears to be varicous.
Seite 69 - The ulcer is situated on the anterior surface near the cardiac orifice : its edge is almost smooth, and the parts immediately surrounding it are nearly of their natural thickness.
Seite 3 - A portion of the gastrocnemius muscle, injected, dried, and put into oil of turpentine to show its vascularity, on which depends its red colour.

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