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VER. 303. For Forms of Covernment, &c. In 1740,Ir. Pope wrote the following words on the margin of : = book, where he found these two

lines milapplied; • The author of these lines was far from meaning, that

no one form of Government is, in itself, better than I alrather (as, that mixed or liniited Monarchy for example, is 'not preferable to absolute) but that ito form of Government, however excellent or preferable, in itself, can be sufficient to make a people happy, • unless it be administred with integrity: On the coliEr trary, the best. forț of Governinent, when the Form " of it is preserved, and the Administration corrupt, is, 's most dangerous.”-See letter iv. to Dr. Atterbury, Yol. iv.

VER. 307. In. Faith and Hope, &c.] “ And now abideth « faith, hope, and charity, these three'; but the greatest ** of these is Charity.'s Cor. xiii, 13.

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EPISTLE IV. Ver. 110. Lent Hear's parent, &c.]. The Author's Mother, a perfon of extentive Clarity, departed this life the year this poem was finished, 1733.

VER. '123 Skall burning Etna, sca] This alludes to the fate of Empedocles and Pliny, who perished by too near an approach to Ætna and Vesuvius, while they were examining the cause of their eruptions,

Ver. 177. Go, like the Indian, c] Alluding to the example of the Indian, in Epift. i. ver. 99.

VER. 283. Or ravish'd, with the whistling of a Name,] Sacheverell, has the following obfervation, in his Voyage to Icolumbkill; "In one corner is a peculiar Inclofure, in " which are the monuments of the kings of many differ- .; “ ent nations, as Scotland, Ireland, Norway, and tlie " Ifle of Man This (Taid the perfon who shewed me the * place, pointing to a plait fone) was the monument of - the Great Teague, 'king of Ireland. I had never heard 6 of him, and could not but reflect, of how little value " is Greatness, that has barely left a Name fcandalous to

a nation, and a gravē, which the meanett of Mankind 66 would never ervy."

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