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The malice of Geg. CHAP. XXXVIII, XXXIX. God's judginent upon him.

29 And the beatben shall know that people of Israel dwelleth safely, shalt 1 ibe LORD do sanctify Israel, when ibon not know it? my sanctuary sball be in the midst of 15 And thou shalt come from thy them for evermore.

place out of the north parts, thou, and CHAP. XXXVII.

many people with thee, all of liem Apibe word of the LORD came widling upons borses: a great coinpany,

2 Son of man, set thy face against 16 And thou shalt come up against prince of Mesbech and Tubal, and cover the land; it shall be in the

, a propuesy against bim,

latter days, and I will bring thee 3And say, Thus saith the Lord against my land, that the heathen GOD; Bebold, I am against thee, o may know me, when I shall be sancGoy, the chiei prince of Mesbech and tified in thee, o Gog, before their Tuhal:

eyes. And I will turn thee back, and 17 Thus saith the Lord GOD; Art put hooks into thy jaws, and I will thou be of whom I have spoken in bring thee forib, and all thine army, old time by my servants the prophers borses and borsemen, all of them of Israel, which propbesied in those clothed with all sorts of armour, even days many years that I would bring a great company with bucklers and thee against them? shields, all of them handling swords;. 18 And it shall come to pass at the

5 Persia, Ethiopia, and Libya with same time when Gog shall come them; all of them with shield and against tbe land of Israel, saith the belmet:

Lord GOD, that my fury shall come 6 Gomer, and all bis bands; the up in my face. bouse of Togarmah of the north quar 19 For in my jealousy and in the ters, and all bis bands: and many fire of my wrath have I spoken, Smepeople with thee.

ly in that day there shall be a great 7 Bu thou prepared, and prepare shaking in sbe land of Israel ; for thyself, thou, and all thy company 20 So that the fishes of the sea, and that are assembled unto thee, and be the fowls of the beaven, and the thou a guard unto thein.

beasts of the field, and all creeping 8 Alter inany days thou shalt be things that creep upon the earth, visited. In the laiter years thou shalt and all the men that are upon the come into the land ihat is face of the earth, sball shake at my back from the sword, and is gathered presence, and the mountains shall be out of many people, against the inoun- ihrown down, and the steer places ains c Israel, which have been alsball fall, and every wall shall iall to ways wesie: but it is brought forth the ground. out oitbe nations, and they shall dwell 21 And I will call for a sword against safely all oi them.

him throughout all my mountains 9 Thou shalt ascend and come like saith the Lord GOD: every man's a stoim, thou shalt be like a cloud to sword shall be against his brother. cover the land, thou, and all thy 29 And I will plead against him Dands, and many people with thee. with pestilence and with blood ; and

10 Thus saith the Lord GOD; It I will iain upon him, and upon bus shall also come to pass, that at the bands, and upon the many people same time shall things come into thy that are with him, an overtiowing Hund, and thou shalt think an evil rain, and great ballstones, fire, and I bought :

brinistone. 11 and thou shalt say, I will go up 23 This will I magnify myself, and to ibe land of unwalled villages ; 'l sanctify myself; and I will be known will go to them that are at rest, that in the eyes of many nations, and they dwell safely, all of them dwelling shall know that I am the LORD. wiliour walls, and having beither bars

CHAP. XXXIX. nor gates;

THEREFORE, thou son of man, pro 19 To take a spoil, and to take a phesy against Gog, and say, Thus prey; to turn thine hand upon the de- saith the lord GOD; Behold, I am bulate places that are now intabuted, against thee, O Gog, the chief prince and upon tbe people that are gathered of Meshech and Tubal; out of the nations, which bare gotten 2 And I will turn thee back, and cattle and goods that dwell in the leave but the sixth part of thee, anı inidst of the land.

will cause thee to come up írom the 13 Sheba, and Dedaa. and the mer- north parts, and will bring thee upon chants of Tarshish, with all the young the mountains of Israel: Jions thereof, shall say unto thee, 3 And I will smite thy bow out of thy Alt thou come to take a spoil? hast left hand, and will rause the arrows shou gathered thy company to take a to fall out of thy right band. prey? to carry away silver and gold, 4 Thou shalt fall iipon the mountains to take away cattle and goods, to take lof Israel, thou, and all thy bands, and a great spoil!

the people that is with bee: I will 14 Therefore, son of man, propbesy give thee unto the ravenous birds os and say utilo Gog, Thus saith the every s01t, and to the beasis of the field

Israel's victory

EZEKIEL The feast of the fowls 5 Thou shalt fail upon the open, en, of my sacrifice wbich I have show field. for 1 bave spoken #f, saith the crificed for you. Lord GOD.

20 Thus ye shall be filled at my la 0 And I will send a fire on Magog, ble with horses and chariots, with and among them that dwell carelessly mighty men, and with all men of war, in the isles : and they shall know that saith the Lord GOD. I am the LORD.

21 And I will set my glory among 7 So will I make my holy name the heathen, and all the heathen sball known in the midst of my people is see my judgment bat I have exe: rael; and I will not let them pollute cuted, and my hand that I have laid my boly name any more: and the upon them. heathen shall know that I am the 22 So the house of Israel shall know LORD, the Holy One in Israel.

that I am the LORD their God from 8 9 Behoid, it is come, and it is that day and forward. done, saith the Lord GOD; this is the 23 | And tbe heatben sball know day wbereof i bave spoken.

that the bouse of Israel went into cau9 And they that dwell in the cities tivity for theit iniquity: because they of Israel shali go forth, and sball set on trespassed against me, there cre hid I hre and burn the weapons, both the my face from them, and gave them shelds and the bucklers, the bows and into the hand of their enemies : So ne arrows, and the bandstaves, and tell they adl by sword. the spears, and they shall burn them

24 According to their uncleanness with fire seven years :

and according to their transgressions . So that they shall take no wood bave I donc unto them, and bid my out of ibe field, neither cut down any face from them. out of the forests; for they shall burn 25 Therefore thus saith the Lord the weapons with fire: and they shall GOD, Now will I bring again the cap. spoil those that spoiled them, and rob uvity of Jacob, and have mercy upon those that robbed them, saith the Lord the whole house of Israel, and will be GOD.

jealous for my boly name ; 11 And it shall come to pass in that 2C After that they have borne their day, that I will give unto Gog a place sbame, and all their trespasses wherethere o graves in Israel, tbe valley of by they have trespassed agaicst nie, the passengers on the east of the sea; when they dwelt sately in their land, and it sball stop the noses of the pas. and none made them afraid, sengers: and there shall they bury 27 When I have brought them again Gog and all his multitude: and they from the people, and gathered them shall call it, The valley of Hamon-gog. out of their enemies' lands, and am

1e And seven months shall the house sanctified in them in tbe sight of many of Israel be burying of them, that they nations; may cleanse the land.

28 Iben shall they know that I am 13 Yea, all the people of the land the LORD their God, which caused shall bury them; and it shall be to them to be led into captivity among them a renown the day that I sball be the heathen but I have gathered glorified, saith the Lord GOD. tbem unto their own land, and have

14 And they shall sever out men of left none of them any more there. continual employment, passing through 99 Neither will I hide my face any the land to bury with the passengers more from them: for I have poured those that remain upon the iace of the out my spirit upon the house of Israel, earth, to cleanse it after the end of saith the Lord GOD. seven months shall they searcb.

CHAP. XL. i5 And the passengers that pass TN the five and twentieth year of our through the land, when any seeth a captivity, in the beginning of the man's bone, then shall be set up a year, in the tenth day of the month, sigo by it, till the buriers have buried in the fourteenth year after that the at in the valley of Hamon-gog. city was smitten, in the self-same day

16 And also the name of the city the hana uf the LORD was upon me, shall be Hamonal. Thus shall they and brought me thither. clearise the land.

2 In the visions of God brought be 17 And thou son of man, thus me into the land of Israel, and set me saith the Lord GOD; Speak into every upon a very high mountain, by which icatbered fowl, and to every beast of was as the frame of a city on the the field, Assemble yourselves, and south. come, gather yourselves on every 3 And he brought me thitber, and side to my sacrifice that I do sacrifice behold, there was a man, whose apr for you, even a great sacrifice upon the pearance was Ike the appearance of mountains of Israel, that ye may eat brass, with a line of flax in his hand flesh, and drink blood.

and a measuring reed; and he stood 18 Ye shall eat the Aesh of the in the gate. mighty, and drink the blood of the 4 Add ihe man said unto me, Sori of princes of the earth, of rams, of man, behold with thine eyes, and lambs, and of goats, of bullocks, all bear with thine ears, and set thine of them fatlings or Basban.

heart upon all that I shall shew thee: 19 And ye shall eat fat eill ye be for to the intent that I might shew full, and drink blood till ye lie drunk-them into thee ,ar: thou brougbt li.

grckie's Disinn.

CHAP. XL. The description of the temple cher: declare all that thou seest to the court that looked toward the north, he house of lurael.

ineasured the length thereof, and the 5 And behold a wall on the outside breadtb thereof. of the house round about, and in the 21 And the little chambe:s thereof man's band a measuring reed of six were three on this side, and three on cubits long by the cubit and an hand- that side, and the posts thereor and hreadth: so he measured the breadth the arches thereof were aíter the meaof the building, one reed; and the sure of the first gate the length height, one reed.

thereof was titty cubits, and the 64 Then came he unto the gate which breadth five and twenty cubits, lookerh toward the east, and went up 22 And their wirdows, and their the stairs thereof, and measured the arches, and their palm-trees, were after threshold of the gate, which was one the measure of the gate that looketh icer broad; and the other threshold toward the east; and they went up unof the gate, which was one reed broad. to it by seven steps; and the arches

7 and every little chamber was one thereol were bezore them. Teed long, and one reeui orcad; and 23 And the gate or be inuer court between the little chainbers were tive was oser against the gate toward the cubits; and the threshold of the gate north, and toward the tast; and be by the porch of the gate within was measured from gate to gate an huo. one reed.

dred ubits. 8 He measured also the porch of the 24 | After that he brought ine toward gate within, one reei.

the south, and behold a gate toward 9 Then ineasured be the porch of the the south: and be measured the posts gate, eight cubits; and the posts there thereo: ind the arches thereof accord of, two cubits; and the porch of the ing to these measures. gate was inward.

25 And there were windows in it and 10 And the little chambers of the in the arches thereo roundaboui, like gate eastward were three on this side, those windows: the lengtu tas tilty and three on that side; they three cubits, and the breadth five and twellwere of one mcasure ; and the posts ty cubits. Wiad one measure on this side and on 26 And there were seven steps to go chat side.

up to it, and the arches thereof wore 11 And he measured the breadth of before them; and it had palm-trets, the entry of the gate, tra cubits; one on this side, and another on that and the length of the gate, thirteen side, upon the posts thereoi. cubits.

27 And there was a gate in the inner 12 The space also before the little court toward the south; and he meachambers was one cubit on this side, sured from gate to gate toward the and the space was one cubit on that south an bundred cubits. side: and the little chambers were six 26 And be brougbt me to the inner cubits on ibis side, and six cubits ou court by the south gate : and we meathat side.

sured the soulb gare according to these 13 ile measured then the gate from measures the root of one little chainber to the 29 And the Cittle chambers thereof, Toof of another : the breadth was and the posts thereof, and the arches five and twenty cubits, door against thereoi, according to these measures: door.

and there were windows in it and in 14 'He made also posts of threescore the arches thereot round about. 10 tels cubits, even unto the post of the court fifty cubits long, and tive and cwenty sound about the gate.

cubits bioad. 15 And froin the face of the gate of 30 And the arcbes round boit were the entrance unto the face of the tive and twenty cubits long, and tire porch of the inner gate were fifty cu- cunits broad. bits.

31 And the arches thereof were to16 And there were narrow windows ward the outer court: and palin-trées to the little chainbers, and to their were upon the posts thereof : and the posts within the gate round about, and going up to it hud eight steps. likewise to the arches: and windows 32 9 And he brought me into the inwere round about inward : agd upon ner court toward the east: and be cach post were palm-trees.

measured the gate according to these 17 Tben brought he me into the out- measures. ward court, and lo, there were cham. 33 And the little chambers thereof, bers, and a pavement made for the and the posts thereot, and the urches

court round about : thirty chainbers thereof, were according to chese ineitwere upon the pavement.

sures and there were windows therein, 18 And the pavement by the side of and in the arches thereof round about: the gates over against tbe length of the it was fifty cubils long, and sive and gates was the lower pavement.

twenty cubits broad. 19 Then he measured the breadth 34 And the arches thereof were tofrom the formafront of the lower gate ward the outward court; and palonunto the fore-froat of the inner court trees were upon the posts thereof, ça without, an hundred cubits eastward this siile, and on that side; and the no and northward.

ing up to it had eight steps. 20 And the gate of the outward 35 T And be brought ine to the ne

The chambers of the temple. EZEKIEL The several parts cherarti gare, and measured it according to one on this side, and another on that these measures,

side. 36 The little chambers thereof, the

CHAP. XLI. posts thereof, and the arches thereof, AF

FTERWARD he brought me to and the windows to it round about : the temple and measured the the length was tilly cubits, and the posts, six cubits broad on the une breadth five and twenty cubits. side, and six cubits broad on the

37 And the posts thereof were to other side, which was the breadth of warrt the outer court; and palm-trees the tabernacle. were upon the posts thereof, on this 2 And the breadth of the door was side, and on that side: and the going ter cobits; and the sides of the door up to it had eight steps.

were five cubits on the one side, and 35 And the chambers and the entries five cubits on the other side: and be thereof were by the posts of the gates, measured the length thereof, forty where they washed the burnt-offer- subits; and the breadth, twenty cuing

bits. 39 | And in the porch of the gate 3 Then went be inward, and meawere two tables on this side, and two sured the post of the door, two cubits; tables on that side, to slay thereon the and the door, six cubits; and the burnt-offering, and the sin-offering, breadth of the door, seven ubits and the trespass-oftening:

4 So be measured the length thereot 40 And at the side without, as one twenty cudits; and the breadth, tiven gocth up to the entry of the north iy cubits, beiore the temple : and be gate, were two tacles; and on the said unto me, This is the most holy other side, wbich tras ai the porch of place. the gate, were two tables.

5 After he measured the wall of the 41 Four tables were on this side, and house, six cubits; and the breadtb four tables on that side, by the side of of every side chamber, four cubits the gate ; eight tables, wbereupon they round about the bouse on every side, slew their sacrifices.

6 And the side chambers were three, 42 And the four tables were of bewn one over another, and thirty in order, stone for the burnt-offering, of a cabit and they entered into the wall whicb and an half long, and a cubit and an was of the house for the side chambers half broad, and one cubit high ; where round about, that they might have upon also they laid the instruments bold, but they had not hold in the wall wherewith they slew the burnt-offering of the house. and the sacrifice.

7 And there was an enlarging, and a 43 And within werd hooks, an band winding about still upward to the side broad, fastened round about : and up- chambers: for the winding about of on the tables was the flesh of the offer the house went still upward round ing.

about the house : therefore tbe breadth 44 | And without the inner gate of the bouse was still upward, and so @cre the charibers of the singers in the increased from the lowest chamber to the inner court, which was at the side of highest by the midst. the north gate; and their prospect was 8 I saw also the height of the house Toward the soulb: one at the side of round about the foundations of the the east gate having the prospect to-side chambers were a full reed of six ward the north.

45 And he said unto me, This cham 9 The thickness of the wall, whicb ber, whose prospect is toward the was for the side chamber without south, is for the priests, the keepers was five cubits : and that which waj of the cb sge of the house.

left was the place of the side chambers 46 Ana the chamber whose pros- that were within. pect is toward the north is for the 10 Aud between the chambers was priests, the keepers of the charge of the wideness of twenty cubits round the altar: these are the sons of Zadok about the house on every side. among the sons of Levi, wbich come 11 And the doors of the side chamnear to the LORD, to minister into bers were toward the place that was him.

left, one door toward the north, and 47 So he measured the court, an another door toward the south; and b'indred cubits long, and an bundred the breadth of the place that was leit cubits broad, foursquare ; and the al. was five cubits round about. tar that was before the house.

12 Now the building that was before 48.1 And he brought me to the porch the separate place at the end toward of the house, and measured cach post the west was seventy cubits broad ; of the porch, five cubits on this side, and the wall of the building was five and fire cubits on tha. side: and tbé cubits thick round about, and the breadth of the gate roas three cubits length thereof ninety cubits. on this side, and three cubits on that 13 So he ineasured tbe bouse, an side.

hundred cubits long, and the separate 49 The length of the porch was place, and the building, with the walls twenty cubits, and the breadth eleven thereof, an hundred cubits long; cabits; and he bought me by the 14 Also the breadth of the face of steps whereby they went up to it: the house, and of the separate place and there recte pillars by the yestsh.coward the east, an bugdred cubits,

great cubits.

The ornaments of the temple. CHAP. XLII. The priests chambers

15 And he measured the length of 4 And before the chambers was a the building over against the separate walk of ten cubits hreadth inward, a place wbich was behind it, and the way of one cubit; and their doors 10galleries thereof on the one side and ward the north. on the other side, an hundred cubits, 5 Now the upper chambers were with the inner teinple, and the porches shorter: for the galleries were lsgher of the court,

than these, than the lower, and than 16 The door-posts, and the narrow the middlemost of the building. windows, and the galleries round about 6 For they were in three stories, but on their three stories, over against had not pillars as the pillars of the he door, ceiled with wood round courts: therefore the building was tbout, and from the ground up to straitened more tban the lowest and che windows, and the windows were the middlemost from the ground. covered ;

7 And the wall that was without 17 To that above the door, even un- over against the chambers, toward the to the inner house, and without, and outer "court on the forepart of the hy all the wall round about within and chambers, the length thereof was fifty without, by measure.

cubits. 19 And it was inade with cherubims 8 For the length of the chambers that and palm-trees, so that a palm-tree were in the outer court was tifty cubits: was between a cherub and a cherub; and lo, before the temple were an bun. and very cherub bad two faces; dred cubats.

19 So that the face of a man mas 9 And from under these chanıbers toward the palm-tree on the one side, as the entry on the east side, as and the face of a young lion toward one goeth into them from the outer the palm-tree on the other side: il court. was made through all the house round 10 The chambers were in the thickabout.

ness of the wail of the court toward 20 From the ground unto ahove the the east, over against the separate door were cherubins and palin-itees place, and over against the buildmade, and on the wall of the teinple. ing.

21 The posts of the temple were 11 And the way before them Das squared, and the face of the sanctua. like the appearance or the chainbes Ty; the appearance of the one as the wbich were toward the north, as long appearance of the other.

as they, and as broad as they : and ali 92 The altar of wood was three their goings out were both according to cubits bigh, and the length thereof their fashions, and according to their two cubits; and the corners thereof, doors, and the lengths thereof, and the walls 12 And according to the doors of tbereol, were of wood: and he said the chambers that were toward the unto me, Tbis is the table that is be-south, was a door in the head of the fore the LORD.;

way, even the way directly before the 23 And the temple and the sanctua- wall toward the east, as one entereth ry had two doors.

into them 24 And the doors had two leaves 13. Then said he unto me, The north apiece, two turning leaves ; two leaves chambers and tbe south Charubers, for the one door, and two leaves for which are before the separate place, the other door.

they be holy chambers, where the 25 And there were made on them, priests that approach unto the LORI) on the doors of the temple, cheru- shall eat the most holy things : there hims and palm-trees, like as were shall they lay the most holy things, inade upon the walls; and there were and the mea:-offering, and the sinthick planks upon the face of the offering, and the trespass-ofl'erios; porch without

for the place is holy. 26 And there were narrow windows 14 win the priests enter therein, and palm-trees on the one side and on then sball they not go out of the holy the other side, on the sides of the place into the outer court, but there porch, and upon the side chan:bers of they shalt lay their garments wherein the house, and thick planks.

they minister for bey are holy; and CHAP. XLII.

shall put on other garments, and shall

approach to those things which are for THEN

EN he brought me forth into the the people.

outer court, the way toward the 15 Now when be had made an end north: and be brought me into the of measuring the moet house, he chamber thal vas over against the se- brought me forta toward the gate parate place, and wbich was before the whose prospect is toward the easi, building toward the north.

and measnred it round about. 2 Before the length of an hundred 10 He measured the east side with tubits was the portb door, and the the measuring reed, five hundred breadth was ofty cubits.

reeds, with the measuring reed round 3 Over against t'e twenty cubits about which were for the inner court, and 17 He measured the north side, five over against the pavement which was hundred reeds, with the measuring for the outer court, was gallery against reed round about. gallery in Chree stories.

18 He measured the south side.

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