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and prayer

Darold's thanksgivin 1. CHRONICI.ES. is not for man, but for the LORD, our days on the earth are as a sbados. God.

and there is none abiding. Now I have prepared with all my 16 O LORD our God, all this store might for the house of my God the that we have prepared to build ebee ao gold for things to be made of gold, and house for thine holy naine correth or i silver for things of silver, and the thine hand, and is all thine own. brass for things of brass, the iron for 17 I know also, my God, that thoua things of iron, and wood for things of triest the heart, and hast pleasure in wood ; onyx stones, and stones to be uprightness. As for me, in the upset, glistering stones, and of divers rightness of mine beart I have wil. colours, and all manner of precious lingly offered all these things : and stones and marble stones in abun. now have I seen with joy thy people, dance.

which are present here, to offer wil. 3 Moreover, because I have set my lingly unto thee. affection to the house of my God, I 180 LORD God of Abraham, Isaac, bave of mine own proper good, of and of Israel, our fathers, keep this gold and silver, which I have given to for ever in the imagination of the the bouse of my God, over and above thoughts of the heart of thy people, all that I have prepared for the holy and prepare their heart unto thee: house,

19 And give voto Soloinon my son a 4. Even threc thousand talents of perfect heart, to keep tby command. gold, of the gold of Opbir, and seven inents, thy testimonies, and thy sta. thousand talents of religed silver, 10 tures, and to do all these things, and to overlay the wails of the houses withal : build the palace, for the wbich I have

5 The gold for things of gold, and made provision. the silver for things of silver, and for 20 And David said to all the congreAll manner of work to be made by the gation, Now bless the LORD your God. hands of artificers. And who then is And all the congregation blessed the willing to consecrate bis service this LORD God of their fathers, and bowerd day unto the LORD ?

down their heads, and worsbipped the Then the chiei of the fathers LORD, and the king. and princes of the tribes or Israel, acd 21 And they sacriticed sacrifices unto the captains of thousands and of hun. the LORD, and offered burnt-offerings dreds, with the rulers over the king's uuto the LORD, on the morrow after work, offered willingly,

that day, even a thousand bullocks, a 7 And gave for the service of the thousand rams, and a thousand lambs, bouse of God, of gold five thousand with their drink-offerings, and sacri. taients and ten thousand drams, and fices in abundance for all Israel: of silver ten thousand talents, and of 22 And did eat and drink before the brass eighteen thousand talents, and LORD on that day with great gladness. one hundred thousand talents of iron. And they made Solomon the son of

8 And they with wbom precious stones David king the second time, and were found gave them to the treasure anointed hin unto the LORD to be the of the bouse of the LORD, by the band chief governor, and Zadok to be priest. of Jehiel the Gersbonite.

23 † Then Solomon sat on the ihrone 9 Then the people rejoiced, for that of the LORD as king, instead of David they offered willingly, becalise witb his father, and prospered ; and all perfect heart they offered willingly to Israel obeyed him. the LORD : and David ibe king also 24 And all the princes, and the rejoiced with great joy.

mighty men, and all the sons likewise 10 Wherefore David blessed the of king David, submitted themselves LORD before all the congregation : and unto Solomon the king. David said, Blessed be thou, LORD God 25 And the LORD magnified Solomon of Israel our father, for ever and ever. exceedingly is the sight of all Israel,

1 Thine, O LORD, is the greatness, and bestowed upon him such royal and the power, and the glory, and majesty as had not been on any king the victory, and the majesty : for all before him in Israel. that is in the heaven and in the earth 26 Thus David the son of Jesse is thine, thine is the kingdom, O LORD, reigned over all Israel. and thou art exalted as head above all. 27 And the time that be reigned over

12 Both riches and honour core of Israel was forty years : seven years thee, and thou reignest over all ; and reigned he in Hebron, and thirty and

thine band is power and might, and tbree years reigned he in Jerusalem. in tiune hand it is to make great, and 28 And he died in a good old age, to give strength onto all.

full of days, riches, and honour : and 13 Now thereiore, our God, we Solomon bis son reigned in his stead. thank thee, and praise thy glorious 29 Now the acts of David the king, name

first and last, behold, they are written 14 But who am I, and what is iny in the book of Samuel the seer, and people, that we should be able to offer in the book of Nathan the prophet, so willingly after this sort ? for all and in the book of Gad the seer, thiegs come of thee, and of thine own 30 With all his reiga and his might, bave we given thee.

and the times that went over bum, and - For we are strangers before thee, over Israel, and over all the kingdoms azil sojourners, as were all our fathers of the countries.



(in the chariot cities, and with the king strengthened in his kingdom, and

at se mund the

15 And the king made silver and the LORD IS God was with him, and gold at Jerusalem as plentcous as magnified him exceedirgiy

stones, and cedar-trees made he as the Then Solomon spake unto all Israel, sycamore-trees that are in the vale for to the captains of thousands and of abundance. bundreds, and to the judges, and to 16 And Solomon bad horses brought every governor in all Israel, the chief out of Egypt, and linen yarn : the of the fathers.

king's merchants received the finen 3 So Solomon, and all the congrega-yarn at a price. tion with him, went to the high piace 17 And they fetched up, and brought that was at Gibeon ; for there was the forth out of Egypt a chariot for six tabernacle of the congregation of God, bundred shekels of silver, and an horse which Moses the servant of the LORD for an hundred and fifty: and so had made in the wilderness.

brought they cut horses for ail the 4 But the ark of Gou had David kings of the Hittites, and for the kings brought up from Kirjath-jearım to the of Syria, by their means. place which David hac prepared for it :

CHAP. II. for he bad pitched a tent for it at Je- A D House for the name of the

ND Solomon determined to build vusalem.

5 Moreover the brasen altar, that LORD, and an house for bis kingdom. Bezaleel the son of Uri, the son or llur, 2 And Solomon told out threescore bad inade, he put before be tabernacle and tea thousand men to bear burdens of the LORD and Solomon and the and fourscore thousand to bew in the congregation sought unto it.

mountain and three thousand and six 6 And Solomon went up thither to hundred to oversee them. the brasen altar before the LORD, 3 | And Solomon sent to Huram the which was at the tabernacle of the king or Tyre, saying, is tbou dids: congregation, and offered a thousand deal with David my father, and dids: burnt-offerings upon it.

send him cedars to build him an bouse 7 T In that night did God appear to dwell therein, even so deal with me. unto Solomon, and said unto bim, Ask 4 Bebold, I build an house to the what I shall give thee.

name of the LORD my God, to dedi 8 And Solomon said unto God, Thou cate it to him, and to burn before in hast shewed great mercy unto David sweet incense, and for the continui my father, and hast made me to reign shew-bread, and for the burnt-offer in his stead.

ings morning and evening, on the sal 9 Now, O LORD God, let thy pro- baths, and on the new moons, and o Ir.ise unto David my father be esta- the solemn feasts of the LORD 01 blished : for thou hast made me king God. This is an ordinance for evert over a people like the dust of the earth Israel. in multitude.

5 And the house which I build 10 Give me now wisdom and know- great : for great is our God above a ledge, that I may go out and come in gods. before this people : for who can juage 6 But who is able to build him 2 this thy people, that is so great ? bouse, seeing the heaven and beave

11 And God said to Solomon, Be- of beavens cannot contain him w cause this was in thine beart, and thou am I then, that I should build him ? hast not asked riches, wealth, or bo- house, save only to burn sacrifice b nour, nor the life of tbine enemies, nei-fore him? ther yet hast asked long life but hast 7 Send me now therefore a mi asked wisdom and knowledge for thy- cunning to work in gold, and in silve self, that thou mayest judge my peo- and in brass, and in iron, and in pu ple, over whom I have made thee ple, and crimson, and blue, and th king:

can skill to grave with the cunni 12 Wisdom and knowledge is grant- men that are with me in Judah and ed unto thee; and I will give thee Jerusalem, whom David my father d riches, and wealth, and bonour, such provide. as none of the kings have had that 8 Send me also cedar-trees, fir-tres have been before thee, neither shall and algum-trees, out of Lebanon : there any after thee bave the like. I know that thy servants can skili

13 Then Solomon came from his cut timber in Leoanon; and beho journey to the high place that was at my servants shall be with thy servan Gibeon to Jerusalein,' from before the

9 Even to prepare me timber tabernacle of the congregation, and abundance for the house which Teigned over Israel.

am about to build shall be wondert 14 And Solomon gathered chariots great. and horsemen: and be bad a thousand 10 And behold, I will give to t and four hundred cbariots, and twelve servants, the hewers that cut tim Ebousand horsemen, which he placed twenty thousand measures of 1.**

The building of

Solomon's temple wheat, and twenty thousand measures with fir-tree, which he orerlaid with of barley, and twenty thousand baths fine gold, and set thereon palio-trees of wine, and twenty thousand baths and chains. of oil.

6 And be garnished the bouse with 11 Then Huram the king of Tyre precious stones for beauty : and the answered in writing, which he sent gold was gold of Parvaiin. to Solomon, Because the LORD hath 7 He overlaid also the house, the loved his people, he bath made thee teams, the posts, and the walls thereking over tiem

of, and the doors thereol, with gold, 12 Huram said moreover, Blessed be and graved cherubims on the walls. the LORD God of Israel, that made 8 And be made the most holy house, beaven and earth, who hath given to the length whereof was according to David the king a wise son, endued the breadth of the house, twenty cu. with prudence and understanding, that bils, and the breadth thereus twenty might build an house for the LORD, cubits: and be overlaid it with fire and an bouse for his kingdoin. gold, amounting to six hundred talents.

13 And now I have sent a cunning 9 And the weight of the nails as man, endued with understanding, of fifty shekels of gold. And he overlaid Huram my father's,

the upper cbambers with gold. 14 The son of a woman of the daugh 10 And in the most boly house he ters of Dan, and bis father was a man made to cherubims of image work, of Tyre, skilful to work in gold, and in and overlaid them with gold. silver, in brass, in iron, in stone, and 11 And the wings of tbe cherubims in timber, in purple, in blue, and in fine were twenty cubits long : one wing of linen, and in crimson · also to grave the one cherub was five cubits, reaching any inanner of graving, and to find out to the wall of the house : and the other every device which shall be put to wing was likewise fixe cubits, reaching him, with thy cunning men, and with to the wing of the other cherub. the cunning men of nis lord David thy 12 And one wing of the other cherub father.

was fire cubits, re.ching to the wall of 15 Now therefore the wheat, and the the house: and the other wing was harley, the oil, and the wine, which tive culits also, joining to the wing om my lord bath spoken of, let bim seca the other cherub. unto bis servants

13 The wings of these cherubim3 16 And we will cut wood' out of spread themselves forth twenty cubits Lebanon, as much as thou shalt need : and they stood on their feet, and their and we will bring it to thee in floatz hy faces were inward. kea to Joppa ; and thou shalt carry it 14 9 And he made the vail of blue, up to Jerusalem.

and purple, and crimson, and one li 17 And Solomon 7umbered all the nen, and wrought cherubims thereon. trangers that were in the land of Is. 15 1 Also he made before the house act, after the numbering wherewith two pillars of thirty and fire cubits David his father had numbered them high, and the chupiter that was on and they were found an hundred and the top of each of them was five lity thousand and three thousand and cubits. ix hundred.

16 And he made chains, as in the 13 And he set threescore and ten oracle, and put them on the heads of housand of them to be bearers of bur. the pillars ; 'and made an hundrell lens, and fourscore thousand to be pomegranates, and put them on the cwers in the mountain, and three chains. housand and six hundred overseers to 17 And he reared up the pillars beet the people a work,

fore the temple, one on the right CHAP. III.

hand, and the other on the left ; and CHEN Solomon began to build the called the name of that on the right

house of the LORD at Jerusalem, band Jachin, and the nanie of that on 2 mount Moriah. where the LORD tbe left Boaz. ppeared unto David his father, in the

CHAP. IV. ace buat Darid had prepared in the MOREOVER he made an altar om ireshing-floor of Ornan the Jebusite. brass, twenty cubits the length

2 And he begar to build in the se. thereof, and twenty cubits the breadth oud day ni the second monil, in the thereof, and ten cubits the height urth year of his reign.

thereof. 39 Now these are the things wherein 2 Also he made a molten sea of ten omon was instructed for the build- cubits from brim to brim, round in % of the house of God. The length compass, and five cubits the hicighs

cubits, after the first measure was tbereof; and a line of thirty cubits did reescore cubits, and the breadth compasi il round about. ven!y cubits.

3 And under it was the similitude of 4 And the porch that was in the oxen, which did compass it round out of the house, the length of it was about: ten in a cubit, compassing the cording to the breadth of the house, sea round about. Two rows of oxen venty cubits, and the height was an were cast, when it was cast. indred and twenty: and he overlaid 4 It stood upon twelve oxen, three within with pure gold.

looking toward the north, and three .Ind the greater House he ceiled looking toward the west, and three

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17. ornaments and vessels. (HAP. V. The ark of the covenant. looking toward the south, and three, holy place, and the doors of the house looking toward the east ; and the sea of the temple, recte af guld. us set above upon them, and all their

CHAP. . binder parts were inward.

THOS all the work that Solonion 5 And the thickness of it was ar. made for the house of the LORD band-breadth, and the brim of it like was finished : and Solomon brought in the work of the briin of a cup, with uli ibe things that David his lather powers of lilies ; and it received and had dedicated ; and the silver, and the beld three thousand hatbs.

go'a, and all the instruments, put he 69 He made also ten lavers, and put amonu the treasures of the house or five on the right hand, and fise on the God. left, to wash in them : such things as 2 T Then Soloinon assembled the el. they offered for the burnt-offering they ders or braei, and all the heads of the washed in tbem ; but the sea was for tribes, the chief of the fathers of the the priests to wash in.

children of Israel, tinto Jerusalein, to 7 And he inade ten candlesticks of bring up ihe ark of the covenant of the gold according to their forin, and set LORD out of the city of David, which Chem in the temple, five on the right is Zion hand, and five on the lett.

3 Wherefore all the men of Israel 8 te made also ten tables, and assembled themselves unto the king placed them in the temple, tive on the in the feast which was in the seventh right side, and five on the left. And month. be made an hundred basons of gold. 4 And ail the elders of Israel came;

9 Furthermore he made the court and the Levites took up the ark. of the priests, and the gocat court, 5 And they brought up the ark, and and doors for ibe court, and over laid the tabernacle of the congregation, the doors of them with brass.

and all the boly vessels that were in the 10 And he set the sea on the right tabernaclt, these did the priests und side of the east end, over against the the Levies bring up. south.

O Also King Solomon, and all the 1 [ And Huram made the pots, and congregauon of Israel that were asthe shovels, and the basons. And Hu- sembled woto hun before the ark, sacri. ram finished tbe work that he was to fced sheep and oxen, we could nos make for king Solunion for the house be told nor numbered for multiiude. of God;

7 And the priests brought in the ark 19 To wit, the two pillars, and the of the covenant of the LORD unto his pommels, and the chapiters which wlace, to the oracle of the house, into were on the top of the two piliars, and the inost holy place, quen under the the two wreaths to cover the two wings of the cherubims. pommels of the chapiters which were 8 For the cberubims spread forth on the top of tbe pillars ;

their wings over the place of the ark, 13 And four hundred pomegranates and the cherubims covered the ark and on the two wreaths, two rows of pomes the staves iucicotahove. granates on each wreath, to cover the 9 And they drew out the staves of the two pommels of the chapiters which ark, that the ends of the staves were ucrc upon the pillars.

seen from the ark before the oracle. 14 He made also bases, and lareis but they were not seen without. And gade he upon the bases ;

there it is unto this day. 19 One sea, and twelve oxen under it. 10 There was nothing in the ark, sive

16 The pots also, and the shovels, the tivo a les which dluses put therein and the fieb-hooks, and all their in- at Horeb, when the LORD inade a coStruments, did Hurain his father inale tenant wiih the children of Israel,

king Solonion for the house of the when ihey came out of Egypi. LORD of bright brass.

11 $ ind it came to pass, when the 17 In the plain of Jordan did the priests were come out, or the holy king cast them, in the clay ground be place, (for all the priests that were tween Succoth and Zeredáthah. present were sanctified, and did not

19 Thus Solomon made all these ves then wait ky course : sels in great abundance: for the weight 12 Also the Levites which were the of the brass could not be found oul. singers, all of them of Asaph, of Me

19 And Solomon made all the ves man, of Jeduthun, with their sons and sels that were for the house of God, the their brethren, being arrayed in white golden altar also, and the tables where-liren, having cymbals and psalteries on the shew-bread was set;

and harps, stood at the east end of 20 Moreover the candlesticks with the altar, and with them an hun their lamps, that they should burn dred and twenty priests sounding with after the manner before the oracle, or trumpets :) pure gold;

13 it came eren to pass, as the 21 And the flowers, and the lamps, truinpeters and singers were as one, and the tongs, made he of gold, and to make one sound to be heard in that perfect gold;

praising and thanking the LORD; and 22 And the souffers, and the basons, when they lifted up their voice with and the spoons, and the censers, of the trumpets and cymbals an inpure gold and the entry of the house, struments of music, and praised the the inner doors thereof for the Rost LORD, saying, For he is good; for bus,

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Solomon's prayer at the II. CHRONICLES. dedication of the temple. mercy endureth for ever: that then servant David my father that which Ebe house was filled with a cloud, even thou hast promised hiin ; and spakest the house of the LORD ;

with thy inouth, and hast fulfilled it 14 So that the priests could not stand with thine band, as it is this day. to minister by reason of the cloud : 16 Now therefore, O LORD God of for the glory of the LORD bad filled Israel, keep with thy servant David the bouse of God.

my father that which thou hast proCHAP. v.

mised himn, saying. There shall not

The said that he would dwell in the upon the throne of Israel ; yet so that thick darkness.

thy children take heed to their way to 2 But I have built an house of babi- walk in my law, as thou hast walked tation for thee, and a place for thy before me. dwelling for ever.

17 Now then, O LORD God of Israel, 3 And the king turned his face, and let thy word be verified, which thou blessed the whole congregation of Is- hast spokea unto tby servant David. rael, and all the congregation of Israel 19 But will God in very deed dwell stood.

with men on the earth behold, bea. 4 And he said, Blessed be the LORD ven and the heaven of heavens cannot God of Israel, who hath with bis bands contain thee; bow 17.uch less this house fulfilled that which he spake bis which I have built ! mouth to my father David, saying, 19 Have respect therefore to the

s Since the day that I brought forth prayer of thy servant, and to his supmy people out of the land of Egypt 1 plication, o LORD my God, to hearken chose no city among all the tribes of into the cry and the prayer which thy. Israel to build an house in, that my servant prayeth before thee ; naine might be there ; neither chose 1 90 Tbat thine eyes may be open upon any man to be a ruler over my people this bouse day and night, upon the Israel :

place whereof thou bast said that thou 6 But I have chosen Jerusalem, that wouldest put thy name there ; to hearkiny name might be there ; and have en unto the prayer wbich thy servan: chosen David to be over my people prayeth toward this place. Israel.

21 Hearken therefore tinto the sup: 7 Now it was in the heart of David plications of thy servant, and of thy iny father to build an house for the people Israel, which they shall make name of the LORD God of Israel : toward this place : bear thou from

8 But the LORD said to David my thy dwelling-place, even from heaven ; father, Forasmuch as it was in thine and when tbou bearest, forgive. heart to bu.Id an house for my name, 22 If a man sin against his neighShou didst well in that it was in thine hour, and an oath be laid upon him in heart:

make him swear, and the oatb conie 9 Notwithstanding thou shaft not efore thine altar in this house ; build the house ; but thy son wbich 23 Then hear thou from heaven, and erall come forth out of the loins, he do and judge thy servants, by requi shall build the house for my name. ting the wicked, by recompensing his

10 The LORD therefore hath per-way upon his own head ; and by just a formed his word that he hath spoken: fying the righteous, by giving bim acfor I am risen up in the room of David cording to his righteousness. my father, and am set on the throne 24 And if thy people Israel be put of Israel, as the LORD promised, and to the worse before the enemy, be: have built the house for the naine of cause they have sianed against thee; the LORD God of Israel.

and shall return and confess thy name, 11 And in it have I put the ark, and pray and make supplication before wherein is the covenant of the LORD thee in this house ; that he made with the children of 25 Then hear tbou from the heavens, Israel.

and forgive the sin of thy people is. 12 | And he stood before the altar or rael, and bring tbem again unto the the LORD in the presence of all the land which thou gavest to them and te congregation of Israel, and spread their fathers. forth his hands :

26 ? When the heaven is shut up; 13 For Solomon bad made a brasen and there is no rain, because they have scaffold, of five cubits long, and five sinned against thee ; yet if they pray cubits broad, and three cubits bigh, toward this place, and confess thy and bad set it in the midst of the court name, and turn from their sin, when sud upon it he stood, and kneeled thou dost afflict them; down upon his knees before all the 97 Then hear thou from heaven, congregation of Israel, and spread and forgive the sin of thy servants, forth his hands toward beaven, and of thy people Israel, when thou

14 And said, O LORD God of Israel, hast taught' them the good way, there is no God like thee in the heaven, wherein they should walk ; and seud nor in the earth ; which keepest coverain upon the land, which thou hast nant, and shewest mercy unto thy ser. given unto thy people for an inheritvants, that walk before thee with all ance. their hearts :

28 | If there be dearth in the land, if Thou which bast kept with thy there be pestilence, if there be blast

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