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Reuben's line.

1. CHRONICLES. The chief ren of Gad. Josibiab, the son of Seraiah, the son their tents throughout all the east lund of Asiel,

of Gilead. 36 And Elioenai, and Jaakobah, and 11 And the children of Gad dwelt Jesbobaiab, and Asaiab, and Adiel, over against them, in the land of Baand Jesimiel, and Benaiah,

shan unto Salcah: 37 And Ziza the son of Shipbi, the 12 Joel the chief, and Shapbam the son of Allon, the son of Jedaiah, the next, and Jaanai, and Shaphat in son of Shiinrí, the son of Shemaiab; Bastian.

38 These mentioned by their names 13 And tbeir brethren of the house were princes in their families; and of their fathers were, Michael, and the house of tbeir fathers increased Meshullam, and Sheba, and Jora, and greatly.

Jachan, and Zia, and Heber, seven. 39 And they went to the entrance of 14 These are the children of Abibai! Gedor, cuen unto the east side of the the son of Huri, the son of Jaroah, valley, to seek pasture for their focks. the son of Gilead, tbe son of Michael,

10 And they found lat pasture and the son of Jesbishai, the son of Jahdo, good,' and the land was wide, and the son of Buz: quiet, and peaceable, for they of Ham 15 Ahi the son of Abdiel, the son had dwelt there of old.

of Guni, chief of the bouse of their 41 And these written by name came fathers. in the days of Hezekiab king of Ju 16 And they dwelt in Gilead in Ba. (lah, and smote tbeir tents, and the shan, and in her towns, and in all the habitations that were found there, and suburbs of Sharon, upon their borders. destroyed thein utterly unto this day, 17 All these were reckoned by ge. and dwelt in their rooms : because nealogies in the days of Jotbam king ihrte pasture there for their of Jadah, and in the days of Jeroboani llocks.

king of Israe). 42 And some of them, even of the

18 4 The sons of Reuben, and the Galo sons of Simeon, five hundred men, dites, and balf the tribe of Manasseh went to mount Seir, having for their of valiant men, men able

to bear captains Pelatiab, and Neariah, and buckler and sword, and to shoot with Rephaiah, and Uzziel, the sons of bow, and skillul in war, were four and Ishi.

forty thousand seven bundred and 43 And they smote the rest of the threescore, that went out to the war. Amalekites that were escaped, and 19 And they made war with the Ha. dwelt there unto this day.

garites, with Jetur, and Nephish, and CHAP. V.

Nodab. NOW the sons of Reuben the first 20 And they were belped against

born of Israel, (for he was the them, and the Hagarites were delifirst-born, but, forasmuch as be defiled vered into their band, and all that his father's bed, his birthriglit was were with thein: for they cried to given unto the sons of Joseph the son God in the battle, and he was of Israel: and the genealogy is not to treated of them ; because they put be reckoned after the birthright. their trust in him.

2 For Judah prevailed above bis 21 And they took away their cattle ; brethren, and of' him came the chief of their camels fifty tbousand, and of ruler ; but the birtbrigot was Jo- sheep two hundred and fifty thousand, seph's :)

and of asses two thousand, and of 3 Thé sons, I say, of Reuben the men an buadred thousand. first-born of Ísrael were, Hanoch, and 22 For there fell down many slain, Pallu, Hezron, and Carmi.

because the war was of God. And 4 The sons of Joel ; Shemaiah bis they dwelt in their steads until the son, Gog bis son, Sbimei his son, captivity. 5 Micab his son, Reaia his sca, Baal 23 | And the children of the half

tribe of Manasseb dwelt in the land 6 Beerah his son, whom Tilgath- they increased from Basban unto Baalpilneser king of Assyria carried away bermon and Senir, and unto mount captive: he was prince of the Reu- Hermon. benites.

24 And 'these were the heads of the 7 And bis brethren by their fami- house of their fathers, even Epher, Bies, when the genealogy of their and Ishi, and Eliel, and Azriel, and Eenerations was reckoned were the Jeremiah, and Hodaviah, and Jahdiel, chief, Jeiel, and Zechariab,

mighty men of valour, famous men, 8 And Bela the son of Azaz, the son and beads of the house

of their of Shema, the son of Joel, who dwelt fathers. in Aroer, even unto Nebo and Baal 25 | And they transgressed against meon:

the God of their fathers, and went a 9 And eastward he inhabited unto wboring after the gods of the people the entering in of the wilderness from of the land, whom God destroyed the river Euphrates: because their before tbem. cattle were multiplied in the land of 26 And the God of Israel stirred up Gilead.

the spirit of Pul king of Assyria, and 10 And in the days of Saul they the spirit of Tilgath-piloeser king of

war with the Hagarites, who Assyria, and be carried them away. theis band. and tbey dwelt in even the Reabeaires, and the Gadites


bis son,

The sons of scoi.

CHAP. VI. The officc of Aaron and his sons. and the balf-tribe of Manasseh, and set over the service of song in the brought their unto Halab, and Habor, bouse of the LORD, after that the and Hara, and to tbe river Gozan, ark bad rest. unto this day,

32 And they ministered before the CHAP. VI.

dweiling-place of the tabernacle of the THE sons of Lev Gershon, Ko- congregation with singing, until Solo

the LORD 2 And the sons of Kohatb ; Amram, in Jerusalem: and then they waited Izhar, and Hebron, and Uzziel.

on their office according io their 3 And the children of Amram: order. Aaron and Moses, and Mirian. The 33 And these are they that waited sons also of Aaron : Nadab, and Abibu, with their children. Orihe sons of the Eleazar, and Itbamar.

Kobatbites : Heman a singer, the son 4 Eleazar begat Phinehas, Phinehas of Joel, the son of Shcmuel, begat Abishua,

34 The son of Elkanah, the son of 5 And Abishua begat Bukki, and Jerobam, the son of Elie!, the son Burri begat Uzzi,

of Toah, 6 And Lizzi begat Zerabiah, and 35 The son of Zuph, the son of ElZerahiah begat Merajoth,

kanah, the son of Mahath, the son of 7 Meraioth begat Amariah, and Amasai, Amariah begat Ahilub,

36 The son of Elkanah, the son of 8 And Ahitub begat Zadok, and Za- Joel, the son of Azariah, the son of dok begat Abimaaz,

Zephaniab, 9 And Ahimaaz begat Azariab, and 37 The son of Tabath, the son of Azariah begat Johanan,

Assir, the son of Ebiasaph, the son 10 And Johanan begat Azariah, (he) of Korah, it is chat executed the priest's office 39 Thé son of Izhar, the son of in the ceinple tbat Solomon buut in Kobath, the son of Levi, the son of Jerusalem :)

Israel. 11 And Azariah begat Amariah, and 39 And his brother Asaph, wbo Amariah begat Ahitub,

stood on his right hand, cren Asaphi 19 And Ähilub begat Zadok, and the son of Berecbiah, the son or Zadok begat Shallum,

Sbimea, 13 And Shallum begat Hilkiah, and 40 The son of Michael, the son of Hilkiah begat Azariah,

Baaseiah, the son of Malcbiah. 14 And Azariab begat Seraial, and 41 The son of Ethni, the son of Seraiah begat Jehozadak,

Zerah, the son of Adaiah, 15 And Jebozadak went into cap 42 The son of Ethan, the son of Cirily, when the LORD carried away, Zimmah, the son of Shimei, Judah and Jerusalemn by the band of 43 The son of Jahath, the son of Nebuchadnezar.

Gershom, the son of Leví. 16 The sons of Levi; Gershom, 44 And their brethren the sons of Kobåth, and Merari.

Merari stood on the left hand : Ethan 17 And these be the names of the the son of Kisbi, the son of Abdi, the cons of Gershom ; Libni, and Shimei. son of Malluch,

18 And the sons of Kobath were, 45 Tbe son of Hashabiab, the son of Amram, and Izhar, and Hebron, and Amaziah, the son of Hilkiah, Uzziel.

46 The son of Amzi, the son of Bani, 19 The sons of Merari ; Mahli, and the son of Shamer, Mushi. And these are the families of 47 The son of Mahli, the son of Muthe Levites according to their fathers. sbi, the son of Merari, the son of Levi.

20 g Of Gershom ; Libni his, son, 48 Their brethren also the Levites Jabath his son, Zimmab his son, were appointed unto all manner of ser

21 Joah his son, iddo his son, Zerah vice of the tabernacle of the house of eis son, Jeaterai his son.

God. 22 The sons of Kohatb; Amminadab 49 But Aaron and his sons offered his son, Korab his son, Assir bis son, upon the altar of the burnt-offering,

23 Eikanab his son, and Ebiasaph and on the altar of incense, and were bis son, and Assir bis son,

appointed for all tbe work of the place 24 Tabath his son, Uriel his son, most holy, and to make an atouement Uzziah bis son, and Shaul bis son. for Israel, according to all that Moses

25 And the sons of Eikanah; Ama- the servant of God had commanded. sai, and Abimoth.

50 And these are the sons of Aaron; 96 As for Elkanah: the sons of El-Eieazar his son, Phinehas his son, kanah ; Zophai bis son, and Nabath his Abisbua his son, son,

51 Bukki bis son, Uzzi his son, Zera27 Eliab bis son, Jerobam his son, hiah his son, Elkanah his son.

52 Meraioth his son, Amariah his 18 And the sons of Samuel; the first son, Ahitub his son, born Vashni, and Abiah.

53 Zadok his son, Ahimaaz bis son, 29 { The sons of Merari; Mahli, Libri 54 Now these are their awellingbis son, Shimei his son, Uzza his son, places throughout their castles in their

30 Shimea his son, Haggiah bis son, coasts, of the sons of Aaron of the A sarab his son.

families of the Kohathites for theiis

The citics of the priests.

1. CHRONICLES. The sons of Issachar, &6. 55 And they gave them Hebron in 75 And Hukok with her suburbs, and the land of Judah, and the suburbs Rebob with her suburbs: thereof round about it.

76 And out of the tribe of Naphtali; 56 But the fields of the city, and the Kedesh in Galilee with her suburbs, villages thereof, they gave to Caleb and Hammon with her suburbs, and che son of Jephunneh.

Kirjathaim with her suburos. 57 And to the sons of Aaron they 77 Unto the rest of the children of gave the cities of Judah, namely, He- Merari were given out of the tribe oi won, the city of refuge, and Libnab Zebulun, Rimmon with ber suburbs, with her suburbs, and Jattir, and Esb-Tabor with her suburbs: temoa, with their suburbs,

78 And on the other side Jordan by 58 And Hilen with her suburbs, and Jericho, on the east side of Jordan, Debir with her suburbs,

were given them out of the tribe of 59 And Ashan with her suburbs, and Reuben, Bezer in the wilderness with Bech-shemesh wito her suburbs:

ber suburbs, and Jabzab with her 60 And out of the tribe of Benjami::: suburbs, Geba with her suburbs, and Alemeth 79 Kedemoth also with ber suburbs, with her suburbs, and Anathoth with and Mephaath with her suburbs : her suburbs. All their cities througrta 80 And out of the tribe of Gad; Raout their families were thirteen cities. moth in Gilead with her suburbs, and

61 And unto the sons of Kobath, Mahanaim with ber suburbs, which were left of the family of that 81 And Hesbbon with ber suburbs, tribe, were cities given out of the balf- and Jazer with her sub.rbs. tribe, namely, out of the half-tribe of

CHAP VII. Manasseh, by lot, ten cities. Now

TOW the sons of Issachar were, 62 And to the sons of Gershom Tola, and Puah, Jasbub, and throughout their families, were given Shimron, foui. out of the tribe of Issachar, and out of 2 And the sons of Tola ; Uzzi, and the tribe of Asher, and out of tbe tribc Rephaiah, and Jeriel, and Jaamai, and of Naphtali, and out of the tribe of Jibsam and Shemuel, heads of their Manasseh in Bashan, thirteen cities. father's house, to wit, of Tola : they

63 Unto the sons of Merari were were valiant men of might in their ge. given by lot throughout their fami- nerations; whose number was in the lies, out of the tribe of Reuben, and out days of David two and twenty thouof the tribe of Gad, and out of the sand and six hundred. tribe of Zebulun, twelve cities.

3 And the sons of Uzzi; Izrabiak; 64 And the children of Israel gave and the sons of Izrabiah ; Michael, and to the Levites these cities with their Obadiah, and Joel, Ishaiah, five ; ali suburbs.

of them chief men. 65 And they gave by lot out of the 4 And with them, by their generatribe of the children of Judah, and tions, after the bouse of their fathers, out of the tribe of the children of were bands of soldiers for war, six Simeon, and out of the tribe of the and thirty thousand men: for they had children of Berjamin, these cities, many wives and sons. which are called by their names.

5 And their brethren among all the 65 And the residue of the families families of Issachar were valiant men of the sons of Kohath had cities of of might, reckoned in all by their their coasts

out of the tribe of genealogies fourscore and seven thou. Ephraim.

sand. 67 And they gave unto them, of the 6 The sons of Benjamin ; Bela, and cities of refuge, Shechem in mount Bechet, and Jediael, three. Ephraim with her suburbs; they gave 7 And the sons of Bela ; Ezbon, and also Gezer with her suburbs,

Uzzi, and Uzziel, and Jerimoth, and 69 And Jokineam with her suburbs, Iri, five; heads of the house of their and Beth-boron with ber suburbs, fathers, mighty men of valour; and

69 And Ajalon with her suburbs, were reckoned by their genealogies and Gatb-riminon with her suburbs: twenty and two thousand and thirty

70 And out of the half-tribe of Ma- and four. nasseh ; Aner with her suburbs, and 8 And the sons of Becher; Zemira, Bileam with ber suburbs, for the fa- and Joash, and Eliezer, and' Elioenai, mily of the remnant of the sons of and Omri, and Jerimoth, and Abiah, Kohath.

and Anathoth, and Alameih. All these 71 Unto the sons of Gershom were are the sons of Becher. given out of the family of the half-tribe 9 And the number of them, after of Manasseh, Golan in Bashan with their genealogy by their generations, ber suburbs, and Ashtaroth with her heads of the house of their fathers, suburbs :

mighty men of valour, was twenty 72 And out of the tribe of Issachar thousand and two hundred. Kcdesb with her suburbs, Daberath 10 | The sons also of Jediael ; Bilhan: with her suburbs,

and the sons of Bilhan; Jeush, and 73 And Ramoth with her suburbs, Benjamin, and Ehud, and Chenaanah, and Anem with her suburbs :

and Zetban, and Tharshish, anak 75 And out of the tribe of Asher: Abisbabar.

i with her suburbs, and Abdon 11 All these the sons of Jediael, by 5 Suburbs

the beasis of their fathers, migby

The sons of Manasseh, &c. CHAP. VIII. The sons of Benjamin. men o valour, were seventeen thou, Shomer, and Hotham, and Sbua there mod and two hundred soldiers, st to sister. go out for war and battle.

33 And the sons of Japhlet ; Pasach, 19 Shuppim also, and Huppim, the and Bimbal, and Ashrath. These are children of ir, and Husbim, the sons tie children of Japhlet. of Aber.

34 And the sons of Shamer ; Abi, 13 The sons of Naphtali ; Jabziel, and Rohgah, Jehubbah, and Aram. and Guni, and Jezer, and Shallum, the 35 | And the sons of his brother He. sons of Bilbab.

lem; Zopbah, and Imna, and Sbelesh, 114 | The sons of Manasseh ; Asbriel and Amal. whom she bare : (but bis concubice 36 The sons of Zophab; Suah, and the Aramitess bare Machir the father Harnepher, and Shual, and Beri, and of Gilead :

Imrab, 15 And Macbir took to wife the sister 37 Bezer, and Hod, and Shamma, of Huppim and Shuppim, whose sister's and Shilsbah, and Ithran, and Beera. name was Maachah ;) and the name of 38 And the sons of Jethes ; Jephunthe second was Zelophebad : and 2e- neh, and Pispah, and Ara. lopbehad had daughters.

39 And the sons of Ulla; Arab, and 16 And Maachah the wife of Machir Haniel, and Rezia. bare a son, and she called his name 40 Al! these were the children of Peresh ; and the name of bis brother Asher, heads of their father's house was Sheresh; and his sons were Ulam choice and mighty men of valour, chief and Rakem.

of tbe princes. And the number 17 And the sons of Ulam; Bedan. throughout the genealogy of them that These were the sons of Gilead, the son were apt to the war and to battle was of Macbir, the son of Manasseh. twenty and six thousand men. 18 And his sister Hammoleketh bare

CHAP. VIII. Ishod, and Abiezer, and Mabalah.

NOW Benjamin begat Bela his first19 And the sons of Shemidah were, bora, Ashbel the second, and AhaAhian, and Shechem, and Likhi, and rah the third, Aniam.

2 Nobah the fourth, and Rapha the 20 And the sons of Ephraim ; Shu- fiftb. thelab, and Bered his son, and Tabath 3 And the sons of Bela were, Addar, his son, and Eladab his son, and Ta- and Gera, and Abihud, hath his son,

4 And Abishua, and Naaman, and 21 And Zabad his son, and Southelah Aboah, his son, and Ezer, and Elead, whom 5 And Gera, and Shephuphan, and the men of Gath that were born in that Huram. land slew, because they came down to 6 And these are the sons of Ehud : take away their cattle.

these are the beads of the fathers of 29 And Ephraim their father mourn the inbabitants of Geba, and they reed many days, and his brethren came moved them to Manahath: Co comfort biin.

7 And Naaman, and Abiah, and 23 And when he went in to his wife, Gera, be removed them, and begas she conceived, and bare a son, and he Uzza, and Abibud. called his name Beriah, because it 8 And Sbabaraim begat children went evil with his house.

in the country of Moab, after he had 94 (And bis daughter was Sherab, sent them away ; Hushim and Baara who built Beth-boron the nether, and were his wives. the upper, and Uzzen-sherah.)

9 And he begat of Hodesh his wife, 25 And Rephah was his son, also Jobab, and Zibia, and Mesba, and Resheph, and Telah bis son, and Tahan Malcbam,

10 And Jeuz, and Shachia,, aod 26 Laadan his son, Ammihud his Mirma. These were his sons, heada son, Elishama bis son,

of the fathers. 27 Non bis son, Jeboshua his son. 11 And of Hushim he begat Abitub

28 | And their possessions and babi. and Elpaal. tations were Berb-el, and the towns 19 The sons of Elpaal ; Eber, and thereof, and eastward Naaran, and Misbam, and Shamed, who built Ono, westward Gezer, with the towns there and Lod, with the towns thereof: of; Shechem also and the towns there 13 11 Beriah also, and Shema, who or, unto Gaza and the towns thereof: were beads of the fathers of the inbabi.

29 And by the borders of the chil. tants of Ajalon, who drove away the dren of Manasseb, Beth-shean and her inbabitants of Gath; Lowas, Taanach and her towns, Me 14 And Abio, Shasbak, and Jere giddo and her towns, Dor and ber moth, lowns. In these dwelt'che children of 15 And Zebadiah, and Arad, and Joseph the son of Israel.

Ader 30 || The sons of Asher; Imnab, and 16 And Michael, and Ispah, and Isuab, and Ishuai, and Beriah, and Se Jobs, the sons of Beriah ; rah their sister.

17 And Zebadiah, and Mesbullam, 31 And the sons of Beriab ; Heber. and Hezeki, and Heber, and Malchiel, wbo is the father of 18 Isbmerai also, and Jezliah, and Birzavith.

Jobab, the sons of Élpaal; 82 Aud Heber begat Japhlet, and 10 And Jakim and Zichri, and Zabdi,

his son,

The stock as Saul and Jonathan. 1. CHRONICLES. Oficers about the temple 90 And Elienai, and Zilthai, and son of Omnri, the son of Imri, the son Elvel,

of Bani, of the children of Plarez tho 91 And Adaiah, and Beraiah, and son of Judah. Shimrath, the sons of Shimhi ;

5 And of the Shilonites ; Asaiah the 92 And Ishpan, and Heber, and Brst-born, and his sons. Eliel,

6 And of the sons of 7.erah ; Jeue!, 23' And Abdon, and 2ıcbri, and and their brethren, six bundied and Hanan,

binety. 24 And Hananiah, and Elam, and 7 And of the sons of Benjamin ; Antothijah,

Sallu the son of Meshullam, the son 25 And ípbedeiah, and Penuel, the of Hodavials, the son of Hasenuab, sons or Shashak ;

S And ibneiab the son of Jeroham, 26 And Shamsherai, and Sbebariab, and Elak the son of Uzzi, the son of und Athaliah,

Michri, and Mesbullam the son of She27 And Jaresiah, and Eliah, aod Zi- pbatiah, the son of Reuel, the son of chri, tbe sons of jeroham.

ibnijah; 28 Tbese were heads of the fathers, 9 And their brethren, according to by their generations, chief men. These their generations, nine hundred anci dwelt in Jerusalem.

fifty and six. All these men wer& 29 And at Gibeon dwelt the father chief of the fathers in the bouse of of Gibeon; whose wife's name was their fathers. Maachah :

10 9 And of the priests : Jedaiah, 30 and his first-born son Abdon, and Jehoiarib, and Jachin, and Zur, and Kish, and Baal, and in And Azariah the son of Hilkiah, Nadab,

the son of Meshullam, the son of Za31 And Gedor, and Abio, and Za dok, the son of Meraioth, the son of cher.

Abitub, the ruler of the house oi God; 32 And Mikloth begat Sbimeah. And 12 And Acaiab the son of Jerohain, these also dwelt with their brethren the son of Pasbur, the son of Malchi in Jerusalem, over against them. jab, and Maastai the son of Adiel, the

33 And Ner begat Kista, and Kish son of Jabzerah, the son of Mesbul. begat Saul, and Saul begat Jonathan, lam, the son of Meshillemith, the son anu Malcbi-shua, and Abinadab, and of immer ; Eshbaal.

13 And their brethren, beads of the 34 And the son of Jonathan was Me-house of their fathers, a thousand and Tib-baal ; and Merib-baal begat Micah. seven bundied and threescore ; very

35 And the sons of Micah were able men for the work of the service Pithon, and Melech, and Tarea, and of the house ot Gou. Abaz.

14 And of the Levites ; Shemaiah 36 And Ahaz begat Jehoadah ; and the son of Hasslub), the son of Azri. Jehoadah begat Aleineth, and Azma- kam, the son of Hashaurah, of the song veth, and Zimri; and Zimri begat of Merarı ; Moza,

15 And Bakbakkar, Heresb, and 37 And Moza begat Binea : Rapha Galal, and Mattaniah' the son of Miwas his son, Eleasah his son, Azel cat, the son of 2 cari, the son of his son:

Asaph: 38 And Azel had six soas, whose 16 And Obadiah the son of Shemai. names are these, Azrikam, Bocheru, ah, the son of Galal, the son of Jedu. and Isbinael, and Sbeariah, and Oba tbun, and Berechiah the son of Asa, diah, and Hanan. All these were the the son of Elkarah, chat dwelt in the Sons of Azel.

villages of the Netophatbites. 39 And the sons of Eshek his bro

17 And the porters were Shalluin, ther were, Ulam bis arst-born, Jebush and Akkub, and Talmon, and Abiman, the second, and Eliphelet the third. and their brethren. Shallum was the

40 And the sons of Ulam were chief; mighty men of valour, archers, and 18 who hitherto warted in the king's Lad many sons, and sons' sons, an gate eastward : they were porters in hundred and fity. All these are of the companies of the children of Levi. Ibe sons of Benjamin.

19 And Shallum the son of Kore, the CHAP. IX.

son oi Ebiasaph, the son of Korab, and So all Israel were reckoned by se bis brethren, of the house of bis father,

nealogies ; and behold, they were the Korabites, 'were over the work of written in the book of the kings of the service, keepers of the gates of the Israel and Judah, who were carried tabernacle and their fathers, being away to Babylon for their trans-over the bost of the LORD, ucre keepgression.

ers of tbe entry. 2 Now the first inhabitants tbat dwelt 20 And Phinehas the son of Eleazar in their possessions as their cities were, was the ruler over them in luie past, the Israelites, the priests, Levites, and and the LORD was with hun. the Netbioims.

21 And Zechariah the son of Meshe. 3 And in Jerusalem dwelt of the lemiah was porter of the door of the children of Judah, and of the children cabernacle of the congregation. of Benjamin, and of the cbildren of 29 All these which were chosen ta prini, and Manasseh ;

be porters in the gates were two bun. hai the son of Ammihud, the dred and twelve. These were reckoned

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