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Korzh punished.


Aaron's rod buddin shall understand that these men have 47 And Aaron took, as Moses con. provoked the LORD.

manded, and ran into the indst of the 31 And it came to pass, as he had congregation; and, behold, the plague made an end or speaking all these was begun among the people: anu le words, that the ground clave asunder put on inceuse, and made an atone that was under them:

ient for the people. 32 And the eartb opened her mouth, 48 And he stood between the dead and swallowed them up, and their and the living; and the plague was houses, and all the men that appertain- stayed. ed unto Korah, and all their goods. 49 Now they that died in the plague

33 They, and all that appertained to were fourteen thousand and seven them, went down alire into the pit, bundred, besides them that died about and the earth closed upon them: and the matter of Korah. tbey perished from among the congre 50 And Aaron returned unto Mo gation.

ses, unto the door of the tabernacle or 34 And all Israel that were round the congregation : and the plague was about thetn fled at the cry of them : stayed. for they said, Lest the earth swallow

CHAP. XVII. us up ulso. 35 And ibere came out a fire from the AND the LORD spake unto Moses,

saying, LORD, and consumed the two hundred 2 Speak unto the children of Israel, and fitty men that offered incense. and take of every one of them a rod,

36 And the LORD spake unto Moses, according to the house of their fathers, saying,

of all their princes according to the 37 Speak unto Eleazar the son of house of their fathers, twelve rods; Aaron the priest, that he take up the write thou every own's name upon censers out of the burning, and scatter his rod. thou the fire yonder; for they are bal 3 And thou shalt write Aaron's name lowed.

upon the rod of Levi: for one rod shall 38 The censers of these sinners be for the head of the house of their against their own souls, let them fathers. make them broad plates for a cover 4 And thou shalt lay them up in the ing of the altar , for they offered them tabernacle of the congregation, bebefore the LORD, therefore they are fore the testimony, wbera I will meet ballowed : and they shall be a sign un- with you. to the children of Israel.

5 And it shall come to pass, that 39 And Eleazar the priest took the the man's rod, whom I shall choose, brasen censers, wherewith they that shall blossom: and I will make to were burnt had offered ; and they cease from me the murinurings of were made broad plates for a covering the children of Israel, whereby they of the altar;

inurmur against you. 40 To be a memorial unto the chil 6 And Moses 'spake unto the chil. dren of Israel, that no stranger, which dren of Israel; and every one of their is not of the seed of Aaron, come near princes gave him a rod apiece, to to offer incense before the LORD ; that each prince one, according to their he be not as Korah, and as his com- fathers' houses, even twelve rods: and pany: as the LORD said to bim by the rod of Aaron was among the the hand of Moses.

rods. 41 | But, on the morrow, all the con 7 And Muses laid up the rods before gregation of the children of Israel the LORD in the tabernacle of witness. inui inured against Moses and against 8 And it came to pass, that, on the Aaron, saying, Ye have killed the morrow, Moses weni into the tabernapeople of the LORD.

cle of witness; and, behoid, the-rod of 42 And it came to pass, when the Aaron, for the house of Levi, was hud congregation was gathered against ded,and brought forth buds,and olcouMoses and against Aaron, that they ed blossoms, and yielded almonds. looked toward the tabernacle of the 9 And Moses brought out all the rody congregation : and, behold, the cloud nom before the LORD unto all the cbii. covered it, and the glory of the LORD dren of Israel : and they looked, and appeared.

took every man his rod. 43 And Moses and Aaron came be 10 And the LORD said unto Moses, fore the tabernacle of the congregation. Bring Aaron's rod again before the its

44 And the LORD spake unto Mo- timony, to be kept for a token against ces, saying,

the rebels; and thou shalt quite take 45 Get you up from among this con- away their murmurings from me, that gregation, that I may consume them they die not. as in a moinent. And they fell upon 11 And Moses did so: as the LORD their faces.

commanded him, so did he. 46 And Moses said unto Aaron, 12 And the children of Israel spake Take a censer, and put fire therein unto Moses, saying, Behoid, wedie, from off the altar, and put on incense, we perist, we all perish. and go quickly unto the congregauion, 13 Whosoever cometh any thing and make an atonement for them: for near unto the tabernacle of the LORD there is wrath gone out from the shall die: shall we le consumed wide LORD; the plague is begun.


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The priests' charge.


The Loores

portion. CHAP. XVIII.

that is clean in thine house shall eat Thou, and thy sons, and thy fa

, of it,

14 Everything devoted in Israel ther's house with thee, shall bear the shall be thine. iniquity of the sanctuary: and thou 15 Everything that openeth the and thy sons with thee shall bear the matrix in all Aesh, which they bring iniquity of your priesthood.

unto the LORD, whether it be of inen 2 And thy brethren also of the tribe or beasts, shall be thine: nevertheless of Levi, the tribe of thy fatber, bring the first-born of man shalt thou surely thou with thee, that they may be redeem, and the firstling of unclean joined unto thee, and minister unto beasts shalt thou redeem. thee: but thou and thy sons with thee 16 And those that are to be redeemed, shall minister before the tabernacle of from a month old shalt thou redeem, witness.

according to thine estiination, for the and the charge of all the tabernacie? kel of the sanctuary, which is twenty 3. And they shall keep thy charge, money of five shekels,

after the skeonly they shall not come nigh the ves-gerahs. sels of the sanctuary and the altar, that 17 But the firstling of a cow, or the neither they nor yo also die. firstling of a sheep, or the firstling of a

4 And they shall be joined unto thee, goat, thou shalt not redeem; they are and keep the charge of the tabernaclé boly: thou shalt sprinkle their blood of the congregation, for all the service upon the altar, and shalt burn their fat of the tabernacle : and a stranger shall for an offering made by fire, for a not come pigh unto you.

sweet savour unto the LORD. 5 And ye shall keep the charge of 18 And the flesh of them shall be the sanctuary, and the charge of the thine, as the wave-breast and as the altar; that there be no wrath any right shoulder are thine. anore upon the children of Israel.

19 All the heave-offerings of the 6 And 1, behold 1, have taken your holy things, which the children of brethren the Levites from among the Israel otier unto the LORD, haver children of Israel; to you they are given thee and thy sons, and thy fiven as a gift for the LORD, to do the daughters with thee, ly a statute for service of the tabernacle of the con- ever: it is a covenant of salt for ever gregation.

before the LORD unto thee, and to thy 7 Therefore thou and thy sons with seed with thee. Thee shall keep your prest's office for 20 And the LORD spake unto Aaron, erery thing of the altar, and within Thou shalt have no inheritance in she vail; and ye shall serve: I have their land, neither shalt thou have given your priest's office rinto you as any part among them: I am thy part, a service of gift: and the stranger that and thine inheritance, among the cbilcometh nigh shall be put to death. dren of Israel.

8 And the LORD spake unto Aaron, 21 And, behold, I have given the Behold, I also bave given thee the children of Levi all the tenth in Israel charge of mine heare offerings of all for an inheritance, for their service the hallowed things of the children of which they serve, even the service of israel; unto thee bave 1 given them, the tabernacle of the congregation. by reason of the anointing, and to thy 92 Neither must the children of Is. sons, by an ordinance for ever. rael henceforth coine nigh the taber

9 This sball be thine of the most nacle of the congregation, lest tbey holy things, reserved from the fire: bear sin, and die. Every oblation of theirs, every meat 23 But the Levites shall do the offering of theirs, and every sin-of service of the tabernacle of the confering of theirs, and every trespass- gregation, and they shall bear their ofiericg of theirs, which they shall iniquity. It shail be a statute tor ever render unto ine, shall be niost holy througbout your generations, that for thee and for thy sons.

among the children of Israel they 10 In the most holy place shalt thou bave no inheritance. eat it; every male shall eat it: it shall 24 But the tithes of the children he holy unto thee.

of Israel, which they offer as an beave11 And this is thine: the heave-o-offering unto the LORD, I have given fering of their gift, with all the wave to the Levites to inherit: therefore etlerings of the children of Israel: 1 I have said unto them, Among the na ve given them unto thee, and to children of Israel they shall have no thy sons, and to thy daugbters with inheritance. ihce, by a latute for ever: every one 25 And the LORD spake unto Mothat is clean in thy house shall eat ses, saying, of it.

26 Thus speak unto the Levites, and 12 All the best of the oil, and all the say unto them, When ye take of the best of the vine, and of the wheat, the children of Israel the tithes, wbich I tirst-fruits of them, which they shall have given you from them for your atler unto the LORD, theru have i inheritance, tben ye shall offer ap an given thee.

heave-offering of it for the LORD, ecna 13 And whatsoever is first ripe in a tenth part of the tithe. the land, which they shall bring unto 27 And this your hewe-offering sha!! the LORD shall be thine: every one be reckoned unto you, as though &

The water of separtlion. CHAP. XIX. 22 iar o purificatior.. were the corn of the threshing-floor, 11 fue that touchetb the dead and as the fulness of the wine-press. body of any inan shall be unclean se

28 Thus ye also shall offer an heayeven days. offering unto the LORD of all your 12 He shall purify himself with it tithes which ye receive of the child on the third day, and on the seventh dren of Israel; and ye shall give day be shall be clean: but if he purify thereof the LORD's heave-offering to not himself the third day, then the Aaron the priest.

seventh day he shall not be clean. 29 Out of all your gifts ye shall offer 13 Whosoever toucheth the dead every heave-offering of the LORD, of boly of any man that is dead, and all the best thereof, even the hallowed purífieth not himself, defileth the tapart thereof, out of it.

bernacle of the LORD, and that soul 30 Therefore thou shalt say unto shall be cut off froin lsrael: because them, When ye have heaved the best the water of separation Wis not thereof from it, then it shall be sprinkled upon him, he shall be uncounted unto the Levites as the in- clean; his uncleanness is yet upon crease of the threshing-tour, and as him. the increase of the wine-press.

14 This is the law when a man 31 And ye shull eat it in every place, dieth in a tent; All that come into the ye and your households : for it is your tent, and all that is in the tent, sball ieward for your service in the unclean seven days. Lacle of tbe congregation.

13 And every open vessel, wluch 39 And ye shall bear no sin by reason hath no covering Lound upon it, is of it, when ye have beaved from it unclean. the best of it: neither shall ye pollute 16 And whosoever toucheth one that the boly things of the children oi Is-13 slain with a sword in the open fields, Tael, lest ye die.

or a read body, or a boue of a man, CHAP. XIX.

or a grave, shall be unclean seven days. A А XD the LORD spake unto Moses, 17 And for an uncleari person they and unto Aaron, saying,

shall take of the ashes of the Kuruc . This is the ordinance of the law heifer of purification for sin, and which the LORD hath commanded, running water shall be put thereto in saying, Speak unto the children of

a vessel, Isracl, that they bring thee a red heiser 18 And a clean person shall take rithout spot, wherein is no blemish, hyssop, and dip it in the water, and and upon which never came yoke. sprinkle it upon the tent, and upon

3 And ye shall give her unto Eleazar all the vessels, and upon the persons the priest, that he may bring her forth that were there, and upon him tha' without the camp, and one shall slay touched a bone, or one slain, or one her beiore his face.

dead, or a grave: 4 And Eleazar the priest shall take 19 And the clean person shall sprinoj ber blood with Luis finger, andkle upon the uaclean on the third day, sprinse of her blood directly before and on the seventh day, and on the pe tabernacle of the congregation seventh day he shall purify himself, seven times.

and wash his clothes, and bathe bim5 And one shall burn the heifer in self in water, and shall be clean at bis sigbt; her skin, and her fiesh, even. and her blood, with her dung, shall 20 But the man that shall be unclean, be burn:

and shall not puriy himself, that soul 6 And the priest shall take cedar: shall be cut off from among the conwood, and hyssop, and scarlet, and gregation, because Le hath detiled the cast it into the midst of the burning sanctuary of the LORD : the water of oi the heier,

separation hath not been sprinkled 7 Then the priest shall wash his upon him ; he is unclean. clothes, and he shall bathe his flesh

21 And it shall be a perpetual statute in water, and afterward he shall come unto them, that he that sprinkleth the into ine camp, and the pricst shall be water of separation shall wash bis unclean until the even. :

clothes; and be that toucheth the 9 And he that burneth her shall water of separation shall be uuclean wash his clotbes 10 water, and barbe until even. his tiesh ili water, and shall be unclean 29 And whatsoever the unclean per. until the even,

se toucheth shall be unclean; and the 9 And a man that is clean shall ga- soul that ioucheth it shall be unclean ther up the ashes of the heifer, and until even. lay them up without the camp in a

CHAP. XX. clean place, and it shall be kept for THEN came the children of Israel, the congregauon of the children of

even the whole congregation, in Is ael, for a water of separation : it is to the desert of Zin, in the first month. a puritication for sin.

and the people abode in Kadesh; and 10 And he that gathercth the ashes Miriam died there, and was buried of the heifer shall wash bis clothes, there. and be unclean until the even: and it 2 And there was no water for the shall be unto the children of Israel, co.igregation : and they gathered tbegand unto the stranger that sojourneth selves together against Moses and among tbem, for a statute for

Haler springeth mit of the rock. SUMRERS.

laron': drach. 3. And the people chode with Moses, shalt not pass !.s me, lest I come out and spake, saying, Would God that against thee with the sworrt. te had died when our brethren died 19 And the children of Israel said before the LORD) !

unto hin, il'e will go by the high4 And why have ye brought up the way, and if ! ind my chile drink or congregatiori of the LORD into this the water, then I will pay for it: I will wilderness, that we and our cuttle only, without doing any thing else, should die there?

go through on my teet. 5 And wherefore have ye made us 20. And he said, Thou shalt not go to come up out of Eypt, to bring us through. And Edom came out against 1:2 unto this erit place? it is no place him with much people, and with it of seert, or of figs, or of vines, or o song lanci. pomegranate's; neither is there any 21 Thus Edom refused to give Israe! water to drink.

passage through his border: where 6 And Moses and Aaron went from fore Israel turned away from him. the presence of the assembly unin 92 & And the children of Israel, the door of the tabernacle or the con- (170) the whole congregation, jour. gregation, and they fell upon their nered from Kadesh, and came unto ines, and the glory of the LORD ap-mount Hor. wed into their.

And the LORD spake unto Moses And the LORD spake unto Moses, and Aarom in mount Hor, by the coast

of the lard of Edom, saying, 8 Take the rod, and garlier thou the 24 Aaron shall be gathereil unto his issembly together, then and Aaron people: for he shall not enter into the thy brother, and 'speak ye unto the land which I have given unito the chilrock before their eyes; and it shall dren of Israel, because ye rebelled give forth his water, and thou shalt against my word at the water of Mehring forth to them water out of the ribun. rock: so thou shalt give the congre 25 Take Aaron and Eleazar his son, Eation and their beasts drink.

and brmg them up unto mount Hor; 9 And Moses took the rod from be 26) And strop Aaron of his garments, fore the LORD, as he commanded bim. and put them upon Eleazar his son:

10 And Moses and Aaron gathered and Aaron shall be gathered unto his the congregation together before the people, and shall die there. rock; and he said unto them, Hear 27 And Moses did as the LORD now, ye rehels ; must we leich you commanded : and they went up into water out of this rock?

mount Hor, in the sight of all the conil Ani Moses litted up his hand, gregation. and with his rod he smote the rock

28 And Moses stripped Aaron of his twice: and the water came out abun- garments, and put them upon Eleazar dantly: and the congregation drank, his son; and Aaron died the:e in the and their beasts alse.

top of the mount : and Moses and 12 And the LORD spake unto Mo- Eleazar came down from the mount. ses and Aaron, Because ye believed me 29 And when all the congregation 1101, to sanctify me in the eyes of the saw that Aaron was dead, they mourn.. Children of Israel, therefore ye shall ed for Aaron tbirty days, even all the not bring this congregation into the house of Israel. fand which I have given them.

CHAP. XXI. 13. This is the water of Meribah; AND when King Arad the Canaan

ite, which dwelt in the south, with the LORD, and he was sanctified heard tell that Israel came by the way in thein.

of the spies; then he fought against Is14 | And Moses sentimessengers from rael, and took some of them prisoners. Kadesh unto the king of Edom, Thus And Israel vowed a vow unto the Suith thy brother Israel, Thou knowest LORD, and said, 'f thou wilt indeed 2:1 the travail that hath befallen us; deliver this people mto any bana, then

15 How our fathers went down into I will utterly destroy their cities. Egypt, and we bave dwelt in Egypt a 3 And the LORD bearkened to the long timeand the Egyptians vexed voice of Israel, and delivered up the us and our fathers :

Canaanites; and tbey utterly destroyed 10. And when we cried unto the them and their cities and le called JORD, he heard our voice, and sent the narae of the place Hormah. an angel, and hath brought us forth 4 | And they journeyed from mount out of Egypt; and behold, we are in Hor by the way of the Red Sea, to come Kadesh, a city in the uttermost of thy pass the land of Edom: and the soul of border:

the people was much discouraged be17 Let us pass, I pray thee, through cause of the way. the country we will not pass through 5. And the people spake against God, the tields, or through the vineyards, and against Moses, Wherefore have yo neither will we drink of the water or brought us up out of Egypt, to die in the wells: we will go by the king's the wilderness? for there is no bread, high-way, we will not turn to the right neither is there any water; and our matid nor to the left, until we have soul loatheth this light bread. passed thy borders.

6 And the LORD sent fiery serpente 18 And Edomn said unto hun, Thou Janiong the people, and they bit the

The brasem serpent.


Sihon and Og slain. people ; and much people of Israel, border of the children of Ammon war died.

strong 7 Therefore the people came to 25 And Israel took all these cities: Moses, and said, We have sinned, for and Israel dwelt in all the cities of the we have spoken against the LORD, and Amorites, in Heshhon, and in all the against thee; pray unto the LORD, that villages thereof. be take away the serpents from us. 26 For Hesabon was the city of And Moses prayed for the people. Sibon the king of the Amorites, who

8 And the LORD said unto Moses, had fought against the former king of Make thee a fiery serpent, and set it Moab, and taken all his land out of his upon a pole: and it shall come to pass, band, even unto Arnon. that every one that is bitten, when he 27 Wherefore they that speak in looketh upon it, shal! live.

proverbs say, Come into Heshbon, 9 And Moses made a serpent of let the city of Sihon be built and prebrass, and put it upon a pole: and it pared : came to pass, that it a serpent had bit 29 For there is a fire gone out of ten any man, when he beheld the ser- Heshbon, a flame from the chy of pent of brass, he lived.

Sibon: it hach consumed Ar of Moab 10 And the children of Israel set and the lords of the high places of forward, and pitched in Ohoth. Arnon.

11 And they journeyed froin Oboth, 29 Wo to thee, Moab! thou art unand pitched at ije-abariin, in the wil done, O people of Chemosh: he hath serness which is before Moab, toward given his sons that escaped, and bis the sun-rising.

daughters, into captivity unto Sibon 12 From thence they removed, and king of the Amorites. pitched in the valley of Zared.

30 We have shot at them: Hesbbon 13 From thence they removed, and is perished even unto Dibon, and we pitched on the other side of Arnun, have laid them waste even unto Nowhich is in the wilderness that cometh phah, which reacheth unto Medeba. out of the coasts of the Amorites : for 31 Thus Israel dwelt in the land of Arnon is the border of Moab, between the Amorites. Moab and the Amorites.

32 And Moses sent to spy out Jaazer; 14 Wherefore it is said in the book of and they took the villages thereof, the wars of the LORD, What he did in and drove out the Amorites that were the Red Sea, and in the brooks of there. Arnon,

33 And they turned, and went on 15 Ant at the stream of the brooks by the way of Basban: and Og the that goeth down to the dwelling of Ar, king of Bashan went ont against them, aad lieth cpon the border of Moab. be, and all his people, to the battle ac

16 And froin thence they went to Edrei. Beer: that is the well whereof the 34 And the LORD said unto Moses, LORD spake unto Moses, Gathe. the Fear bin not: for I have delivered people together, and I will give them him into thy hand, and all his people, water.

and his land, and thou shalt do te bim 17 Then Israel sang this song, Spring as thou didst unto Sibon king of the op, O well: sing ye unto it.

Amorites, which dwelt at Heshbon. 19 The princes digged the well, the 35 So they smote him, and his sons, nobles of the people digged it, by, the and all his people, until there was direction of the lawgiser, with their none left him alive: and they possessed staves. And from the wilderness they his land. went to Martanah:

CHAP. XXII. 19. And from Mattanah to Nahaliel: ANI

ND the children of Israel set forand from Nabaliel to Bamoth :

ward, and pitched in the plains of 20 And from Bamoth in the valley. Moab, on tas side Jordan by Jericho. that is in the country of Moab, to the 2 And Balak, the son of Zippor, $? top of Pisgab, which looketh toward all that Israel had done to the Ainorites, Jeshimon.

3 And Moab was sore afraid of the 91 And Israel sent messengers unto people, because they were many: and Sihon king of ihe Amorites, saying, Moab was distressed because of the

22 Let me pass through thy land : children of Israel. we will not turn into the fields, or into 4 And Moab said unto the elders o! the vineyards; we will not drink of the Midian, Now

shall this

company lick up waters of the well : but we will go along all that are round about us, as the on by the king's high-way, until we be licketh up the grass of the field. Ant rast thy borders.

Balak, the son of Zippor, was king of 23 And Sibon would not suffer Israel the Moabites at that time. to pass through his border: bup Sihou

5 Hesent messengers, therefore, unto gathered all his people together, and Balaam, the son of Beor, to Pethor, went out against Israel into the wilder- which is by the river of the land of the ness: and he came to Jahaz, and fought children of his people, to call him, against Israel.

saying, Bebold, there is a people come 94 And Israel smote him with the out from Egypt: behold, they cover edge of the sword, and possessed his the face of the earth, and they abide land from Arnon unto Jabbok, even over against me: unto the children of Amnon for the 6 Come now, therefore, I pray thee,

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