Publish / Subscribe Systems: Design and Principles

Wiley, 13.08.2012 - 360 Seiten

This book offers an unified treatment of the problems solvedby publish/subscribe, how to design and implement thesolutions

In this book, the author provides an insight into thepublish/subscribe technology including the design, implementation,and evaluation of new systems based on the technology.  Thebook also addresses the basic design patterns and solutions, anddiscusses their application in practical application scenarios.Furthermore, the author examines current standards and industrybest practices as well as recent research proposals in the area.Finally, necessary content matching, filtering, and aggregationalgorithms and data structures are extensively covered as well asthe mechanisms needed for realizing distributed publish/subscribeacross the Internet.

Key Features:

  • Addresses the basic design patterns and solutions
  • Covers applications and example cases including; combiningPublish/Subscribe with cloud, Twitter, Facebook, mobile push (appstore), Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Internet of Things andmultiplayer games
  • Examines current standards and industry best practices as wellas recent research proposals in the area
  • Covers content matching, filtering, and aggregation algorithmsand data structures as well as the mechanisms needed for realizingdistributed publish/subscribe across the Internet

Publish/Subscribe Systems will be an invaluableguide for graduate/postgraduate students and specialists in the ITindustry, distributed systems and enterprise computing, softwareengineers and programmers working in social computing and mobilecomputing, researchers. Undergraduate students will also find thisbook of interest.

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