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1079 Mart, 26:26. CONDER. 1081 John 17:9. M. F. MAUDE

BREAD of heaven! on thee we feed, Thine forever! God of love,
For thy flesh is meat indeed :

Hear us from thy throne above !
Ever let our souls be fed

Thine forever may we be,
With this true and living bread ! Here, and in eternity!
2 Vine of heaven! thy blood supplies 2 Thine forever! oh, how blest
This blest cup of sacrifice :

They who find in thee their rest ! Lord ! thy wounds our healing give, Saviour, Guardian, heavenly Friend, To thy cross we look and live.

Oh, defend us to the end ! 3 Day by day with strength supplied, 3 Thine forever! Saviour, keep

Through the life of him who died : These thy frail and trembling sheep; Lord of life! oh, let us be,

Safe alone beneath thy care, Rooted, grafted, built on thee !

Let us all thy goodness share. 1080 1 Cor. 5:7. Campbell. 4 Thine forever! thou our Guide,At the Lamb's high feast we sing,

All our wants by thee supplied,

All our sins by thee forgiven,
Praise to our victorious King,
Who hath washed us in the tide,

Lead us, Lord, from earth to heaven ! Flowing from his wounded side. 1082 Isa. 63:5. 2 Where the Paschal blood is poured, JESUS, Master! hear me now,

Death's dark angel sheathes his sword;! While I would renew my vow,
Israel's hosts triumphant go

And record thy dying love;
Through the wave that drowns the foe. Hear, and help me from above.
3 Christ, our Paschal Lamb, is slain, 2 Feed me, Saviour, with this bread,
Holy victim, without stain;

Broken in thy body's stead ; Death and hell defeated lie,

Cheer my spirit with this wine, Heaven unfolds its gates on high. Streaming like that blood of thine. 4 Hymns of glory and of praise, 3 And as now I eat and drink, Father, unto thee we raise;

Let me truly, sweetly think, Risen Lord, all praise to thee,

Thou didst hang upon the tree, With the Spirit ever be.

Broken, bleeding, there—for me!


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1083 John 19:34. Toplady. 2 “Sprinkled now with blood the throne Rock of Ages, cleft for me!

Why beneath thy burdens groan? Let me hide myself in thee;

On my piercéd body laid, Let the water and the blood,

Justice owns the ransom paidFrom thy wounded side that flowed, Bow the knee, and kiss the SonBe of sip the double cure;

Come and welcome, sinner, come ! Cleanse me from its guilt and power.

3 “Spread for thee, the festal board 2 Not the labor of my hands

See with richest bounty stored ; Can fulfill the law's demands,

To thy Father's bosom pressed, Could my zeal no respite know,

Thou shalt be a child confessed, Could my tears forever flow,

Never from his house to roam ; All for sin could not atone,

Come and welcome, sinner, come ! Thou must save, and thou alone.

4 “Soon the days of life shall end3 Nothing in my hand I bring,

Lo, I come—your Saviour, Friend ! Simply to thy cross I cling;

Safe your spirit to convey Naked, come to thee for dress,

To the realms of endless day, Helpless, look to thee for grace;

Up to my eternal homeVile, I to the fountain fly,

Come and welcome, sinner, come !" Wash me, Saviour, or I die ! 4 While I draw this fleeting breath,

John 12 :32. R. Hill When my eyelids close in death,

Ye who in these courts are found, When I soar to worlds unknown,

Listening to the joyful sound,See thee on thy judgment-throne,

Lost and helpless, as ye are, Rock of Ages, cleft for me!

Sons of sorrow, sin, and care,Let me hide myself in thee.

Glorify the King of kings, 1084 John 19:30.

Take the peace the gospel brings. From the cross uplifted high,

2 Turn to Christ your longing eyes, Where the Saviour deigns to die,

View his bleeding sacrifice; What melodious sounds we hear,

See in him your sins forgiven, Bursting on the ravished ear!

Pardon, holiness, and heaven : “Love's redeeming work is done

Glorify the King of kings,
Come and welcome, sinners, come! Take the peace the gospel brings.


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1086 John 14:21. R. MANT.

Son of God! to thec I cry:
By the holy mystery
Of thy dwelling here on earth,
By thy pure and holy birth,
Hear, oh, hear my lowly plea:

Manifest thyself to me!
2 Lamb of God! to thee I cry:

By thy bitter agony,
By thy pangs to us unknown,
By thy spirit's parting groan,
Hear, oh, hear my lowly plea:

Manifest thyself to me!
3 Lord of glory, God most high!
Man exalted to the sky!
With thy love my bosom fill,
Prompt me to perform thy will:
Then thy glory I shall see-

Thou wilt bring me home to thee. 1087 Phil.3:8.

Blessed Saviour! thee I love,
All my other joys above;
All my hopes in thee abide,
Thou my hope, and naught beside:
Ever let my glory be,

Only, only, only thee.
2 Once again beside the cross,

All my gain I count but loss;
Earthly pleasures fade away,–
Clouds they are that hide my day:
Hence, vain shadows! let me see
Jesus crucified for me.

3 Blesséd Saviour, thine am I,

Thine to live, and thine to die; Height or depth, or earthly power, Ne'er shall hide my Saviour more: Ever shall my glory be

Only, only, only thee! 1088 1 Cor. 11:26. CONDER

Many centuries have fled
Since our Saviour broke the bread,
And this sacred feast ordained,
Ever by his church retained :
Those his body who discern,

Thus shall meet till his return. 2 Through the churches long eclipse, When, from priest or pastor's lips, Truth divine was never heard, — 'Mid the famine of the word, Still these symbols witness gave

To his love who died to save. 3 All who bear the Saviour's name,

Here their common faith proclaim ;
Though diverse in tongue or rite,
Here, one body we unite;
Breaking thus one mystic bread,
Members of one common Head.
4 Come, the blesséd emblems share,

Which the Saviour's death declare;
Come, on truth immortal feed;
For his flesh is meat indeed :
Saviour! witness with the sign,
That our ransomcd souls are thine.


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Ps.51 :10. Anon. 4 For thy sorrows we adore thee, Take my heart, O Father! take it;

For the pains that wrought our peace, Make and keep it all thine own;

Gracious Saviour! we implore thee Let thy Spirit melt and break it,

In our souls thy love increase. This proud heart of sin and stone. La llare we feel onr sine formivon 2 Father, make me pure and lowly,

While upon the Lamb we gaze; Fond of peace and far from strife; And our thoughts are all of heaven, Turning from the paths unholy

And our lips o’erflow with praise. Of this vain and sinful life.

6 Still in ceaseless contemplation, 3 Ever let thy grace surround me;

Fix our hearts and eyes on thee,
Strengthen me with power divine, Till we taste thy full salvation,
Till thy cords of love have bound me : And, unvailed, thy glories see.
Make me to be wholly thine.

1091 Mart. l. : 19. 4 May the blood of Jesus heal me,

Jesus calls us, o'er the tumult
And my sins be all forgiven;
Holy Spirit, take and seal me,

Of our life's wild, restless sea;
Guide me in the path to heaven.

Day by day his sweet voice soundeth,

Saying, Christian, follow me! 1090 Matt. 27:36. SHIRLEY.

1 2 Jesus calls us from the worship Sweet the moments, rich in blessing,

Of the vain world's golden store ; Which before the cross we spend;

From cach idol that would keep us, Life, and health, and peace possessing,

19, Saying, Christian, love me more ! From the sinner's dying Friend. 2 Truly blesséd is this station,

3 In our joys and in our sorrows,

Days of toil and hours of case,
Low before his cross to lie,
While we see divine compassion,

Still he calls, in cares and pleasures,

Christian, love me more than these ! Beaming in his gracious eye. 3 Love and grief our hearts dividing, 4 Jesus calls us ! by thy mercies,

With our tears his feet we bathe ; Saviour, may we hear thy call; Constant still, in faith abiding,

Give our hearts to thy obedience, Life deriving from his death.

Serve and love thee best of all !

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1092 P6.51 : 2.

Anon. | 1094 Luke 22 : 19. E. Dønny. Jesus, who on Calvary's mountain While in sweet communion feeding

Poured thy precious blood for me, On this earthly bread and wine, Wash me in its flowing fountain,

Saviour, may we see thee bleeding
That my soul may spotless be.

On the cross, to make us thine. 2 I have sinned, but oh, restore me! 2 Though unseen, now be thou near us, For unless thou smile on me,

With the still small voice of love; Dark is all the world before me,

Whispering words of peace to cheer usDarker yet eternity.

Every doubt and fear remove. 3 In thy word I hear thee saying, 3 Bring before us all the story, Come and I will give you rest;

Of thy life, and death of woc ; Now the gracious call obeying,

And, with hopes of endless glory, See, I hasten to thy breast..

Wean our hearts from all below. 4 Grant, oh, grant thy Spirit's teaching, 11095. Eph. 2: 21.

Anon. That I may not go astray,

From the table now retiring, Till the gate of heaven reaching,

Which for us the Lord hath spread, Earth and sin are passed away.

May our souls, refreshment finding, 1093 Cant. 2:4 R. Park. Grow in all things like our Head ! Jesus spreads his banner o'er us, 2 IIis example while beholding,

Cheers our famished souls with food; / May our lives his image bear; He the banquet spreads before us, Him our Lord and Master calling, Of his mystic flesh and blood.

IIis commands may we revere. 2 Precious banquet ; bread of heaven; 3 Love to God and man displaying, Wine of gladness, flowing free;

Walking steadfast in his way, May we taste it, kindly given,

Joy attend us in believing, In remembrance, Lord, of thee !

Peace from God, through endless day. 3 In thy trial, and rejection ;

4 Praise and honor to the Father, In thy sufferings on the tree;

Praise and honor to the Son, In thy glorious resurrection ;

Praise and honor to the Spirit, May we, Lord, remember thee.

Ever Three and ever Onc.

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