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Matt. 27:45. Watts. 3 'T is finished ! now the ransom's paid, Alas! and did my Saviour bleed,

“Receive my soul!" he cries: And did my Sovereign die ?

See—how he bows his sacred head ! Would he devote that sacred head

He bows his head and dies ! For such a worm as I ?

4 But soon he 'll break death’s iron chain, 2 Was it for crimes that I had done

And in full glory shine; He groaned upon the tree?

O Lamb of God! was ever pain-
Amazing pity! grace unknown !

Was ever love like thine!
And love beyond degree !

315 Gal. 5:24.

WATTS. 3 Well might the sun in darkness hide, And shut his glories in,

Oh! if my soul were formed for woc, When Christ, the great Creator, died

How would I vent my sighs!
For man, the creature's sin.

Repentance should like rivers flow

From both my streaming eyes. 4 Thus might I hide my blushing face While his dear cross appears;

2 ’T was for my sins my dearest Lord Dissolve my heart in thankfulness,

Hung on the curséd tree,
And melt my eyes to tears.

And groaned away a dying life 5 But drops of grief can ne'er repay

For thee, my soul! for thee.
The debt of love I owe;

3 Oh! how I hate these lusts of mine Here, Lord, I give myself away,

That crucified my Lord; 'Tis all that I can do.

Those sins that pierced and nailed hisflesh

Fast to the fatal wood !
314 Mail. 27:50-53. Wesley.
Behold the Saviour of mankind, 4 Yes, my Redeemer—they shall die;
Nailed to the shameful tree!

My heart has so decreed;
How vast the love that him inclined Nor will I spare the guilty things
To bleed and die for me!

That made my Saviour bleed. 2 Hark! how he groans, while nature shakes, 5 While with a melting, broken heart, And earth's strong pillars bend!

My murdered Lord I view,
The temple's vail asunder breaks,

I'll raise revenge against my sins,
The solid marbles rend.

And slay the murderers too.

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316 Luke 22 : 61. Newton. | 3 Then why, O blesséd Jesus Christ, I saw One hanging on a tree,

Should I not love thee well ?
In agony and blood;

Not for the hope of winning heaven, Who fixed his languid eyes on me,

Nor of escaping. hell ;-
As near the cross I stood.

4 Not with the hope of gaining aught, 2 Sure, never, till my latest breath,

Not seeking a reward ;
Can I forget that look:

But as thyself hast lovéd me,
It seemed to charge me with his death, O ever-loving Lord !
Though not a word he spoke.

5 Ev'n so I love thee, and will love, 3 Alas! I knew not what I did,

And in thy praise will sing;
But now my tears are vain;

Solely because thou art my God,
Where shall my trembling soul be hid, And my eternal King.
For I the Lord have slain!

318 Rom. 5:7, 8.
4 A second look he gave, that said,
“I freely all forgive :

How condescending and how kind This blood is for thy ransom paid;

Was God's eternal Son!
I die that thou may'st live.”.

Our misery reached his heavenly mind,

And pity brought him down, 5 Thus while his death my sin displays In all its blackest hue,

2 IIe sunk beneath our heavy woes, Such is the mystery of grace,

To raise us to his throne;
It scals my pardon too !

There's ne'er a gift his hand bestows,

But cost his heart a groan. 317

Rom. 5:8. Xavier. Thou, O my Jesus, thou didst me

3 This was compassion, like a God,

That when the Saviour knew
Upon the cross embrace ;
For me didst bear the nails and spear,

The price of pardon was his blood,
And manifold disgrace ;-

His pity ne'er withdrew. 2 And griefs and torments numberless, 4 Now, though he reigns exalted high, And sweat of agony,

His love is still as great ;
Yea, death itself; and all for one

Well he remembers Calvary,
That was thinc enemy!

Nor let his saints forget.

319 75,61. Matt. 11:29. Montgomery.

But there was sent him from on high

A gift of strength for man to die. Go to dark Gethsemane,

Ye that feel the tempter's power; 5 And was his mortal hour beset Your Redeemer's contlict sec,

With anguish and dismay ? Watch with him one bitter hour; How may we meet our conflict yet Turn not from his griefs away,

In the dark, narrow way? Learn of Jesus Christ to pray.

How but thro' him, that path who trod? 2 Follow to the judgment-hall;

Save or we perish, Son of God !
View the Lord of life arraigned ; 321 L.M. John 19:5.

Asos. Oh, the wormwood and the gall !

Behold the Man! How glorious he! Oh, the pangs his soul sustained !

Before his foes he stands unawed, Shun not suffering, shame, or loss;

And without wrong or blasphemy, Learn of him to bear the cross.

He claims equality with God. 3 Calvary's mournful mountain climb; 2 Behold the Man! by all condemned. There, adoring at his feet.

Assaulted by a host of foes, Mark that miracle of time,

His person and his claims contemned, God's own sacrifice complete :

A man of sufferings and of woes. " It is finished !” hear him cry ;Learn of Jesus Christ to die.

3 Behold the Man ! he stands alone ;

His foes are ready to devour; 4 Early hasten to the tomb,

Not one of all his friends will own
Where they laid his breathless clay ; | Their Master in this trying hour.
All is solitude and.gloom,
Who hath taken him away?

4 Behold the Man! So weak he seems, Christ is risen ;-he meets our eyes ;

His awful word inspires no fear; Saviour, teach us so to rise !

But soon must he who now blasphemes

Before his judgment-seat appear. 320 C. L.M. Matt. 26 : 36-46. Mrs. Hemans.

| 5 Behold the Man ! Though scorned below He knelt: the Saviour knelt and prayed,

He bears the greatest name above; When but his Father's eye

The angels at his footstool bow, Looked thro' the lonely garden's shade,

And all his royal claims approve. On that dread agony ; The Lord of all above, beneath, 322 8, 75 & 45. John 19:30. J. Evans. Was bowed with sorrow unto death.

Hark! the voice of love and mercy 2 The sun set in a fearful hour,

Sounds aloud from Calvary ;
The skies might well grow dim,

See!-it rends the rocks asunder-
When this mortality had power

Shakes the earth—and vails the sky : So to o'ershadow him!

" It is finished !"That he who gave man's breath might | Hear the dying Saviour cry. know

2 “It is finished !"-oh, what pleasure The very depths of human woe.

Do these charming words afford ! 3 He knew them all; the doubt, the strife, Heavenly blessings, without measure, The faint, perplexing dread,

Flow to us through Christ, the Lord : The mists that hang o'er parting life,

“It is finished !"All darkened round his head;

Saints ! the dying words record. And the Deliverer knelt to pray ;- 3 Tune your harps anew, ye seraphs ! Yet passed it not, that cup, away.

Join to sing the pleasing theme : 4 It passcd not, though the stormy wave All in earth and heaven, uniting, Had sunk beneath his tread ;

Join to praise Immanuel's name: It passed not, though to him the grave

Hlad yielded up its dead :

Glory to the bleeding Lamb!


222 L.M. Mall. 14:27. J. E. SMITH. / 3 Conscious of the deed unholy,

Nature's pulses beat more slowly, When power divine, in mortal form,

And the sun his light denied; Hushed with a word the raging storm,

Darkness wrapped the sacred city, In soothing accents Jesus said

And the earth with fear and pity “Lo! it is I; be not afraid.”.

Trembled, when the Just One died. 2 Blest be the voice that breathes from 4 It is finished, Man of sorrows ! heaven,

From thy cross our nature borrows To every heart in sunder riven,

Strength to bear and conquer thus : When love, and joy, and hope are fled- || While exalted there we view thee, “Lo! it is I; be not afraid.”

Mighty Sufferer, draw us to thee,

Sufferer victorious ! 3 And when the last dread hour is come,

While shuddering nature waitsherdoom. / 5 Not in vain for us uplifted,
This voice shall call the pious dead-

Man of sorrows, wonder-gifted, " Lo! it is I; be not afraid."

May that sacred symbol be;

Eminent amid the ages, 324 P. M. Isa.58 :5.

Guide of heroes and of sages, DARKLY rose the guilty morning

May it guide us still to thee. When, the Prince of Glory scorning, 26 L. M. Ts. 22.

Watts. Raged the fierce Jerusalem : See the Christ, his cross up-bearing!

Now let our mournful songs record

The dying sorrows of our Lord, See him, mocked and stricken, wearing

When he complained in tears and blood, The thorn-platted diadem!

Like one forsaken of his God. 2 Not the crowd, whose cries assailed him, I 2 But God, his Father, heard his cryNot the hands, that rudely nailed him, Raised from the dead, he reigns on high ; Slew him on the cursed tree;

The nations learn his righteousness, Oursthe sin, from heaven that called him! |

And humble sinners taste his grace. Ours the sin, whose burden galled him, In the sad Gethsemane !

327 L. M. Luke 24 : 46. Warts.

He dies !—the friend of sinners dies; 3 In our wealth and tribulation,

Lo! Salem's daughters weep around; By thy precious cross and passion,

A solemn darkness vails the skies;
By thy blood and agony,

A sudden trembling shakes the ground.
By thy glorious resurrection,
By thy Holy Ghost's protection,-

2 IIere 's love and grief beyond degree : Make us thine eternally!

The Lord of glory dies for men ;

But lo! what sudden joys we see, 325 P. M. Matt. 27:26.

Jesus, the dead, revives again.
'T was the day when God's Anointed 3 The rising God forsakes the tomb;
Died for us the death appointed,

Up to his Father's court he flies;
Bleeding on the dreadful cross;

Cherubic legions guard him home,
Day of darkness, day of terror,

And shout him welcome to the skies. Deadly fruit of ancient error,

4 Break off your tears, ye saints, and tell Nature's fall, and Eden's loss !

Ilow high our great Deliverer reigns ; 2 Haste, prepare the bitter chalice !

Sing how he spoiled the hosts of hell, Gentile hate and Jewish malice

And led the tyrant Death in chains. Lift the royal Victim high ;

5 Say—live forever, glorious King, Like the serpent, wonder-gifted,

Born to redeem, and strong to save ! Which the prophet once uplifted, Where now, O Death, where is thy sting? For a sinful world to die.

And where thy victory, boasting Grave?



1. Come, ev -'ry pi - ous heart, That loves the Saviour's name! Your noblest powers ex

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all & - bove, And all be - low, The debt of love To him you owe. Acts 1:11. STENNETT. | 329

Ps. 148.

WATTS. Come, every pious heart,

Ye tribes of Adam, join
That loves the Saviour's name,

With heaven, and earth, and seas, Your noblest powers exert

And offer notes divine
To celebrate his fame :

To your Creator's praise :
Tell all above, The debt of love Ye holy throng In worlds of light,
And all below, To him you owe. Of angels bright, Begin the song.
2 He left his starry crown,

2 Thou sun, with dazzling rays, And laid his robes aside;

And moon, that rul'st the night, On wings of love came down,

Shine to your Maker's praise, And wept, and bled, and died :

With stars of twinkling light: What he endured, To save our souls His power declare, | And clouds that fly, No tongue can tell, From death and hell. Ye floods on high, | In empty air. 3 From the dark grave he rose

3 The shining worlds above The mansion of the dead;

In glorious order stand ;
And thence his mighty foes

Or in swift courses move,
In glorious triumph led ;

By his supreme command :
Up through the sky And reigns on high, He spake the word, From nothing came,
The conqueror rode, | The Saviour-God. And all their frame | To praise the Lord i
4 From thence he 'll quickly come 4 Let all the nations fear
His chariot will not stay-

The God that rules above;
And bear our spirits home

He brings his people near,
To realms of endless day:

And makes them taste his love :
There shall we see | And ever be While earth and sky | His saints shall raise
His lovely face, In his embrace. Attempt his praise, His honors high.

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