The Camp Fire Girls Go Motoring: Or, Along the Road that Leads the Way

A. L. Burt, 1916 - 240 Seiten
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Seite 4 - Silently one by one, in the infinite meadows of heaven, Blossomed the lovely stars, the forget-me-nots of the angels.
Seite 248 - JACK LORIMER'S HOLIDAYS; or, Millvale High in Camp. It would be well not to put this book into a boy's hands until the chore* are finished, otherwise they might be neglected. JACK LORIMER'S SUBSTITUTE; or, The Acting Captain of the Team. On the sporting side, the book takes up football, wrestling, tobogganing.
Seite 250 - Their experiences and escapes are many, and furnish plenty of good, healthy action that every boy loves, THE BOY ALLIES AT LIEGE; or, Through Lines of Steel. THE BOY ALLIES ON THE FIRING LINE; or, Twelve Days Battle Along the Marne.
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Seite 247 - OF BUNKER HILL. A story of two boys at the siege of Boston. By James Otis. THE BOY SPIES AT THE SIEGE OF DETROIT. A story of two Ohio boys in the War of 1812. By James Otis. THE BOY SPIES WITH...
Seite 245 - For sale by all booksellers, or sent prepaid On receipt of price by the pnbUsbenr A.
Seite 247 - Valley Forge. By James Otis. THE BOY SPIES OF FORT GRISWOLD. The story of the part they took in its brave defence. By William P. Chipman. THE BOY SPIES OF OLD NEW YORK. The story of how the young spies prevented the capture of General Washington.
Seite 245 - ... .summer, which promised at the outset to be very quiet, proved to be exactly the opposite. Event follows event in rapid succession and the story ends with the culmination of at least two happy romances. The story throughout is interwoven with vivid descriptions of real places and people of which tho general public knows very little. These. add greatly to the reader's interest WIT'S END. Instilled with...
Seite 246 - A series of excellent stories of adventure on sea and land, selected from the works of popular writers; each volume designed for boys' reading. HANDSOME CLOTH BINDINGS PRICE, 60 CENTS PER VOLUME THE NAVY BOYS IN DEFENCE OF LIBERTY. A story of the burning of the British schooner Gaspee in 1772. By William P. Chipman. THE NAVY BOYS ON LONG ISLAND SOUND. A story of the Whale Boat Navy of 1776. By James Otis. THE NAVY BOYS AT THE SIEGE OF HAVANA. Being the experience of three boys serving under Israel...

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