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To Hanover, to-Brunswick's second grace,
Descendent from a long imperial race,
The Muse directs her honourable flight,
And prophesies, from so serene a morn,

To what clear glories he is born,
When blazing with a full meridian light,
He shall the British hemisphere adorn ;
When Mars shall lay his batter'd target down,

And he, (since Death will never spare
The good, the pious, and the fair)
In his ripe harvest of renown,
Shall after his great father fit,
(If heav'n so long a life permit)
And having swell'd the flowing tide
Of fame, which he in arms shall get,

The purchase of an honest sweat,
Shall safe in stormy seas Britannia’s veffel guide.

Britannia’s vessel, which in Anna’s reign,

And prudent pilotry, enjoys

The tempest which the world destroys, And rides triumphant o'er the subject main. O may she foon a quiet harbour gain!


And sure the promis'd hour is come,
When in soft notes the peaceful lyre
Shall still the trumpet and the drum,
Shall play what gods and men defire,

And strike Bellona's music dumb:.
When War, by parents curs’d, shall quit the field,
Unbuckle his bright helmet, and, to rest
His weary'd limbs, fit on his idle shield,
With scars of honour plow'd upon his breast.
But if the Gallic Pharaoh's stubborn heart
Grows fresh for punishment, and hardens still ;

Prepard for th’ irrecoverable ill, And forc'd th’unwilling skies to act the last ungrateful part:

Thy forces, Anna, like a flood, shall whelm
(If heav'n does fcepter'd innocence maintain)

His famish'd desolated realm;
And all the sons of Pharamond in vain

(Who with dishonest envy see The sweet forbidden fruits of distant liberty) Shall curse their Salic law, and wish a female reign.

A female reign like thine,
O Anna, British heroine !

. . To

To thee afflicted empires fly for aid,
Where'er tyrannic standards are display'd,
From the wrong'd Iber to the threaten’d Rhine.
Thee, where the golden-sanded Tagus Aows
Beneath fair * Ulysippo's walls,
The frighted Lusitanian calls ;
Thee, they who drink the Seine, with those
Who plow Iberian fields, implore,
To give the lab’ring world repose,'

And universal peace restore :
Thee, Gallia, mournful to survive the fate
Of her fall’n grandeur and departed state;

By fad experience taught to own,
That virtue is a noble way to rise,

A furer passage to the skies,
· Than Pelion upon Offa thrown :

For they, who impiously presume
To grasp at heav'n, by Jove's eternal doom,

A prey to thunder shall become ;
Or, sent in’Ætna's fiery caves to groan,
Gain but an higher fall, a mountain for their tomb.

* The old name of Lisbon, said to be built by Ulysses. . One of the mountains where Jupiter lodged the giants. :


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Roxana, or, the Drawing-Room.
D OXANA from the court retiring late,

1 Sigh'd her soft sorrows at St. James's gate.
Such heavy thoughts lay brooding in her breast,
Not her own chairmen with more weight oppress’d;
They groan the cruel load they're doom'd to bear;
She in these gentle sounds express’d her care.

“Was it for this that I these roses wear, “For this new-set the jewels for my hair ? VOL. I.

« Ah!

“Ah! princess! with what zeal have I pursu'd! . “ Almost forgot the duty of a prude. “ Thinking I never could attend too soon, “ I've miss’d my prayers, to get me dress’d by noor, “For thee, ah! what for thee did I resign? “My pleasures, passions, all that e'er was mine. I sacrific'd both modesty and ease, “Left operas, and went to filthy plays; “Double entendres shock'd my tender ear, “ Yet even this for thee I chose to bear. “ In glowing youth, when nature bids be gay, “ And every joy of life before me lay, “By honour prompted, and by pride restrain'd, “ The pleasures of my soul the young disdain’d: “ Sermons I fought, and with a mien severe “ Censur’d my neighbours, and faid daily pray’r. “ Alas! how chang'd !--with the same sermon-mien -That once I pray'd, the What-dye-callt I've seen. “ Ah! cruel princess, for thy fake I've lost “ That reputation which so dear had cost: , “ I, who avoided every public place, “ When bloom and beauty bade me show my face, Now near thee constant every night abide “ With never-failing duty by thy side,

“ Myself

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