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Her well-turn'd limbs confess • The lucky hand of Jove; * Her features all express

The beauteous queen of love : What flames my nerves invade,

When I behold the breast ? Of that too charming maid

Rife, suing to be press'd! .

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Venus round Fanny's waift:

Has her own Ceftus bound, intii
With guardian Cupids grac'd, to

Who dance the circle round... ::
How happy must he be, hodin, 19, 21/'

Who shall her zone unloose ! " "
That bliss to all, but me,
May heaven and she refuse.


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W Henever, Chloe, I begin

Your heart like mine to move,
You tell me of the crying fin

Of unchaste lawless love.

How can that passion be a sin,

Which gave to Chloe birth ? .
How can those joys but be divine,

Which make a heaven on earth ?

To wed, mankind the priest trepann'd,

By some fly fallacy,
And disobey'd God's great command,

Increase and multiply.

You say that love's a crime; content:

Yet this allow you must,
More joy's in heav'n if one repent,

Than over ninety just

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Sin then, dear girl, for heaven's fake,

Repent and be forgiven ;
Bless me, and by repentance make

A holy day in heaven. Een

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INDEX to the First Volume.

A Poem to his Excellency the Lord Privy Seal on the
A Prospect of Peace

- Page 7
To the Right Hon. the Earl of Warwick, &c. - 299
Colin and Lucy -

An Imitation of the Prophecy of Nereus, from Horace,
Book III. Ode XXV.

- 38
To Sir Godfrey Kneller at bis Country Seat 42"
On the Death of the Earl of Cadogan - 45
An Ode inscribd to the Right Hon. the Earl of Sunder.
land at Windsor

-- - -47,
Kensington Garden

o - - 51
An Epistle from a Lady in England to a Gentleman at

- 74'
The Female Reign : an Ode' - --. 83
Six Town Eclogues ;

- 97
The Lover. Ă Ballad. To Mr. C.-

The Lady's Resolve. Written Extempore on a Window 126
The Gentleman's Answer
An Epistle to Lord B-

Epilogue to Mary Queen of Scots -- -- 131
A Receipt to cure the Vapours

The Spleen. An Epistle to Mr. C. J.

An Epigram, on the Rev. Mr. Laurence Echard's and

Bishop Gilbert Burnet's Histories --- - 170
The Sparrow and Diamond. A Song

~ 171

Jove and Semele


174 The Seeker

- 176 On Barclay's Apology for the Quakers - - 178 Pre-Existence. A Poem, in Imitation of Milton - 183 Chiron to Achilles. A Poem

.- 200 TNCOI LE'AYTON. Know yourself - - 209 London. A Poem, in Imitation of the Third Satire of Juyenal

- .

.. 216, . Prologue spoken by Mr. Garrick, at the Opening of the Theatre in Drury-lane, 1747

- 231 Of Active and Retired Life. An Epifle to H. C. Efq; 234 Grongar Hill

247 The Ruins of Rome. A Poemi

254 Tbe School-Mistress. A Poem, in Imitation of Spenser. 279 The Art of Politics, in Imitation of Horace's Art of · Poetry

: The Man of Taste. Occafion'd by an Epistle of Mr. Pope's on that Subje&t .

;. 326 An Elay on Conversation


.340 Ode to a Lady, on the Death of Col. Charles Ross, in the

Action at Fontenoy. Written May, 1745 = 367 Ode written in the same Year

370 Ode to Evening

37 1 Verses written on a Blank-Leaf, by Lord Lansdown, when

be presented bis Works to the Queen, 1732 : 1:373 Advice to a Lady in Autumn

3742 On a Lady's drinking the Bath Waters.

sino 376 Verses in a Lady's Sherlock

o :- 377 - . ..

378 Song ---

: :: 380


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