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You shall emerge to light, and humbly here
Again shall bow before his favouring throne,
If your own virtue second my decree :
But all must have their manes first below,
So stands th' eternal fate, but smoother yours
Than what loft angels feel; nor can our reign-
Without just dooms, the peace of heav'n secure;.')
For forms celestial new erect in glory
Would totter, dazzled with the heights of power,
Did not the nerves of justice fix their fight.

See, where below in Chaos wondrous deep
A speck of light dawns forth, and thence throughout
The shades, in many a wreath, my forming power
There swiftly turns the burning eddy round,
Absorbing all crude matter near its brink;
Which next, with subtle motions, takes the form
I please to stamp, the seed of infant worlds
All now in embryo, but ere long shall rise
Variously scatter'd in this vast expanse,
Involv'd in winding orbs, until the brims
Of outward circles brush the heavenly gates. .
The middle point a globe of curling fire
Shall hold, which round it sheds its genial heat;
Where'er I kindle life the motion grows
In all the endless orbs, from this machine ;



And infinite vicissitudes shall roll
About the restless center; for I rear,
In those meanders turn'd, a dusty ball,
Deform'd all o'er with woods, whose shaggy tops
Inclose eternal mists, and deadly damps
Hover within their boughs, to choak the light;
Impervious scenes of horror, 'till reform'd
To fields, and grassy dales, and flow'ry meads,
By your continual pains. The torrid zone
Here fries with constant heat, the swarthy world;
Parching the plains where hideous monsters glare,
And dusty mountains, tumbled by the winds,
Stretch their uncertain heaps; no less the frost
At either end shall rage, and high shall raise
Firm promontories; vast the ruins seem
Of desart nature, and th' eternal piles
Load all the dreary coast, and thick in ice,
Arm either pole, that yearly peeps askance
On coming light, but feels no gentle ray
Unbind the frozen chain. Between these lie
The changeful climes, alternately they burn,
And chill again by turns; for both extremes.
Make their incursions here ; and this my will
Unchangeable ordains your doleful feat.


Beneath mishapen Chaos, and the field
Of fighting atoms, where hot, moist, and dry,
Wage an eternal war with dismal roar;
The dismal roar breaks smoothly on the ground,
Sacred to horror, and eternal night :
Here Silence fits, whose visionary shape
In folds of wreathy mantling sinks obscure,
And in dark fumes reclines his drowsy head;

An urn he holds, from whence a lake proceeds, | Wide, flowing gently, smooth, and Lethe nam’d:

Hither compelld, each soul must drink !ong draughts
Of those forgetful streams, 'till forms within,
And all the great ideas fade and die:
For if vast thought should play about a mind
Inclos’d in flesh, and dragging cumbrous life,
Flutt’ring and beating in the mournful cage,
It foon would break its grates and wing away :
'Tis therefore my decree, the soul return
Naked from off this beach, and perfect blank, . .
To visit the new world, and strait to feel
Itself, in crude consistence closely shut,
The dreadful monument of just revenge ;
Immur'd by heaven's own hand, and plac'd erect
On fleeting matter all imprison'd round

ew Y

With walls of clay; th' ætherial mould shall bear
The chain of members, deafen'd with an ear,
Blinded by eyes, and manacled in hands.
Here anger, vast ambition, and disdain,
And all the haughty movements rise and fall,
As storms of neighbouring atoms tear the soul ;
And hope, and love, and all the calmer turns
Of easy hours, in their gay gilded shapes,
With sudden run, skim o'er deluded minds,
As matter leads the dance; but one desire,
Unsatisfy'd, shall mar ten thousand joys.

The rank of beings, that shall first advance,
Drink deep of human life; and long shall stay
On this great scene of cares. From all the rest,
That longer for the destin’d body wait,
Less penance I expect; and short abode
In those pale dreary kingdoms will content:
Each has his lamentable lot, and all,
On different racks, abide the pains of life.

The pensive spirit takes the lonely grove:
Nightly he visits all the sylvan scenes,
Where far remote, a melancholy moon
Raising her head, serene and shorn of beams,
Throws here and there the glimmerings thro’ the trees, .


To make more aweful darkness. Starry lights,
Hung up on high, shed round 'em as they burn
A pale sad influence ; and they gild the plains
With doubtful rays, which strike within the shades
A trenibling lustre and uncertain light.

The Sage shall haunt this folitary ground,
And view the dismal landscape, limn'd within
In horrid shades, mix'd with imperfect light.
Here JUDGMENT, blinded by delusive Sense,
Contracted through the cranny of an eye,
Shoots up faint languid beams, to that dark seat,
Wherein the soul bereav'd of native fire,
Sits intricate, in misty clouds obscur’d,
Ev'n from itself conceald, and there presides
O’er jarring images with Reason's sway,
Which by his ordering more confounds their form ;
And by decisions more embroils the fray:
The more he strives t'appease, the more he feels
The struggling surges of the darksome void
Impetuous, and the thick revolving thoughts
Encount'ring thoughts, image on image turnd, ..
A Chaos of wild science, where sometimes
The clashing notions strike out casual light,
Which foon must perish and be lost again

Vol. I,


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