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like in all their operations. Men skilled ask is that they be engaged with single. in this world's business always compareness of heart to convert sinners to God; with scrutinizing accuracy their means and that we all remember that we are chil. with the ends to be secured, and endeavour | dren of the same Father-servants of the to form a sober judgment of the adequacy same Master. of the one to the other; so Christians en. But it is asked, are our Bible, Tract, and gaged in a great moral enterprise, should | Sunday School organizations to relieve as compare with like sober scrutiny their l of no part of this burden? I answer of resources and efforts with the extent and this burden, none. They have their own magnitnde of the work to be done. spheres of action, their own great enter.

prises to carry forward, bearing with ours

the common relation of auxiliaries, to the What if this Society is employing hun. grand, ultinate end of converting our na. dreds of Missionaries, and sowing the tion and the world to God. We greet good seed of the Gospel in a thousand them as friends and fellow labourers; but fields ? It affords litile cause for self. | they can relieve us from no part of our gratulation, while our means and our responsibility, they do no part of our work, efforts are greatly inadequate to the enter. and render no part of it unnecessary. It prise which we have undertaken. That is no part of God's plan for converting this enterprise is nothing less than to give to world, that any substitute is to be discover. the entire population of this land the ed for the living ambassador. Christians stated labours of an educated and pious are to be exonerated from no part of the ministry. When this result shall be reali. work of “teaching all nations." Where. zed the Home Missionary enterpriso will ever the Gospel is to be published, there be accomplished; till then, nerer. We say | the living teacher is to stand up for God. a pious ministry, because any other, edu. There the hand, the voice, the eye, are to cated or uneducated, ever has beon and be employed in illustrating the perceptions ever will be a curse to mankind. We say an of the intellect enlightened from above, educated ministry, not because we suppose and manifesting the emotions of a heart that none who never enjoyed the advan. that has been touched with a Saviour's tages of what is termed a liberal education || love, and that entreats men in "Christ's have been useful and successful ministers || stead" to be reconciled to God. Nor is of Christ; but because reason and facts this all. Not only do organizations for combine to show that, other things being other benevolent objects do no part of our oqual, an enlightened man is better quali-work; but so vital and fundamental is the fied to instruct others than an ignorant relation which our enterprise sustains to one; and because experience abundantly theirs, that to precisely the extent that ours demonstrates that society at large, as well || shall be suffered to linger and fail, theirs as the church itself, derive advantages will linger and fail also. Where shall we from an educated ministry, which, while find the Bible in every family? Where are they are derivable from no other source, Sabbath Schools in living and perpetual are of indispensable importance to the best operation, sending out their blessings over welfare of the community. Here then the the entire population ? Where are reli. Home Missionary Society takes its stand. I gious tracts conveyed to every family, and Our enterprise is nothing less than to cx. made to extend their noiseless admonitions tend the labours of an enlightened and to every heart ? Where, in short, is the en. pious ininistry over every hill, plain, and tire system of Christian means in efficient valley in this nation; and he who is pre. and constant operation ? To all these pared to rest at ease till all this is done, questions the same answer must be return. does not yet rightly understand the Home ed: it is where the regular ministrations of Missionary enterprise.

an enlightened and pious ministry are enjoyed; and, as a general rule, it is nou eere

else. That community which enjoys the Let no one flatter himself that we are labours of such a ministry, will speedily to be excused from any part of this work | enjoy every other useful religious institu. because we have other benevolent and re. tion; and that community which is desti. ligious organizations. So far as those or. tute of such a ministry, will soon find ganizations have in view the same specific itself scantily supplied with the Word of object as our own, to whatsoever denomi. God; its Sabbath Schools will languish nation they are attached, we desire with and die, and the entire system of Chris. them to enter the field as fellow labourers, || tian means will either be suspended or and reap the Lord's harvest. The barvest operate with greatly diminished vigour is great, the labourers still few. All we and effect.




into every new field of enterprise, opened

by the boundless undeveloped resources of The history of Home Missions, though such a country as ours, rolling like succine seghez yet in their infancy in this country, already cessive waves of the ocean from state to

affords striking proof of their efficiency in state, and from territory to territory, year. ts were establishing and fostering the various in. i ly causing wide uncultivated wastes to

stitutions of learning and religion. That | echo with the sound of the hammer and
would be an interesting volume, which the voice of the ploughman, and in.
should trace out the influence which they creasing in numbers at the rate of more
have already exerted in laying the founda- i than a thousand in a day?
tions of those institutions which are lo
be the radiating points of intelligence and
piety to future generations. There is a So numerous, Mr. President, are appli.
spot in the “far west,” which in the year cations for aid to various benevolent ob-
1820 was a lowling wilderness. The jects in the west, that the thought may
solemn silence of nature reigned through have entered some minds, that western
all the landscape, or was broken only by

men always want money; but this is not the howling of the wolf or the yell of the

our only or our most urgent request ; we savage. On that spot is now erected a

want men : fathers and brethren, we want literary institution, which already offers

you. Say not that you cannot leave your to the youth of that growing community, | churches; let them learn to sympathize respectable advantages for acquiring the with the wants of the world, by feeling a various branches of human learning, and portion of those wants at home. Let them within whose walls many precious young know the value of their privileges, by exmen have already been converted to God. || periencing a temporary privation. It That institution is one of the fruits of the will call forth their energies to supply a A. H. M. Society's labours.

demand which they will then know to exist.

Much, Mr. President, has been done, If, then, such is the magnitude and im. || but little compared with the entire work portance of our enterprise, how small in which we have undertaken. This is not the comparison are our past efforts and the time to sit down and fold our hands successes. How much occasion have we

There remaineth much land to to “forget the things which are behind, be possessed. Let our motto still be, and reach forth unto those that are be. " onward." Our work will not be dono fore." True, we have more than six till all that is elevating, enlightening, and hundred (673) missionaries in the field; saving, in the influence of an enlightened but what are these among the more than | Christian ministry shall have been brought twice six millions of our countrymen ? || within the reach of every village and every What are these to a population, which is family in this mighty republic. expanding itself with the freedom of air,


at ease.




of God. Her class was composed of

misses, from ten to seventeen years of From the Rev. J. Porter.

age. The three oldest have made a pro. fession of their faith. Four teachers were

hopefully converted; three of whom, with The Spirit's operations were perceived | another pupil, have united with our for two or three months, though we saw church, making seven from the Sabbath but few marked conversions, until during || School. the month of March. We had then, and

A GOOD INVESTMENT, AND QUICK RETURNS. in April, for a short time, a most cheer. ng exhibition of the willingness of God In this connexion, I may revert to a o answer believing prayer. The work | fact, stated partially in my last published ay be said to have begun among the letter, concerning the donation of a Sabuth. A class of seven in the Sabbath bath School library, by two gentlemen chool indulged the hope of conversion, from abroad. Having seen our condition d gave pleasing evidence to their inde. while here last season, they proposed igable teacher that they had been born | giving us a library, worth twenty.five dol.



lars. They presonted our case to the || have had, will be found by every Home American Sunday School Union, which Missionary a powerful auxiliary. very kindly offered to make us a further About thirty have indulged hope during donation of the same value ; consequently the season of refreshing. Those under we received a library worth fifty dollars. fourteen years, have not made a public I trust as their liberal souls devised these profession. The church has been in. liberal things, they accompanied their of creased by the addition of thirty-two fering by effectual prayer, and that this members since our communion in March. is one reason why the fruit, conversion of Of these only thirteen were received on teachers and pupils, has so soon appeared. || profession of faith. As a church, and as a school, and for my. self, as an individual, we wish your Com. mittee to express our most cordial thanks Brother William Kirby has taken charge to those gentlemen, and to the Union, for of the church at Blackston's, the “Union their Christian interest in us. What they | Church." Last Sabbath, twelve were add. have done, and what they sball do, in the ed to it by letter. We had last month name of a disciple, shall be gloriously re. a convention of ministers at Plainfield, warded.

forty miles west of this, where, twelve months since, I was exploring, a solitary labourer. There were now present six

Presbyterian ministers, all under your So. The teacher of the class above men.

ciety's patronage, and all now labouring tioned, was also the principal in the infant in this and the next county. Who, a school. She believes that what David || year since, could have anticipated such a said of his day, has been shown true here, || result ?

Brother Gridley and Brother that speaking of the excellency of God, || Gould were of the number; and now she can truly say, “Out of the mouth of Brother A. Greenwood has gone to Plain. babes and sucklings hast thou ordained field, where his labours are needed. The strength, because of thine enemies, that rapidity with which this country and this thou mightest still the enemy and the town are filling up, is almost incredible. avenger.” Some of the precious souls under her immediate charge, gave ovi. dence of regeneration, and their influence

From Rev. E. H. Hazard, Ottawa, La on their older brothers and sisters is most

Salle Co., M. happy, and their parents also feel it. The No especial revival has attended my Sabbath breakers and the profane are kind. | preaching during the past year, yet i ly and most eloquently admonished by trust the Word preached has not been in these infant singers of “ Hosanna;" though vain. Prominent vices have received an many, as in the days of the incarnation | important check ; grog shops are visited of the Messiah, would have them hold less than they were when I came here ; their peace. We hope that one family, of the Sabbath is better observed; stores and twelve individuals, has been converted. || shops that used to be kept open on the The mother was a member of a dissenting | Lord's Day, are now closed on that day; church in England, and is now rejoicing | meetings for public worship are better at. with tears of unspeakable pleasure, that | tended; the rough places are becoming she can indulge the blessed hope, that smooth, and “a

way is cast up," and "a twelve out of fourteen, in her household, || standard” is raised" for the people" at are one with her in Christ. One of her this place. I preached several times youngest daughters was first to express a during last summer, to twelve or fifteen hope, and from ber the work went up. | persons, and our congregation seldom ex. ward, embracing almost every individual, ceeded twenty; now we have ordinarily till at last the father's heart was broken from fifty to one hundred present. by God's infinite love so wonderfully We are truly in great need of a larger shown. I was with him when, in the room to worship in than our little cabis midst of that delightful circle, he fell on affords, for that is too small to seat com. his knees, and pleaded with God to open fortably our present congregation, which his mouth, and soften his heart. He now || is constantly and rapidly increasing. I leads their devotions, and sings with them have determined, in view of the rising daily, of free, rich, sovereign, unmerited | importance of this place, and the valuable grace. “Grace," he says, “it is all ministerial aid with which this county

Himself and wife, and oldest | has recently been blessed, to spend my son and daughter, are now communicants || Sabbaths, and direct my exertions, prin

Such an infant school as we cipally to this point. The important aid,

grace !"

with us.


to which I have already alluded, we find and there expected to separate for a sea. in the faithful labours of Brothers Gridley son; but to our great surprise and joy, we from Williamstown, Mass., and Gould, || found an unusual interest on the subject from Broome county, New York. These l of religion. At the solicitation of Br. Ber. beloved brethren came into this county | gen and his people, we commenced a pro. about the same time, and have been here tracted meeting on that very day, without about three weeks. Brother Gridley is any previous notice. The Lord's hand now at Big Grove, about twenty miles was so manifest in the whole thing as north-east from Ottawa, near the Fox | greatly to raise the hopes of Christians, river, in a part of the county most de. || and stimulate them to exertion. An un. lightful, with an extensive field of new usual effect had previously attended the settlements around him, where schools stated preaching of the Word there, and the and churches are to be organized and sus. Lord had made remarkable manifestations tained with constant and untiring effort. of himself to some of his people, who by Brother Gould is at present with his fa. the eye of faith saw with such clearness mily, at Bailey's Grove, fourteen miles the coming work of God, that they spoke south of Ottowa, in a part of the country of it with as much confidence as if it had in no respect less interesting or important. | been a direct object of natural vision. At I do most heartily rejoice to see men who the close of our meeting, the Methodist have experience added to ministerial ta. brethren commenced a similar one, and lents and deep piety, coming into this they reckon a still greater number of con. very interesting and very important field : versions. From the number and from and I know ng if there be another field the character of many of the converts, where these, united and well directed, can this event, in my opinion, will form a most be exerted with stronger hopes of effecting || important era in the religious history of extensive and lasting good.

that rapidly increasing town.

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One result of great interest at the Pig. PROTRACTED MEETINGS AND REVIVALS IN

gah meeting was the reunion of that

church with another in the same neigh. In the last number of the Home Missionary, page

bourhood, from which it had been separa. 64, we published an extract of a letter from our agent

ted by act of Presbytery, because they could in Illinois, which contained notices of several meet.

not agree to walk together. Br. Gallagher ings, and a promisa to furnish further details. We

is now the stated supply of the united have just received a fulfilment of ibis promiso, in a

Church. letter from which we extract the following. I shall attempt to give you only some

The meeting at Jacksonville was a uni. brief and general statements with regard ted effort, principally on the part of Pres. to the results of these several meetings. byterians and Congregationalists. The The numbers who hoped that they had

Methodists very kindly threw open the passed from death unto life were, at Can.

doors of their meeting-house, and the ton, twelve or thirteen ; Springfield, eigh. | preaching was mostly done there. The teen, since increased to more than twenty; meeting produced very much of a sensa. Pisgah church, perhaps ten; Jacksonville, tion in that town, and presented a most twenty.five or thirty, a few of whom were delightful spectacle. Christians of differ. members of college ; Carrollton, thirteen,

ent names sat together in heavenly places and Naples, eight or nine.

in Christ Jesus, and with one heart, and At Canton five family altars were erect.

one mind, wept, and prayed and laboured, ed, the church was greatly revived, and

for the salvation of sinners. This was the bonds of union strengthened which true, to such a remarkable extent, as to were so happily thrown around them last attract the attention, and excite the fears summer. They are very much united in

of some who are rarely found within the their minister, the Rev. Ř. Stewart, and a

walls of a church; and who are perpetu. most delightful, healthful, and I trust || ally haunted by that bug-bear, union of permanent influence, now prevades the church and state. They thought we had church.

fallen upon new times ; this union of dif.

ferent denominations they could not un. MEETING AT SPRINGFIELD.

derstand ; there must be some deep-laid The meeting at Springfield was highly | plot, and they inquired around with no interesting in the manner of its origin and little solicitude, what it meant ? Their the character of its results. We were de. fears were allayed, however, when told signing simply to pass through that place, // that it was simply the result of good feel.

" Is

ing on the part of Christians. In fact, is the meeting, and the last of the tbree. they confessed that this was just what who, for some time, had indulged a wate.. they thought ought always to be. What ing hope, was found among the anima a lesson! a real union on the part of inquirers, and before the close of te Christians of different denominations, to meeting, seemed to be under the infidenes save souls, so rare a thing in the 19th of a strong deternrination to live bence century, as to awaken in this way the forth for the glory of God. The houx x fears of the enemies of religion ! which the ineeting was held, twenty feet Christ divided ? Was Paul erucified" for by forty, was built during the last sprog: the salvation of sinners?

entirely by this firm; and if a missiours. MARINE SETTLEMENT AND CARROLLTOX,

with his family, would go and live at the At the meeting in Marine settlement, 1 place, they are ready to pledge t=0 bi

dred dollars per annum for his laboars know not that there was more than one

one half of the time, I love to record case of hopeful conversion-perhaps not facts of this character, for the encourage. any; but I trust that the means of grace

ment of Christians who sustain the 1. were not without effect. There were in.

H. M. s. This is another instapea 19 quiring souls there, and some of the pro- l show, that " the east will not always este fessed people of God were led to see their

to help the rest." past unfaithfulness, and to mourn in bit. terness over their sins. They have had

TEMPERANCE BOAT. but little preaching during the last year, These men were also, at the time of our and live so scattered; that they enjoy but

meeting, just completing a steam boat, few opportunities for social prayer. By | which they have named "Cold Water." request, I delivered a Temperance ad.

It is to be navigated strictly on Tempe dress. This cause has flourished very

rance principles; and they are also deter. much there, and some of the most active

mined so to make their arrangements, that members of that church will doubtless it shall be a Sabbath-keeping boat

The have cause to bless God for over for the engineers and clerk are pious men, and at Temperance reformation. Forty copies the protracted meeting, the captain and of the Temperance Recorder are circu.

his wife professed to have found peace in lated in the neighbourhood. At the close believing. The mate, also, was deeply of the meeting in Carrollton, about as

anxious, and at times indulged a faint many were inquiring what they must do i hope. So far as my knowledge extends, to be saved as were rejoicing in hope, (13); this will be such a boat as was nefer some of whom, I understand, think that

launched upon the western waters. May they have since found the Saviour.

prosperity attend its enterprising owners!

I hope the day is not far distant, when At Naples, seven individuals, heads of drunken stage-drivers, dranken ship and families, united with the church, and all

steam-boat captains, and pilots, and en. of them on examination, except one.

gincers, will be no more!

Then may Most of these professed to have expe.

travellers and property go on their way rienced religion within a year, during the in comparative security. The work a most of which time this people have been Naples, so far as it went, was of a very destitute of preaching. Previous to the decided character. Some strong men in meeting, there were only two members iniquity bowed before the mights intla. of the Presbyterian church residing at

ences of the Holy Spirit, as the forest oak Naples, one of the elders and his wife.

is levelled by the tornado ! THE WEST HELPS ITSELF. Since his residence in that place, this I have thus given you a general stateelder has superintended a Sabbath School; // ment of the results at these different been a most efficient promoter of Tempe. meetings. But if all the instances of rance, and kept up regular meetings for hopeful conversion which I have named prayer and exhortation ; at which he has were put together, they would only form been accustomed to remark on somo a part of the cases that sometimes occur portion of scripture. The Lord has at a single meeting in the older sections smiled on his labours. There has been of the county. We, however, call these a silent and steady work of grace going interesting, nay glorious results. As : forward there for ihe whole year. He is general fact, our audiences are small, say one of three brothers, who compose a from fifty to three hundred, except on the mercantile firm in that place. One of Sabbath, when they are often much larger. them, and his wife, joined the church at And then the assemblies are excoedingly



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