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Christians grew cold. In this extremity || ledged impenitence. The blessing did not we looked unto the Lord, and he heard our cease here ; many soldiers, and the subcry. Knowing that united, cordial, Chris- Indian agent, were added to the number tian effort, with a right feeling of unwor.||of praying men. My dear sir, what can thiness and dependence on God, always I render unto God for the unspeakable gift bring the blessing, Mr. Bingham, (Baptist he has bestowed on us, so entirely un. Missionary,) and myself, appointed a day worthy ? of fasting and humiliation,-our churches Our little church, organized in January, to meet together and mutually supplicate now numbers thirty; and twenty (with the blessing. The day was the 21st of four Indians) have united with Mr. BingMarch; it was a day of storms, the snow ham's, in the five months since my arrival. driving from Lake Superior with almost | More than fifty have expressed hope in irresistible force. But we thought nothing this revival, thirty-five of whom are men. of storms, when assembled to humble our || Many a widowed mother will rejoice, selves before God. The scene was most and many a parent's heart be glad, to hear heart-cheering. Delightful unity of heart of the conversion of “the prodigal son," seemed to prevail. We felt confident of at Fort Brady. There are now forty proa rich blessing. It was a day of much fessing Christians, and fifty who hope they prayer. One circumstance was peculiar. | love God, in this fort. Twelve or four. Though five officers from the fort were teen altars for family prayer have been present, not one would open his mouth in set up. A blessing is implored at the table prayer, while twelve or more soldiers plead. in each mess-room. Public evening prayer ed earnestly, affectionately, and appropri- is held in one of the barrack rooms. Meet. ately, for the best of blessings on their ings for prayer, besides my Bible Class, commanders. Thanks to our kind Father, are held on three or four evenings in the these five officers now plead for the same week. Of the forty-seven who have stu. heavenly gifts to descend on those who died the Bible Ciass lesson this winter and then prayed for them. Two were pre- spring, only eight remain without hope viously hoping, but diffidence prevented of having been forgiven through the their publicly acting then. That day's mercy of Christ. In our settlement, there exercises left deep solemnity on every are but few individuals to whom I can mind. The Friday following, was a tri- present the truths of the Gospel. The umphant day. A Lieutenant, who had French are degraded, ignorant, supersti. brought infidelity from the Military Aca- tious Papists. "They will hear no one but demy, came to my room, saying he was a Priest. The only Americans here, (aside weighed down by a mountain load. He from the fort, the Indian agency, and passed two hours with me. The scene I the mission,) less than a dozen in number, cannot describe. If you have witnessed have, with one or two exceptions, Indian such, you know the thrilling interest. wives, and their children speak Indian. Before leaving me, he felt the load re- The women and children of course can moved, and prayed in the spirit of one receive no instruction except through an liberaled from the slavery of Satan. He interpreter. In consequence, little im. went from me to proclaim what God had pression has been direcily made on this done for his soul. A Captain from the community. Only ten of the settlement same academy, who had been three months are connected with the infant church. The seriously inquiring, was aided that evening conversions, on account of the peculiar by this Lieutenant and other Christian character of the population, have been friends, and hopes by the grace of God that of adults wholly ; and, as you have seen, he that night admitted a divine Redeemer about four fifths males. Indirectly, we to his heart. He rejoices in the delightful trust, we are acting upon the French and hope that his wife on the same day was born Indian population, especially by example again. Another Lieutenant and his wife in temperance and morality. Last year date their conversion within a day or two of 130 barrels of spirits were sold here. For the same period. The last lady had been three months past there has been none for a Catholic, and, till within two months, had sale. One barrel has now been brought; not opened a Bible since she entered the lit is still on the vessel, having in three days convent. Two Captains, two Lieuten. I found no purchaser; and we trust the kind ants, the Surgeon, and the Sutler, with the captain will carry it back to Detroit, or wives of four of these gentlemen, (the empty it into the St. Mary. The soldiers others not being married,) all hope they have now unanimously agreed to purchase have been born of the Spirit. One officer | neither beer nor cider from the Sutler's and his wife only remain in acknow-llstore,—where, till within the last month


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or two, they have been accustomed to ex.
pend about two thirds of their wages for
these useless drinks. Saving their money, From the Rev. J. F. Brooks, Collinsville.
they feel that they can now do something
for the A. H. M. S. They have been aid. Since my last report, my time has been
ing in the good cause spoken of above, of regularly occupied in ministerial duties in
printing the New Testament. About $300, the two places of my location, except one
including that already mentioned, have Sabbath, which was spent with the Pres.
been subscribed in a few days, in this poor bytery at Carmi, nearly 130 miles distant.
settlement, for that purpose. Soldiers sub. The business of Presbytery closed on Sa.
scribed from one to six dollars each. Does | turday. On the Sabbath was a sacramental
not the G ispel open the heart? You would occasion, and three sermons were preach.
rejoice to hear these men pray; and to ed. The exercises had the effect of pro-
see how they are elevated from the depths ducing at least deep solemnity.
of degrading intemperance. One who had On the 19th of Feb. I administered the
been a Catholic, gave five dollars. He sacrament to the church in this place, re-
knew the evil of being deprived of the Bi-ceived five into our number by profession,
ble. Another, who had been a Catholic, and baptized one adult. The occasion
with his wife, said he never saw a Bible till was one of deep interest, both at the prepa.
he came to this country; and he “thanks ratory lecture and during the exercises of
God there was ever a ship built, else he had the Sabbath ; and though we are far from
been still in darkness with his friends in being able to speak of such refreshings as
Ireland.” Eight of those indulging hope, have been felt in the neighbouring city of
were Papists. Many of them look now St. Louis, yet punctuality and interest

with dread upon the errors of the Romish have been manifested in attendance upon . church.

social prayer-meetings and other means ou I hope, considering the pressing wants grace. The monthly concert has been of your society, that our community, small established this winter, and I have com. and poor as it is, will be able to meet all menced giving familiar lectures on the the promises made by you to your mis. Bible,-and, judging from the attendance, sionary here the present year.

and attention given, I believe I am not Our garrison, we think, is now the hap. without success in this attempt. I have piest in the world. The army has been visited nearly all the families within the thought, till now, a bad school of morals. distance from which they usually attend And truly it has been so. But we have upon preaching here, and have been kindly reached a new era. A revival in the army! received, without exception; and some Six pious gentlemen in one fort! A corps have been induced to attend meeting who of pious soldiers ! Fort Brady is now truly were seldom if ever seen out before. But a “house of prayer.” The dance is ex. in a large portion of the cominunity there changed for the praying circle; the bed is an astonishing apathy in regard to reli. witching cards have given place to the gion. With some, if their present temporal blessed Bible; instead of the song of the wants are supplied, they have no anxiety drunkard, the psalm of praise is heard; in- | about the future, either in respect to this stead of the profane oath, the word of world or the next. With others, the su. Christian consolation; the fears and well preme good in prospest is to become rich. grounded suspicion of the officer, is ex. What human means can break this apathy changed for security and parental confi. is yet difficult to tell. But, our little church dence; the hatred and surly obedience are not insensible to religious things, or of the soldier, have in their place, cheerful ignorant of the spirit of benevolence, as compliance and filial love. Instead of you may learn from the following fact. whiskey and its kindred poisons, and dis. The agent of the American Education ease, the drink of the soldier is the pure Society came here a few weeks ago, and water of Lake Superior, and coffee, ac- obtained three life members, and some ad. companied with a clear mind and health of ditional subscriptions,-a handsome sum, body.

indeed, for this settlement. Our church Will you not rejoice that your noble so. are anxious to do all they can for the cause ciety has been instrumental in accomplish. of religion. But, they are few in number, ing at least a part of this work? I, at least, and most of them have little of the world's rejoice that I have been allowed to look on, goods. and sce the Lord perform these wonders.

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Death of a pious Emigrant.

I think we shall have a house raised and

covered before another winter. Of B— I need say little at present, except

There is, as yet, but one church in this to notice a sorely afilictive event-the death

county. From my congregation, twenty. of our Christian sister, Mrs. K. She came

three have united with the church since I into this country last fall with her husband, I have been here, twelve on examination, who opened a school. Her health was, || and eleven by letter. Sabbath Schools in at that time, feeble, and in the latter part this county are at present in an unsettled of the winter she failed rapidly, and died

state. The number who attend my Bible on the 5th of March. She was a person | Class is very variable. We have a County of cultivated mind, and expansive Christian | Temperance Society, containing at present benevolence, united with a peculiarly || about seventy members. There is a Coun. amiable and lovely disposition. She was once a member of Dr. Payson's church, at I quite supplied those who were destitute,

ty Bible Society, which has nearly, or Portland ; and, it is evident, she had not || with the word of life. For the other be. been neglectful of his instructions, for she || nevolent societies, there are no regularly had not failed to imbibe much of his spirit.

organized associations. She made many friends during her short stay in B., though in feeble health ; and her loss is severely felt, particularly by those of us who were looking forward to

REVIVAL IN BETHEL, BOND CO. ILLINOIS. her co-operation in plans and labours of|| A letter received from Rev. B. Y. Messenger, usefulness. Of these she would delight to || Edwardsville, Illinois, speaks of a protracted meettalk, even when confined to her siek bed ; | ing, held in the Bethel Church in the latter part of and would hope soon to recover, and prove May, which appears to have been a season of very what might be done by kind and Christian | dcep interest. The following is extracted from his efforts. But, the Lord, whose ways are not as our ways, nor his thoughts as our thoughts, has seen fit to remove her hence. Il to this meeting with deep interest

, and

Christians had been looking forward And though her departure is our loss, it || carnest expectation that God would disis, no doubt, her eternal gain.

play his saving power on that occasion ;

nor were they disappointed. On Friday, From Rev. R. Barnes, Canton, Illinois.

about thirty went to the anxious room;

on Saturday, about forty ; on the Sabbath, For the last few weeks my labours have || rising of fifty; when some, as they hope, been divided between Canton and Lewis- | found the Saviour. We had expected to ton, (Br. Farnam being at Jacksonville, close the meeting on Sabbath evening; as the state of things there is unusually but such was the state of things, that it interesting.) Sabbath before last, the was thought advisable to continue it ano. Lord's supper was administered in L., | ther day; and I think that we have occa. and five were admitted to the church ;sion to bless God for ever that we continued, four on confession of faith, and one by | for it was, indeed, the “great day of the letter. Since that time there have been | feast.” At the close of the sermon in the three or four hopeful conversions in that afternoon, those who had indulged hope place. Last Sabbath we had a communion during the meeting, and those who were season in this place, and thirteen were anxious, were invited to retire to the meet. admitted to the church ; five on exam. ing house (for we had been preaching in ination, and eight by letter. Thus, not- | the grove) for instruction and prayer. It withstanding the occasion we have for was said, that every impenitent person on deep humility in view of our unfaithful the ground, over twelve years of age, left ness, God is permitting us to rejoice in the stand, and repaired to the house of the prosperity of Zion.

God; when it, indeed, became the gate of The severity of the winter, and the high heaven to their souls. Nine were hoping water of spring, together with my engage- when they went in, and there were fortyments nearer home, have prevented me four, or forty-five on the anxious seats. from even visiting the growing settlements Every individual who went to the anxious in the new counties, west and north of || room was brought, as we hope, to a saving us. In my former reports I have stated, knowledge of the truth. Most of them that one of the greatest of my discourage- || came out very bright, and gave the most ments arises from the want of a suitable || decisive evidence of a change of heart. house for worship. The prospects, how.lo, what joy was then in Heaven! Nor ever, on this subject are becoming brighter. I was it contined to that world of glory;

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to come.

there was rejoicing on earth, in that | that, within a few years, our most flourish. house of God. Parents, brothers, and ing towns will erect such buildings, even sisters hung upon the necks of their re- || if they receive no assistance. But this penting relatives, while tears of soul-thrill. fact should not be lost sight of_that in ing joy flowed in copious streams. the mean time, habits are fixed, character

formed. Many will tread the path which

| leads to the region of practical atheism, From a Missionary in Illinois. where God is forgotten and unknown. There are several openings in this state Unless something more be done for us, by for your missionaries; and these will be the benevolent at the east, your society created beyond the probable supply.

can never fully gain the end at which you What is to be done ? Our colleges, our aim in your charities and prayers. Let seminaries, and our men of affluence, must

us have suitable places of worship; then decide. To leave a people destitute, when furnish men, whose talents will cominand a sufficient number are together to require respect, and whose piety shall glow with a the stated labours of a minister, is attend. || holy fervour, that will induce constant, ed with consequences of a most serious unremitted exertion, and the materials character. It were better to go beyond on which they may act will be multiplied the absolute necessities of the west, in far beyond what they now are; and a part this respect, than to fall short of them. // of them, at least, with the blessing of The habits acquired by non-attendance on Heaven, may be moulded to virtue and the ordinances of religion, are worse here piety. This is a subject in which I feel a than at the east, being almost invariably | deep interest. I look around upon our permanent. On this subject I am prepared heterogeneous society, and find not one to speak from observation. This placehalf in attendance upon the public exerwas so left, and the effects of it will not, ||cises of the Sabbath. Some, doubtless, probably, be counteracted for many years || able impression, that they cannot be edified

stay away under the not very unwarrant.

there. But others do it, because the Houses of Worship.

house is out of the way, and the seats bad. One obstacle to the success of your missionaries in this county, is the want of suitable houses for religious worship. When the people are not "church going,"

From Rev. J. U. Parsons. every possible accommodation should be furnished to increase the inducements for two thirds of the quarter, I was confined

You are already aware, that, during attendance upon preaching. Were our

away from my appointed field, But, circumstances bettered in this respect,had we a convenient and commodious furnish me with as much work as I could

during this time, the Lord was pleased to building in which to meet, our congrega- find opportunity to do. As often as I tion would, doubtless, be doubled at once. I could steal a moment from the couch of The erection of meeting houses has gene. | my languishing companion,* it was spent rally been deemed unworthy the attention in calling upon those families, where I of the benevolent at the east ; but it should hoped sinners were seeking, or might be not be so. I doubt whether a more judi-induced to seek the salvation of their cious appropriation could be made of a souls. Often, too, the tedious hours of part of those charities which are constant. confinement were alleviated by the visits ly flowing into the treasury of the Lord. of those, whose anxious eye, and hesitating Å few only of the inhabitants of this por-, aspect, indicated the desire—"sir, we tion of the western country are able to would see Jesus.” I have little doubt, contribute much towards building meeting this interest might have been extended; houses; and the number is still smaller, but the church, generally, would not be who are both able and willing to do any persuaded to awake, and the increasing thing. If we wait for them to perform | illness of my wife confined me almost the work, it will not, for a long time, be | altogether at home. From thirty to forty done. And then, people moving in from expressed so much interest in regard to abroad, if they find not comfortable ac.

their souls as to attend anxious meetings commodations in the houses of worship, I at different times. A few in the bloom will, probably, in the majority of cases, pass their Sabbaths in hanging about public houses, or in ranging the woods * Svo account of the decease of Mrs. Parsons, and prairies in pursuit of game. It is true in the present number of the Pastor's Journal.


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of life began to give pleasing evidence || a place which demands the attention of that they had found the Saviour, when your committee. There are but few Pres. the providence of God opened the door for byterians, but several who favour the my departure. How many of them 1 || Presbyterian interest. It will ultimately shall meet in heaven, God only knows ; || be a place of considerable importance, but my aim was, to clear my skirts of especially as, since the passage of the their blood. In connexion with these la. " Wabash and Erie canal bill,” all the bours, I commenced visiting every member places on this river as well as on the of the church in conjunction with the Wabash, and the whole line of canal, will pastor, to inquire particularly into their assume a much higher importance than system of parental instruction, and sug- || heretofore. The whole country from Fort gest any improvements which occurred | Meigs to Fort Wayne, if we except the to us. We recommended to mothers the foreign missionary establishment among practice of praying with their children, the Ottawas, is destitute of Presbyterian one at a time, daily, or as often as they | influence. There is, however, occasion. could find opportunity. We found but ally, preaching, by Methodist ministers. one mother who had been in this practice ; Education is almost entirely neglected. and when asked if she found it beneficial A missionary, stationed at Fort Defiance, to her own soul, she replied—“indeed, I might build up a church there, and extend do :-I don't know how I could live a day | his influence up and down the river. This without it.” It is well nighi superfluous place is forty or fifty miles from Fort to add, her little ones show the influence Wayne. of this course.

The eldest, a little girl, From Fort Wayne we found the jouris quite serious.

ney attended with much difficulty, on The last month I have spent in visiting | account of the lateness of the season, and different neighbourhoods within the limits the fact, that the country is extremely assigned me, and some places in Salem | new. We were obliged to travel to the Presbytery, in order to compare the rela. | fork of the Wabash, a distance of thirty tive destitution. Within twenty-five days miles, in an ox-wagon, through an entire I have preached twenty-four sermons, wilderness. From thence we proceeded visited and addressed five Sabbath Schools, on the river by perogues, or canoes, to and made arrangements to organize ano- | Logansport, fisty miles, where the winter, ther; held the monthly concert of prayer, // in its strongest severity, set in upon us. made several exhortations, and preached The same night we arrived in Logansport, the gospel to about one hundred, indivi.the ground was covered with snow, and dually. During the whole quarter, I have the river frozen. Here I met Brother addressed seventy-five meetings, preached Carnahan, who had come hither to assist and expounded thirty-nine times, anu | Brother Post in a communion season. endeavoured to labour in private, and I left my wife at Logansport, and prostudy as I had opportunity. My circum- ceeded, in company with Brother Carna. stances have been such as to preclude all han, to Lafayette. We visited Clinton plan and system, and, of course, the fruits county first. - This is a new county, a of my labours have been comparatively little back from the river, and contains small.

fifteen hundred inhabitants--is fast set. tling. The little church at Frankford were

anxious to obtain a minister. I afterwards Prom Rev. E. O. Hovey, Fountain Co., Ind.visited this county, and when we had

ascertained the state of things here, it was I arrived at Fort Wayne on the 19th of decided, that this county had the strongest November, having been delayed more claim on my labours: I consequently de. than a week in waiting a conveyance upcided to locate here for the present year. to the Maumee river. The country upon I have nothing of cheering success to this river is but thinly settled. In the report, except that there is a disposition distance of one hundred and fifty miles, on the part of the people to listen to the there are, on both sides of the river, two Gospel, and to give attention to instruction hundred families, including the towns of in the Scriptures. I have organized two Perrysburg, Maumce, and Fort Defiance. Bible Classes, one in the Coal Creek conAt the latter place there is something of gregation of forty-five members, and one a settlement. The people, when I passed in Covington of thirty-six. Our Sabbath there, were desirous of obtaining a Pres-Schools have not yet been organized for byterian missionary. From what I could the scason. We hope to have two, or learn, I should judge Fort Defiance to be I reside within the limits of the Vol. V.



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