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though items of interest and importance whose leaves are, even now, for the healto be embraced in an Annual Report, com. ing of the nations. pose but a small part of the material of But these results of the Society's expenour rejoicing and encouragement at this ditures, it may be said, are only prepara. anniversary. The Committee are aware, tions for doing good; they exhibit no souls that the friends of this Society desire converted, no sinners saved ; and this is an most of all, to be told of results accom. age of the world, when, if the churches plished by their contributions, and of good give, and Christians pray, and ministers effected in answer to their prayers. In labour, they look for the grace of God answering this desire, it is impossible to which bringeth salvation. To attain this speak with entire accuracy. If we had result, to secure the salvation of the intime to communicate all that has come to creasing millions of this land, and through our knowledge, of the blessing of God them to act upon the destinies of man uni. upon the labours of 509 ministers of Jesus | versally, is the grand purpose, and the sin. Christ, in 745 congregations, and other gle ultimate aim of this Society, and of the fields, we should even then have occasion kindred institutions in harmony with which to pause, and exclaim “Lo! these are it labours; and it is with devout gratitude parts of his ways!" But the length, and to God, that the Committee report a inore the breadth, and the height, and the depth, || rapid advancement towards this glorious of those eternal results, which are begin. consummation, since the last anniversary, ning to flow from these causes, must still than in any previous year. One hundred remain unfathomed, and unfathomable by and eighty-seven of the churches reported finite minds.

have been blessed with special revivals of The number of Sabbath Schools actual. religion, which have resulted in the hope. ly reported, has been 544, embracing ful conversion of more than 8,000 souls. 19,690 scholars. The whole number of The whole number of conversions report. children and adults thus instructed, under ed, under the ministry of our missionaries, the care of the inissionaries, has probably is 9,432, of whom 6,126 have been reported exceeded 30,000.

already added to the churches, on profes. Bible Classes, also, have been gathered | sion of their faith. The number reported as in the congregations aided, almost without || added by letter has been 1,364, making the any exception. The number of such class. whole number reported as added to the es reported, has been 239, embracing 3,711 churches aided, during the last year, 7,490. pupils, and more than 7,000 have pro. But these reports have been necessarily bably been thus instructed.

very defective. The probable number add. The cause of temperance has also been ed to the churches aided, since our last promoted by our missionaries, and by anniversary, has been more than 8,000, and most of them, with a degree of zeal and the number of hopeful conversions, under success, which affords the most animating the labours of our missionaries, not less prospect of its entire triumph, on most than 10,000. of the fields occupied by this Society. Such are the results, of a single year of Temperance Societies have been organi- ||this Society's operations, already visible, zed in most of the congregations as upon the cause of salvation. Considered sisted, and 36,402 subscribers to the prin. || alone, and a part from those attendant and ciple of total abstinence from intoxicating consequent blessings, which are more than drinks, have been reported. More than we can number, they are great beyonder60,000 have probably been thus enrolled, || pression. But viewed in connesion with within the field of our labours.

ihe small amount of Christian effort and Benevolent efforts for the circulation of expenditure by which they have been efthe Bible and religious tracts, and in aid | fected, ihey are greater still; and in coinof education for the ministry, and of fo. parison with the results of the labours of reign missions, have been sustained by former years, they afford the most animany of the poor to whom it has been mating proof that this Society, like the the privilege of this Society to minister. righteous, shall hold on its way,” and Thus there have been planted by our mis. Il like him

is that hath clean lands," is sionaries, and are growing up under their destined to “be stronger and stronger. culture, many trees of righteousness, The following is a brief






yr. Fifth

first year Sec. year. Third yr (Fourth year Sixth yr. Receipts.......

$18,130,76 $20,035,78 $26,997,31 $33,929,44 $48,124,73 $49,422,12 Expenditures.

13,984,17 17,819,22 26,814,96 42,429,50 47,247,60) 52,808,39 Number of Missionaries..

169 201

392 463

509 Cong. & Missionary Districts.

244 401
500 577

745 Sabbath Schools reported.


544 Bible Classes reported.....

100 134 2031 200

239 Years of labour performed..

274 294

361 Additions to the Churches rep. Not rep.

1000! 1678 1959

2532 6126 Aux. Societies & Associations Not rep.

1891 2411 2731 385

Not rep.
Not rep:


And this Society has not laboured alonc. the distant ceiling.

As the spectator Other causes have been in operation, in glanced at this immense concourse of connexion with this, to produce still greater human countenances, beaming intelliresults; and other organizations connected gence from thousands of eyes, and rememwith different denominations of Christians bered that three times as many as were there in our land, have put forth their efforts, and present, had, under the blessing of God on "we forbade them” not, because they fol. the Society's labours, been hopefully conlowed not with us." It is ours to rejoice verted the last year, it was impossible not in every effort which tends to salvation to feel the moral majesty of the enterprise, and if by the operation of all these causes, or to refrain from giving thanks to God the American churches have been blessed for his abundant blessing. As soon as the with 2,000 revivals of religion, and 100,000 Report was ended, the feelings of the ausouls converted, within the last year, we dience broke forth in the following highly will rejoice and praise God the more, be appropriate hymn: cause the results of our own efforts, great

Hail to the Lord's anointed ! as they truly are, are rendered compara

Great David's greater Son; tively small, by reason of this accumulation

Hail, in the time appointed, of blessing and of glory which excelleth.

His reign on earth begun! One hundred thousand souls is nearly one

He comes to break oppression, third part of the whole increase of our po

To set the captive free ; pulation, in the same time, and probably

To take away transgression, more than one half of the annual increase

And rule in equity. of adults in the United States. What an influence is thus provided, to act on the

He shall come down like showers other half, and to gather the children and

Upon the fruitful earth, youth of the land into Sabbath schools

And love and joy, like flowers, and Bible classes ; and thus train them up to know and fear the Lord! How many of

Spring in his path to birth :

Before him, on the mountains, this hundred thousand may soon become

Shall peace the herald go, heralds of salvation, while each of the

And righteousness in fountains whole number will exert an individual in

From hill to valley flow. fluence to convert others. And if God works by means, he will bless each of these

For Him shall prayer unceasing, individual influences, and thus the work of

And daily vows ascend; salvation will advance in a geometrical

His kingdom still increasing, ratio, and in less than half a century the

A kingdom without end : people may all become righteous, accord

The tide of time shall never ing to the prediction of the Prophet of Is His covenant remove; rael, * Violence shall no more be heard in

His name shall stand for ever; thy land, wasting nor destruction within

That name to us is-Love. thy borders.”

1. On motion of the Rev. D. L. Carroll, It is supposed that nearly three thousand of Brooklyn, N. Y., seconded by the Rev. persons were present on this occasion. Hugh Barr, of Courtland, Alabama. Looking from the stage, the eye fell upon Resolved, That iho Report he adoptool, and printsuccessivo ranks, rising as they receded,||ed, under the direction of the Executive Committee. until the most remote were seen far under 2. On motion of the Rev. George A.


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Baxter, D. D. Professor in the Union Theol.|| Rev. Samuel Miller, D. D., Theol. Sem.,
Sem., Virginia, seconded by the Rev. Syl Princeton, New Jersey.
vester Eaton, of Buffalo, N. Y.

Hon. David Lawrence Morrill, Concord,

New Hampshire. Resolved, That, in view of the extraordinary in. fluences of the Holy Gbost, manifested especially in Hon. John Murphy, Alabama. the numerous revivals of religion reported, and the Hon. Jonas Platt, New-York. large number of additions to the churches under the Rev. Ebenezer Porter, D.D., Theol. Sem. labours of the Missionaries of this Society, the last year, devout grautude is due to Almighty God. Andover, Massachusetts.

Rev. David Porter, D. D., Catskill, N. Y. 3. On motion of the Rev. W.M. Thom- Rev. Alexander Proudfit, D. D., Saler son, Missionary to Palestine, and a native

New York. of Ohio, seconded by the Rev. Samuel H. Robert Ralston, Esq., Philadelphia. Cox, D. D., of New York,

Rev. James Richards, D, D., Theol. Sen Resolved, That the large pledges of the Executive Auburn, New-York. Committee, in aid of the destitute, for the year to Hon. John Cotton Smith, Sharon, Conn come, meet the approbation of this Society, and demand increased contributivas from the friends of Rev. Nathaniel W. Taylor, D. D., The

Prof., New Haven. In support of the foregoing resolutions, Rev. John Thompson, Springdale, Ohio. addresses were made, by the Rev. Mr. Car-Hon. William Wirt, LL. Ď., Baltimore, roll,Dr. Baxter, Mr. Thompson, and Dr.Cox. Maryland. The meeting was also briefly addressed by Rev. Leonard Woods, D. D., Theol. Sem. Mr. L. Tappan, of New York, and the Rev. Andover, Massachusetts. Heman Humphrey, D.D., President of Am. herst College, Massachusetts.

DIRECTORS. The great congregation then united in singing an appropriate hymn, after which Rev. William Allen, D. D., President Bowthe benediction was pronounced by the

doin College, Maine. Rev. J. M. Mathews, D. D., of New-York. // Rev. Joshua Bates, D. D., President Mid

The Society then proceeded to the election dlebury College, Vermont. of officers, for the ensuing year, and una

Rev. Nathan S. S. Beman, Troy, Newnimously made choice of the following,

York. viz :

Rev. Robert H. Bishop, D. D., President PRESIDENT.

Miami University, Ohio.

Rev. Gideon Blackburn, D. D., Versailles, Hon. STEPHEN VAN RENSSELAER, LL.D., Kentucky. Albany.

Thomas Bradford, Jun., Esq., PhiladelVICE-PRESIDENTS.


Hon. Benjamin F. Butler, Albany, NewRev. Archibald Alexander, D. D., Prof. York. Theol. Sem., Princeton, N. J.

Oliver D. Cooke, Esq., Hartford ConnecRev. George A. Baxter, D. D., Prof. Theol. ticut. Sem., Prince Edward Co., Va.

Rew James Carnahan, D. D., President Rev. Lyman Beecher, D. D., Prof. elect, Princeton College, New-Jersey. Theol. Sem., Cincinnati, Ohio.

Rev. John H. Church, D. D., Pelham, Rev. Calvin Chapin, D. D., Rocky Hill, New Hampshire. Connecticut.

Rev. Charles Coffin, D. D., President of Rev. Thomas Cleland, D. D., Harrods College, Tennessee. burgh, Kentucky.

Roswell L. Colt, Esq., Baltimore, MaryRev. John Codman, D. D., Dorchestor, land. Massachusetts.

Rev. C. C. Cuyler, D.D., Pougbkeepsie, Hon. Theodore Frelinghuysen, Newark, New-York. N. J.

Rev. Henry Davis, D. D., President HaRev. Francis Herron, D. D., Pittsburgh, milton College, New-York. Pennsylvania.

Rev. Jeremiah Day, President Yale Col. Rev.James Hoge, D. D., Columbus, Ohio. lege, Connecticut. Hon. Samuel M. Hopkins, Albany, N. Y. Rev. William R. De Witt, Harrisburgh, Hon. N. W. Howell, LL.D., Canandaigua, Pennsylvania. New-York.

Rev. Henry Dwight, Geneva, New York. Hon. Samuel Hubbard, Boston, Mass. Rev. Justin Edwards, D. D., Boston Mas. Hon. Charles Marsh, Woodstock, Vermont. sachusetts. Rev. E. W. Gilbert, Wilmington, Dela- Rev. Ezra Fisk, D. D., Goshen, Orange

County, New-York.



Rev. E. W. Gilbert, Wilmington, Dela-|| CORRESPONDING SECRETARY.

Rev. Eliphalet Gillet, D. D., Hallowell, RECORDING SECRETARY.

Rev. Samuel L. Graham, North Carolina.
Rev. E. D. Griffin, D. D., President Wil EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE.
liams College, Massachusetts.

Mr. John D. Keese, Chairman.
Rev. Joel Hawes, D. D., Hartford Con-

Rev. James M. Matthews, D. D. necticut.

Rev. Benjamin H. Rice.
Rev. Asa Hillyer, D. D., Orange, New-

Rev. Elihu W. Baldwin.

Rev. William Patton.
Rev. Heman Humphrey, D. D., President

Rev. Cyrus Mason.
Amherst College, Massachusetts.

Mr. Eleazar Lord.
Rev. Gilbert R. Livingston, D. D., Phila-

Mr. John Nitchie. delphia.

Mr. William M. Halsted. Rev. Nathan Lord, D. D., President Dart

Mr. Jasper Corning.
mouth College, New Hampshire.
Rev. Thomas MacAuley, D. D. LL. D.,

Rer. John M.Dowell, D. D., Elizabeth-|| Mr. Knowles Taylor, Treasurer.
town, New-Jersey.

Rev. Absalom Peters, Corresponding Se-
Rev. William A. M ́Dowell, D. D., cretary.
Charleston, South Carolina.

Mr. Abijah Fisher, Recording Secretary. Rev. William M.Murray, D. D., New York. Rev. David Nelson, Palmyra, Missouri, ASSISTANT SECRETARY AND ASRev. Eliphalet Nott, D. D., President SISTANT TREASURER. Union College, New-York.

Rev. B. M. Palmer, D. D., Charleston,

South Carolina.
Hon. Roger M. Sherman, Fairfield, Con-

Rev. 'Thomas H. Skinner, D. D., Philadel-

Gerrit Smith, Esq., Peterborough, New.

From the Rev. Geo. C. Wood. 5 Rev. Conrad Speece, D. D., Staunton, During the two first months of the last Virginia.

quarter, I preached as before reported, con- Rev. Benjamin Tappan, D. D., Augusta, | fining my labours to Saint Charles, and its Maine.

vicinity. Our meetings were always well John Tappan, Esq., Boston.

attended, but no special interest appeared John Tillson, Esq., Hillsborough, Illinois. to be manifested at that time. Brs. DouPev. Mark Tucker, D. D., Troy, New-glass and Potts visited us from the revival

in Saint Louis, and we had a four days' - Rev. Bennet Tyler, D. D., Portland, | meeting. The Lord appeared to bless

the means that were used, for it was soon Rev. Jacob Van Vechten, Schenectady, | manifest that his Spirit was here. Christ

ians began to feel that it was “high time to S. V. S. Wilder, Esq., Brooklyn, New-lawake out of sleep," and in proportion as

they came up to the help of the Lord, in Rer

. Robert G. Wilson, D. D., President the same proportion were sinners awakOhio University, Athens, Ohio.

ened. Since that time God has been with Rev. B. B. Wisner, D, D., Boston.

us, and has magnified the riches of his Res

. Andrew Wylie, D. 'D., President of grace, in the conversion of his enemies. College, Bloomington, Indiana.

Meetings have been attended almost every Res

. John C. Young, President of Centre day or night, in some parts of the congre= College, Kentucky.

gation; thirty-five have nnited with the

church ; a number of others hope in Christ, TREASURER. and many are beginning to say,

" What Mr. KNOWLES TAYLOR. shall I do be saved?"Last Sabbath night

between forty and fifty occupied the anxAUDITOR.

ious seats, while the members of the church Mr. ARTHUR TAPPAN.

retired to another room for prayer. The Vol. V.






good work is still advancing. At no pe

Appeal for Labourers. riod has the aspect of things been more en The St. Charles Pres. was constituted couraging than at present. Among the last Oct., and organized the 4th of April. subjects of this work, there are but few of It extends from the Missouri to the River an advanced age. It is principally con. Les Moines, and from the Mississippi to fined to the young, the lambs of the flock. || the east of Callaway, Randolph, and Ralls

A good proportion are young men; one | counties, and covers an area of at least of these has already commenced his studies | 7500 square miles, and embraces 11 churchwith a view to the Gospel ministry, and es and 5 ministers, one of whom is acting we hope others will follow the example. as an agent for the State Bible Society, If the spiritual wants of this great valley which demands all his time. I am the are supplied, it must be done by raising up only Presbyterian roinister in this county, help here; for although many yearly lend and several of the counties above me are a helping hand, yet their number does not || without any. My nearest Brother on the keep pace with the increasing wants of west is 80 miles distant. And north, with the population. Here every accession to one exception, there is not a Presbyterian the heralds of the Cross-every Gospel | minister for more than a hundred miles; sermon, only makes the cry for help more and within these bounds there are four imperious and affecting.

churches destitute.

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Appointments by the Executive Committee of the A. H. M. S., from April

15th to May 15th, 1832. Re-Appointments,

Rev. Luther Clarke, Otselic and Plymouth, N. Y.

Rev. Seth Williston, Greene Co., N. Y.
Rev. Dewey Whitney, Mount Sterling, &c., Ky.
Rev. A. T. Rankin, Felicity and Ebenezer Chs., o.

Rev. A. G. Duncan, Jackson and Brooks, Me ,
Rev. D. C. Allen, London, Madison Co., 0.
Rev. H. 0. Higley, Hartford, Licking Co., 0.

Nero Appointments.
Rev. Asa Brooks, Clarksburg, Va.
Rev. Jno. Thalimer, Henrietta, N. Y.

Rev. L. Blodget, Hoosick, N. Y.
Rev. Wm J. Willcox, Rutledge, N. Y.

Rev. L. B. Van Dyck, Hillsdale, N. Y. Rev. J. M. Babbitt, Liberty, N. Y.

Rev. Jno. B. Kendall, Easton, N. Y. Rev C. L. Watson, Illinois.

Rev. James M'Aboy, Amestown and Canaan, O.' Rev. Chester Chapin, Russell and Newbury, O. Rev. Ethan Pratt, Horse Heads, Tioga Co., N. Y. Rev. J. B. Wilson, Thompson and Le Roy, 0. Rev. N. Patterson, Southwark, Phil. Rev. X. Betts, Clarksfield and Wakeman, 0. Rev. W. H. Beecher, 6 mos. in Newport, R. I. (aid Rev. Joseph Stevenson, Bellefontaine and Cherokee furnished by the Mass. Miss. Soc) Chs., o.

Rev. D. Remington, Rye and Sawpits, N. Y. Rev. J. A. Carnahan, La Fayette, Ind.

Rev. E. Curtis, to go to Ohio.

The Treasurer of the American Home Missionary Society acknowledges the

receipt of the following sums, from April 15th to May 15th, 1832.

300 00

Received previous to the Anniversary, May 9th. Baltimore, Md. A.B. 1st Ch., 50; G.B. do., 20,

70 00 Bennington, Vt., Fem. Home Miss. Soc., per Mrs. B. Squire,

3 00

5 00 Boston, Mass., W.C. Woodbridge, Bristol, Ct., from B. Ely and A. Wilcox,

executors of the estate of Thames Will

cox, deceased, in part of his legacy, Brooklyn, N. Y., 1st ch., per D. Wesson, Treas., particulars not given,

329 37 Brunswiek, Mon. Con. coll., to const. Rev.

Leonard Jobnson, Life Member, bal., 27 83
Caldwell, N. J., C. S. Crane,

8 00
Carbondale, Pa., Aux., perRev. J.H. Noble, 43 83
Carlisle, Pa, Presb. ch., Mon. Con. coll., per
Rev. G. Duffield,

50 00
Champlain, N. Y., Benev. Soc., per Rev. E.
D. Kinney,

10 00 Charlestown, Mass., 1st cong. Soc. (for the

support of the Ministry in Carrollton, III., per M. Skelton, Tr., through Mass. Miss. Soc.)

160 21 Chatham, N. Y., Polly Cadøy, 3; contr. 7, per Rov. M. Raymond,

10 00 Connecticut Mirs. Soc.,

3792 47

Dumbarton, N. H., Mon. Con.coll., Rer. J.

M. Putnam's ch., 32 64 Mary Louisa
Cavis, Life Member, from her father, 30;
Deac. Isaac Long, 10,

72 64 Enfield, Mass., through Hamp. Miss. Soc.,

per E. Williams, Treas., in aid of the support of Rev. T. A. Spilman,

150 00 Fayette, Ind., Rev. J. A. Carnahan,

Grafton, Vt., Cong. Soc., Mon. Con. coll.,
per J. D. Butler,

18 00
Hadley, Mass., Fem. H. M. Soc., per Mrs.
P. Smith, Treas.,

54 00 Hampden, ('t., Mount Carmel Soc., Miss It.

Bishop, to const. her pastor Rev. S. Hub-
bell, Life Member,

30 00
Henniker, N. H., Joshua Darling, Esq., Lise

30 00 Homer, N. Y., Fem. M. S., per Rev. W. Page,

26 00 Honesdale, Pa., Mon. Con coll., 10; Aux. 6 ; Mrs. W., 3; per Rev. J. Campbell

19 00 Huntsville, Al., Mon. Con. coll., per W, Potter,

30 (0 Indiana Mişg. Soc.,

131 50
Keene, N. Y., Aur., por Rev. Ira Manley, 16 06
Kensington, Pa., 1st Cong. Assoc., per í
M'Katin, Treas.

20 00

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