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Babbath. It always exhausts my strength, | want of suitable teachers. There are two and on one occasion, I was compelled to great evils in this town, a church in a sit down, before I had finished my second lapsed state, and a general use of ardent discourse. Our meeting house will soon | spirits, either in moderate or immoderate be rebuilt. There have been no additions quantities. I long to see these evils reto our numbers, since I wrote last. It moved. A goodly number attend on the has, some how or other, become custo- | preaching of the word. mary in this country, for persons to apply for church privileges only on commu. nion occasions, and as we have had no From Rev. S. Bissell, Twinsburg. suitable place for it, the Lord's supper

A FOUR DAYS' MEETING. has not been administered here, during the last three months. I have reason to

Last week on Friday, a * four days' believe, that several are waiting, for what meeting”, commenced in the adjoining is here considered a suitable occasion, to

town of Hudson. I was there from the come out openly as the disciples of Jesus. // beginning to the end, and such a meeting

I never before attended. The Lord was Tract and Bible Cause.

there of a truth. Every one felt con. We have lately renewed our efforts in scious of this. At the beginning of the the tract cause, and hope to give a tract meeting, there was no unusual attention once a month, to every family in our

to religion. The faith of some few grasptownship.

Every destitute family has ed at great things, but that of the many already been supplied with a bible. Our was weak. The first day of the meeting bible class is still continued. We meet on began to exhibit signs of interest ; more Saturday evening, and examine the pass

than twenty impenitent sinners desired age, which the 8. S. scholars are expect. || the prayers of God's people. In the after. ed to recite on Sabbath. The temperance noon of the second day, some hundred or cause is still gaining ground, though not

more were in the same condition, while without opposition. On the whole, when there were a few instances of hopeful con. we view the prospects of the advancement version. On the Sabbath, the congrega. of the Redeemer's kingdom among us, we

tion was very large and solemn. În the feel constrained to thank God and take afternoon, when the proposition was made courage. It is true, we meet with dis- to the great congregation of impenitent couragements and difficulties, but he that sinners, (for the large Presbyterian meet. is in the midst of us is mighty. His ing-house, was literally crowded with such, strength is perfected in our weakness. while Christians were met in the Metho. And although the torrent of vice and im-dist meeting house,) if they wished to morality is as deep and as vehement here, I choose the Lord that day, to signify it. as in any other part of our land, we are

Some hundreds arose, as the expression of still encouraged to hold up the cross of such a wish. During the day and even. Christ, as the only barrier which can

ing, several submitted to Christ. On check its desolating career.

Monday, the 4th day of the meeting, the anxiety of sinners deepened, and it was most manifest, that the meeting must be protracted, at least, another day. The

decision was made by the assombly, that There was a subscription paper drawn, they all wished its coutinuance. On the to be circulated for the support of preach-fifth day, the interest was greater than ing, and so far as I could learn, would on any previous one. The deeply anxious have been well filled, for that place, had were multiplied, while many surrendered it not been for the disunion of the church. I to Christ. At the close of this day, it I know of none that were opposed, except was determined by the meeting, that the two brethren, who were advocates for close pentecost should still be protracted. On communion, and knew that I had practised Wednesday, the last day of the meeting, differently. A time was fixed for the re- the assembly was enlarged, and more soorganization of the Sabbath school ; be- || lemn, than on any preceding day. Near tween 40 and 50 children came with their the close of the meeting, those that were lessons, but found none prepared to hear indulging hopes since meeting began, were them. With great exertion, I prevailed requested to occupy the side pews of the upon a fow to engage as teachers, but house, while the deeply anxious filled the there is danger of the school's failing, for body seats. Not loss than 200 were found Vol. IV.





among the hoping, and these of all cha. 1 port the stated ministrations of the word racters. The lawyer, the physician, the among them. There is no special serious. scholar, the merchant, &c., but most ofness here; still, two or three recently hope them in the morning of life.

they have passed from death unto life. Many interesting facts might be stated, One family altar has been erected of late. had I time and room, but must hasten to I have found one young man of promise make my report for the last quarter. and hopeful piety, who has commenced Numbers of my people were at the meet- his studies preparatory to entering college, ing, and several we trust have become new with a view to the ministry. creatures, while others are still anxious At — the aspect of things is encouragefor their souls. Last evening we had ouring. The church has for years been in first, and a most interesting meeting. la most lamentable

Brotherly Several were found in tears, while some love had almost ceased ; meetings for hoped they had submitted to Christ. I prayer were neglected, and jealousies and trust that a great blessing is in store coldness, if not hardness, abounded. Two for this people ; time must decide. weeks ago, it was expected the sacrament

Our Sabbath school is flourishing. I of the Lord's supper would be administer. have a bible class of more than 20 members, ed. A lecture preparatory was appointed. most interesting.

But at that meeting the impression was so deeply fastened on my mind, that the church were not prepared for that solemn

season, From Rev. L. Shaw, Romeo, Macomb Co., | postpone the sacrament for two weeks.

I told them, perhaps, we had better Mich. Ter.

I stated my reasons for thinking so. Some Since my last report a religious society of the members appeared deeply affected. has been formed, and measures taken to Last Sabbath was an interesting day. support the gospel, in part, at least.

The members of the church appeared A site has been selected for a meeting. humble, penitent and tender.

One was house and a grave yard, and it is now in admitted to the communion of the church contemplation to build next season. Our by profession. There is a better state of school-house is filled to overflowing on the things in that church, than perhaps there Sabbath. Some go away because they ever was before. Family religion has cannot be accommodated, or rather be been revived ; in families where worship cause they cannot get in.

was attended but once a day, now morn

ing and evening prayers ascend to the Character and prospects of the country. father of mercies. Meetings for prayer are

This is, on the whole, the most moral, | better attended, and a deeper interest felt industrious, and hospitable settlement I on the subject of religion generally. S. have found in the territory. It is far more schools and bible classes, at both places, promising than some of the older places. are in successful operation. Temperance, industry, and sound morals, A “conference of the churches" has prevail generally. In some of the older been recently established in this vicinity. settlements, intemperance, profaneness, | We have had but one. It was a season of and Sabbath-breaking, are crying sins.- deep interest. Members of differentdeno. This section of country possesses some minations of Christians attended, and many superior advantages. The soil is rich and of them resolved to spend a few minutes deep; the country is well watered, and every day, between sun-set and dark, to there is timber sufficient for the purpose of pray for the prosperity of religion the building and fences. It is very healthy. || territory, and also for ministers of the I never lived so long in a place, contain- l gospel, that they may feel the awful reing so many inhabitants, where there was sponsibility of their office, and the worth so little sickness. The tide of emigration of souls. It was also resolved, to establish is rolling on north and east of us. One weekly meetings for prayer in the respechundred lots, I am told, have already this tive neighbourhoods, and to make efforts spring been taken up on one road east. to render them profitable.

The prospect, in this place, for good in. stitutions, is promising. A good degree of harmony prevails, and unless division From Rev. Stephen A. Loper, Hampden, M. should occur, we may hope that, in the course of twelve or eightoen months, this In my last report, I intimated that our people can and will, of themselves, sup- I religious prospects were beginning to




brighten, and expressed the hope, that| mission to God before that meeting closed. God was about to visit us with the saving Others have dated the first surrender of influences of his Holy Spirit. This hope, i themselves to God, on that day. am happy to say, has been partially realized. From that day to the present time, the Soon after the date of my last, we establish. || work has been going on. I cannot give an ed morning prayer.meetings which have exact account of the number of converts. been generally well sustained. The as. There are about fifty in the district of sembling of Christians for prayer in the Arcade, who have recently expressed morning, at sun-rise, being a novel thing, hope, and most of the remainder of the excited much attention among the people inhabitants, over 10 years old, are anxious. around

us, and led many to inquire, | The work is also going on in the region “What meaneth this ?" Some of these around, in China, Freedom, and Yorkseasons of prayer have been peculiarly so- || shire; and has commenced in Sardinia. lern and deeply interesting, and most Most of the Sabbath school teachers, evidently have been attended with the who were not professors, have become blessing of God. These meetings are hopefully pious :-likewise a number of held in a private house, and that house, Is the scholars. The revival appears to like the house of Obed-Edom, where the have swept away hard feelings, and ark of God rested, has received a rich bless-produced brotherly love. Backsliders ing from the Lord.

have been reclaimed, and in some in. For some weeks past, I have held meet-stances, old hopes given up, and new ings for religious inquiry, which are at. ones entertained. The proud are humtended by a small number; and some bled, and the worldly-minded have be. others, who have not attended, have been,came devoted to God. The work has and still are, more or less seriously im- every appearance of being deep and pressed. A few interesting cases of hope. powerful. ful conversion have occurred; and, al. though some unfavourable symptoms have recently appeared, I cannot but cherish | From Rev. W. Williams, Victory, N. Y. the hope, that God is about to make more signal and glorious displays of his saving power, in the midst of this people, than When we attempted the formation of we have ever yet witnessed.

a temperate society, we hoped it was the Gratitude expressed.

beginning of better times. The progress

of the society, notwithstanding the opIn the name and behalf of the church position, and the impulse which was and people to whom I minister, I thank given to it at the commencement of the the "American Home Missionary So- present year, encouraged the hope, that ciety," for the assistance which it has Jehovah had further good in store for this liberally granted us for the last two years; place; and we have not been hoping in and we do humbly trust, it will finally ap- vain. The spirit of the Lord has been pear, that the funds appropriated to this poured out here, and we trust there are purpose, were far from being Jost. more than twenty hopeful converts to

And permit us to express our deep soli- || Christ Jesus our Lord, beside a number citude for the prosperity of a society, whose old hopes have been revived. There which has already accomplished so much is some of the best feeling, in some of good, and which, we believe, is destined the members of this church, also in the to confer the most valuable and lasting || Baptist church. I think I never witnessblessings upon our country.

ed more of a spirit of prayer, than has been manifest in some instances. There has been some cases of the most pungent

conviction, and in some instances, the From Rev. E. Ingalls, Arcade, N. Y.

clearest discoveries of the depravity of the human heart, and of the matchless

grace and goodness of God, in the reno. About the first of March, the church vation of the heart. held a fast. Christians felt for sinners, The work, we trust, is not at an end. and we have reason to believe, that some Feeling is rising in our church; faith is of us had more than ordinary faith. The strengthening ; hopes are reviving; and we assembly was solemn, and the Lord was look for a more powerful manifestation of evidently with us. One expressed sub-divine goodness, than has yet been realized.



Appointments of the Executive Committee of the A. H. M, S. from June 15th, lo

July 15th, 1831.

Missonaries re-appointed.

Rev. A. Caldwell, Hunt's Hollow, Allegbany Co.,

N. Y.
Rov. J. B. Plumstead, Pleasant Plains, Dutchess
Co., N. Y.

Rev. Richard Dunning, North Penfield, Monroe Co.,

Rev. Ferris Fitch, Belfast, Maivo.
Rev. L. Brewster, De Kaib and Russell, St. Law-

Rev. Edmund Ingalls, South China and Freedom,

NY. rence Co., N. Y.

Rev. Thos. R. Durfee, - Miesouri.
Rev. A. Taylor, West Stockholm and Pierpont, Do.
Rev. Geo. Freeman, Shenandoah, Oneida, Castleton,

Rev. D. Starrett, Litchfield, Maine. and Wamps ville, N. Y.

Missionaries not in Commission last year. Rev. W. Goodell, Russia, Herkimer Co., N. Y. Rev. Reuel Kimball, West Leyden and Branting. Rev. Solomon J. Tracy, West Nassau, N. Y. ham, Lewis Co., N. Y.

Rev. Nath. Latham, Georgetown, Madison Co., N.Y. Rev. Lucius Foote, io labour a part of the time, in Rev. A. Wilson, Spring Grove, Granville Co., N.C.

destitute places, under direction of the Central Rev. Edward Evans, Davenpori, Delaware Co., N.Y. Agency, N. Y.

Rev. John F. Brooks, to go to Illinois. Rev. Moses Raymond, Chatham, Columbia Co., / Rev. S. Taylor, Stoner Mouth Ch (Ruddell's N. Y.

Mills,) ky. Rev. Moses Parmele, Chateaugay, N. Y.

Rev. Hiram Smith, Collins, Erie Co., N. Y. Rev. N. M. Urmston, Millersburg, Bourbon Co., Ky. Rev. 11. A. Rowland. [This is an appropriation of RE G. K. Clark, Spencer, Tioga Co., N. Y.

$300, in aid of the Presb. congregation is FayRev. Wm. J. Wilcox, Springville, Erie Co., N Y. etteville, N. C. recently deprived, by the confla

(one third of the time in Cutnraugus Co, N. Y.] gration there, of the means of supporting the Rev. D. D.Gregory, Fredonia, Chautauque Co., N.Y. gospel, as well as of their house of worship.)

The Treasurer of the American Home Missionary Society acknowledges the Receipt

of the following sums, from June 15th to July 15th, 1831,

20 00 5 00

4 00 300

176 83

30 00

Baldwinsville, N. Y., Dr. C. Baldwin,
Bristol, Ct. Estate of T. Wilcux, deceased,

per R. Ely to const. Rev. A. J. Leaven-
worth of Bristol, and Rev. J. Buit of

Canton, life meinbers,
Brooklyn, N. Y. Fem. Niss. Soc. of lat

Presb. ch. per Miss Van Sinderen,
Conway, Mass., Elijah Nash, per D. Crosby,
Cornish, N. H. Mre. Dorothy Stone,
East Haven, Ct. Cong. ch. 19 47; Cong.

Soc. 12 69, per C. J. Salter,
Hartford, N. Y. Aux. per J. L. Harris,
Jamaica, L. I. a Lady,
Keene, N. H. Mon. Con. coll. per A Kings-

Lisbon, Ct. Mon. Con. coll. to const. Rev.

Barnabas Phinney, Life Member, per

D. J. Cutler,
Miller's Place, L. 1. Fcm Cont. Soc.
New Haven, Cl. avails of old silver per C.

J. Salter,
New-York, Bowery assoc. D. M'Arthur,
Do. Brick ch. assoc. H. Holden,
Do. Central, assoc. John North,
Do. Laight-st. ch. coll. from male members,

per G. Zabriskie,
Do. Rutgers-st. ch. Mon. con. coll, per S.


1 001 Do. Misses Mary and Hannah L. Murray,

avails of fancy articles,
Do. Friend of Missions,

Do. Mrs. Fink and L. Jackson per Mr.
CO 00 Zabriskie,

Do W. W. Jackson,
50 00 North Haven, Ct. Mite Soc.,6 46; a Lady,
10 00 1, per C. J. Salter,
2 00|| Philadelphia, Home Mirs. Assoc. 3th

Presb. ch. per G. W. M'Clelland,
32 10 Reading, Pa. Wu. Darling, Esq., Life
11 C

10 00 Renssela.rville, N. Y. Young Men's M. S.

per Rev. M. Smith,
7 19 || Riceborough, Ga. Mrs. Jane Dunwoody.

Skanenteles, N. Y. Rev. S W. Brace,

South Hero and Grand Isle, Vt. coll. per A.
30 00 Hall,
14 00 South Williamstown, Mass. Fem. char. soc.

per Miss. Melisse Rossiter, Tr.
19 Stonington, Ct. Dr. G. E. Palmer, Life
25 OG Member,
20 00|| Wappinger's Creek, N. Y. cong. in part to
50 00

oonst. Rev. E. Price, Lise Director,
Home Missionary,
5 72

25 00

5 00 10 00

8 20

5 00

30 00

15 00 142 72

$249 69

34 22

K. TAYLOR, Treasurer.






tance with God. This was a trying EVERY one, who has read the lives providence. She felt that submission of Brainard and Edwards, cannot but would have been much easier, if her feel a deep interest in the history of|| husband had given evidence of piety. the Stockbridge Indians.

But as it was, she did not murmur. One of this tribe, a woman, together She went forward with a steadfast with her family, now reside in one of mind, to the responsibilities which were the counties of New York, which some

now to devolve on her. By her inof her nation have occupied from time dustry, frugality, and perseverance, immemorial About a year since, she has been enabled to provide for Rachel, for that is her name, was led herself and her children." She feels to attend religious meetings in her very thankful to God, that he so orneighbourhood, where there was some- dained in his providence, that she has thing of a revival. Divine truth, ac- been detained in this country, where companied by the Holy Spirit, found she has found the Saviour, wbile her its way to her heart.' By comparing father and other friends, (having emiher feelings and conduct with the law grated to Green Bay,) are removed of God, she saw that she had sinned ; || almost beyond the reach of revival inshe felt that she had nothing to recom

fluences. mend her to God. Her heart was She attends to the instruction of her penetrated with remorse, in view of children, and daily reads to them the her past life. Wherever she turned, || word of God, and prays with them at all was darkness and sorrow. Days the family altar. She makes conof anxiety, and nights of tears passed, || science of faithfully discharging every and her soul found no rest. The great known duty. When in the house of inquiry was, “What shall I do to be God, she is not a forgetful hearer of saved?" Frequently did she ask the the word. Sometimes she can repeat prayers of God's people. She was verbatim, very much of the practical ready to give up all for lost. After parts of the sermon.

When things some days of anguish and wo, and are said in a discourse, which reprove after despairing of help from any other her conduct, she remembers them, not quarter, she cast herself at the foot of to find fault with the preacher, but to the cross, crying,

let them have an influence on her “Here, Lord, I give myself away,

future life. If through ignorance or 'Tis all that I can do."

inadvertancy, she has done wrong, she And here she found by joyful expe- || is ready to confess her faults and rerience, that this entire surrender of || form her conduct. herself to God, was all that he required

To illustrate her firmness, in whather to do. Light broke into her mind. ever her conscience tells her is right, Joy swelled her bosom. Thanks. the following incident is related. Some giving to God was the burden of her months since, Rachel united with the song. Jesus now seemed just such a temperance society. A neighbour, who Saviour as she needed; Christians she was not very fond of cold water, told felt to be her best friends, and the || her that if she would take her name bible was her choice treasure.

from the temperance paper, he would Soon after this happy change,build a house near his, which she might Rachel was called to part with her occupy free of charge, as long as she husband, who died depending on his lived. The temptation, though strong morality, and not on Christ, for accep-to a widow with seven little children

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