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der and rejoice. And shall we, who are paratively few of the churches or pastors the subjects of that redemption, at a know. || have been aware of the importance of this ledge of which the angels are made so happy, be indifferent and inactive ? Can

cause, and some time will probably be re. we dwell on a soil, made sacred by the in- | quisite to bring the public mind to give it fluences of the Holy Spirit, and worship | an appropriate place among the efforts in sanctuaries consecrated to God's praise, for the conversion of the world. Brother. and become the recipients of a salvation, || Storrs, we are happy to say, has long pos. the mysteries of which the angels desire to look into, and still need to be urged to

sessed enlarged views and correct feelings do our duty? If so, what must God think in respect to this great work, and from his of us? Can we have any character in interest and experience in relation to it, heaven? Shall we not wake to feeling, || we hope for the happiest effects on the and action, and prayer? Shall we not

favoured churches of New England. The join with angels, with the holy martyrs, and all the redeemed in heaven, in the following extracts are from a letter written interest they feel in furthering the work during a tour of Mr. S. through Hampden of redemption? In no other way can we and Franklin counties. expect to avert the frown of Jehovah,

I have visited nineteen congregations, For it is as true of individuals, as of nations and kingdoms, that will not serve

and preached in them all at least once,

and found in nearly every one of them Christ, that will not employ their influence and use their wealth for the spread of the male and female associations, auxiliary to Gospel, that they must be destroyed. It Missionary Society. Six other congrega

the Hampden Co. Auxiliary Domestic is the revealed will of God, that all be made tions I did not visit, because they were to hear the Gospel. There is not an indi

connected with the Brookfield Association vidual among us, old or young, rich or poor, on whom the command of God does Auxiliary. Every where I was received

with apparent cordiality. not fix an obligation. And it will be de.

Several of the nineteen congregations manded of us at the day of retribution, why we suffered the destitute in our own

are on the list of our feeble churches, and

little can be expected from them; but they land to be lost. When they shall find that

will all contribute their mites, and thus they have perished without the Gospel, and that we possessed it, -that they could | gather strength against future years, when not know its worth, but that we did, and

we shall need their co-operation even more

than now yet never prayed that they might have it, nor sent it to them,--there will open upon

On my way to Franklin Co. I stopped them and us a new scene. They will re.

at Northampton, and consulted with the proach us for ever as far more worthy of Comınittee of the Hampshire Missionary

0:Society as to the measures to be taken in death than they. Shall we not then be spoechless ? Let it then be our earnest

that county for enlarging their funds. I prayer and unceasing effort that God attended a meeting of the Young Men's would appear for Zion in greater power, annual meeting—and was rejoiced to find

Auxiliary Society in the evening their that he would comfort all her waste places, make hier wilderness like Eden, and her

an awakened spirit of zeal for Home Mis

sions. desert like the garden of the Lord, so that joy and gladness may be found therein, loose ends. We have expended bere more

In the county of --, every thing is at thanksgiving, and the voice of melody."

than $1500 within two years, and have

received from the County short of $700; AGENCY IN MASSACHUSETTS.

while $1400 have been raised for Foreign

Missions this very year, and $600 for the Our readers have been apprized of the Bible Soc., and a thousand for the Educaappointment of Rev. R. S. STORRs to a

tion Soc. But in five congregations, they joint agency for the American Home Mis- have consented to form Mission Associa

tions, and probably the same arrangement sionary Society, and the Massachusetts will be formed throughout. How is it, Missionary Society. We are happy to that every man, woman, and child, assent hear, from time to time, that he is prose. to the proposition that Home Missions are cuting the work of arousing the churches of paramount importance, and yet suffer

them to languish beyond any other branch to the claims of Ilome Missions, with a

of the great system? high degree of zeal and success. Com. In regard to the other New England

states, I can only say, that whatever Pro. TEMPERANCE ENCOURAGED. vidence shall call me to do, will be done. A friend of Missions, who feels bound to But there is work enough, and more than make his contributions to this cause subenough, to be done in Massachusetts, for

serve the promotion of temperance, has a year to come, by one man. I have yet made the following pledges to the Americollected scarcely any money, but it is not can Home Missionary Society, which we to be feared that we shall want for money now publish for the information of church. long, if we can get collectors enough in

es aided, or needing aid, from the funds motion throughout the state, and put into of the Society. their hands the “Home Missionary." I

1st. A pledge of confess that my faith and hope gather strength as days roll on. “ Jehovah Jireh" || On condition that it be given in sums not


exceeding twenty-five dollars to churches

that have adopted the temperance princi. AGENCIES IN VERMONT AND NEW HAMPSHIRE ple* in the admission of persons to the We are happy to add to the foregoing communion--such churches being in other

respects within the rules of the Society, in notices, that efficient agents have been secured in both of the above states. Rev., respect to applicant churches.

2d. A further pledge of DANIEL O. Morton, of Shoreham, Vt., has

ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS, accepted and entered upon the fulfilment || To be paid in sums not exceeding twentyof an appointment as joint Agent for the five dollars, to churches that have not only Vermont D. M. S. and the parent Society. || admission of persons to the communion,

adopted the temperance principle in the From the standing of Mr. M., and his ac but have also made the use, traffic, or quaintance with the territory for whose manufacture of ardent spirits by any memspiritual welfare he is to labour, and also ber of the church a subject of discipline, from the characteristic enterprise of Ver.

and wbich church is actually free from all

such members ; such churches being, in mont, we look forward with the hope of other respects, within the rules of the So. seeing domestic missions take a high place || ciety in respect to applicant churches. in the affections and efforts of that state.

In New Hampshire, Rev. Andrew Ran TO AGENTS AND AUXILIARY SOCIETIES. KIN, of Salisbury, has devoted himself with

We would respectfully remind the Auzi. zeal to the work of a joint Agency for the liary Societies, and other patrons of the State Society and the A. H. M. S. There A. H. M. S., as well as all our Agencies, is much I and in that state yet to be pos- that in order include their doings and sessed ; and for want of a man specially | contributions in the next Annual Report, it designated to the work of visiting and is necessary they should be received by us stimulating the feeble and destitute several days previous to the anniversary. churches and neighbourhoods, and pro- || Accordingly, we desire that all Reports of moting arrangements for introducing and Societies, which are now, or may become settling ministers, &c., the work of build. || due, during the current missionary year, ing up the wasto places has hitherto ad. be forwarded as early in April as practica. vanced but slowly. We trust it will now

ble. The accounts of the Treasurer will go forward.

be closed on the first day of May, in order In contemplating these preparations for that sufficient time may be allowed the action, our hearts, which have long mourn.

Auditor to examine the various items and ed over the desolations of Zion in the

vouchers. northern section of the American church,

Auxiliary Societies are particularly re. are revived and stimulated to new efforts. I quested to give us the names of their And we would call upon our brethren in

respective officers. those states, not to sit still, happy under their own vine and fig-tree, while souls im.

* By this is meant, that before being admitted, mortal as their own are lying out in the members shall be required wholly to abstain from darkness, and perishing for lack of vision.

the use, as a drink, of all distilled spirits, and not to VOL. IV.


manufacture or traffic in them.

Appoinlments by the Executive Committee of the 4. H. M. S., from Jan. 15th,

to Feb, 15th, 1832. Missionaries not in commission last year. Rev. John Beach, Ann Arbor, Mich. Ter.

Rev. Geo. Hornell, Oakland Co., Mich. Ter.
Rev. Asa Donaldson, Elkland and Decrfield, Tioga

Rev. Charles G. Clarke, Dexter, Mich. Ter.
Co., N. Y.
Rev. J. F. Bliss, Pultneyville and Ridge, Wayne

Rev. Luther Humphrey, Beardsley's Prairie, Mich.

Ter. Co., N. Y.

Rev. Ahab Jinks, Kingston and Genoa, O. Rev. Silas Pratt, Parma, Monroe Co., N. Y.

Rev. W'm. P. Cochran, Columbia, Mo. Rev. S. Iaight, Pottsville and Port Carbon, Ponn.

Rev. John G. Likens, Tellico Plains, E. Tenn. Rev. Asa Johuson, Mount Pleasant, Hamilton Co., Rev. Michael Bur tett, East Greenwich, R. I. Ohio.

Rev. Milton Kimball, Chester, Meigs Co., O. Rev. Cyrus Nichols, Ralls Co., Mo.

Rev. J. T. Baldwin, Franklinvillo and Ellicottville,


Rev. Lemuel Hall, Hamburg, Erie Co., N. Y.
Rev. Timothy Stillman, Dunkirk, Chatauque Co., Rev. Samuel G. Lowrey, Sand Creck, &c., Decatur
N. Y.

Co., Ind.
Rev. Seth Smalley, Scipio, Cayuga Co., N. Y.
Rev. John A. Murray, 'Brunch church, 11th Ward,

Rev. Enoch Congor, Each ball the time under

the direction of the Horon New-York city.

Rev. E. P. Salmon,

Co. (0.) Miss. Society. Rev. Sylvester Cooke, Brooklyn, Pa.

Kev. Noah Cooke, Plymouth, Richland Co. 0. Rev. Ansel Bridgeman, Farmington and Southfield, Rev. Fields Bradshaw, Mount Meigs, Ala. Mich. Ter.

Rev. P. W. Warriner, Monroe, Mich. Ter.

The Treusurer of the American IIome Missionary Society acknowledges the Receipt

of the following sums, from Jan. 15th to Fei. 15th, 1832.*

50 00

35 92

14 00

5 00

75 00

20 00

5 51

5 00

10 00

36 00

30 00

30 00

Atwater, Ohio, Aux. Soc., per Rev. W.

Boonton, N.J., Mon. Con. Coll., per J. I.

Brooklyn, N. Y., Femalo Miss. Soc., Ist

ch., per Mise Van Siudoren, Brunswich, N. Y., Th. Collo, per Rev. L.

Campton, N. II., Th. Coll., per J. L. Ilale,
Cenie: vile, II., Mon. Con. Coll., per S.

Coal Creek ch., Ind., per Rev. M. M. Post,
Conway, Mass., Josopla Avery Life Mem.

ber, bal.
Cattskili, N. Y., Lad. Sow. Soc., per Rev.

Dr. Porter,
Danbury, Ch, Miss Mary G. Ogden, Life

Goshen, O., Rev. R. Framo, “ Ouift re-

Granby, Mass., west parish, David Smith,

Esq., to const. Rev. Eli Moody Life

Member, per E. Williams,
Granville, N. Y., Rev.J. W'biton, 65; John

Frauks, 5, por II. Ropes,
Greenville, Al., per Rev. F. Bradshaw,
llartford, O., Rev. H. 0. Iligley, his own

Indiana Miss Soc., per Rev. J. II. Johnston,
Jamaica, L. I., Th. Coll., per Rev. E. W.

Mackinaw, Mich., Miss. Soc., (paid last

year,) per Rev. W. Jones,
Madison Co., O., coll. at camp meeting, por

Rev. D. C. Allen,
Middletown, Orange Co., N. Y., Femule

Benev. Soc. 18; Gent. do. 14; to const.

Rev. D. T. Wood Life Member, Morristown, N. J., A Friend 10 Missions, Newark, N.J., Mon. Com. coll. Ist Pres.

ch., per J. Nichols, Tr.
Do. 2d ch., Femalus, per Rev. Mr. Hay, 5,

Mr. Coe, 2,
Do. 31 ci., Mon. Con. Coll., per R. B.

Campfield, 11 42; D.C. Berry, 3; J.C.

30 00

Crane, 050; C. T. Day, 5; G. H.
Beers, 1; Rev. B. Dickinson, 5; D. H.

Burnei, io,
Do. A young man, per Rov. W. T. Hamil-

New Castle, Del., Mon. Con. Coll., per Rev.

J.M. Dickey,
Now-York, Allen-strect Presb. ch., R. T.

Huince, 300 ; Isaac Brewster, 50 ; M.
0. Halstod, to const. Miss Mary M.
Halsted Life Member, 30; Charles
Hall, to const. Mrs. S. W. Hal Life
Member, 30; S. L. Kennedy, 10; Job
Chandler, 5; F. B. Chandler, 2 ; Rev.
H. White, 5; L. Hart, 5; S. S. Barry,
3; Mrs. Wickes, ; Miss Rogers,
T. Kennedy, 0 75 : E. Ritch, 0,12; M.
Cornwell, 0 25; Miss H. Thompson,
050 ; C. Wickes, 1 50; Biram Scolield,
0 50 ; Mrs. Mulford, 0 50; Maria El
dad, 2; Gertrude Eldad, 2; Harriet
Woolley, 0 25; Nancy Forman, 0 50 ;
Mrs Barnes, 0 13; H. Frost, 1; Miss
N. Selleck, 050; A. Murray, 050 ; N.
B. Carpenter, 1; A. D. Voorbees, 1;
S. Voorhees, 050; E. M. Voorhoes,
023; C. Baldwin, 2; W. Jaggar, 0 50 ;
U. Knight, 2; R. R. Hollister, 050; J.
Davis, 0 50 ; L. K. Smidi, 1; Mrs. Car-
penter, 0 50 ; Mrs. Osmun, 0 25; Miss
R. A. Wickes, 0 25 ; Mrs. Stephens,
0 25; Miss llunt, l; Mrs. Seavy, 1;
Miss Seavy, 1 ; Miss A. Waterbury,
0 25; Mrs. Shadbott, 2; M. Waterbury,
050 ; Miss L. Goldsmith, 1 ; Mrs. San-
ford, 0 25; H. Hills, 0.25 ; Mrs. L. B.
Hills, 0 25; D. Van Nostrand, 1; Mrs.
L. Suntord, 0 25; M. Bradshaw, 0 25 ;
R. R. Johnston, 1 ; Mary S. Johnston,
1; Cash, 1: Mr. M'Niel, 1; llannah
Hart, 9; B. Marshall, o 12 ; Miss E.
Goldsiniib, 1; Joshua Foster, J; D.
Bishop', 1: T. G. Sellow, 1 ; 11. Stokes,
0,06; C. Bootum, 1; L. Rued, 1 ; Mrs.
Terry, 1 ; J. Woud, 1 ; Mary Piorson,

70 00
10 00

18 49 48 00

28 75

100 00

9 73

32 00

5 00

50 00


Sundry sumis roceived in Michigan and Ohio, by the Rev. 1). W. Lathrop, the acknowledgment of Fuich has been omitted through our mistake, will be inserted vext month.

Springfield, N. Y., Un. Benev. Soc., per
W. 3. Bigelow,

6 00 Starr, Ohio, Mon. Con. coll., per Rev. F. Bartlett,

2 36 Stopington, Cl, Fem. Aux. Soc., bal. to

const. Mrs. M. Hart Life Member, 5;
donation, 5,

10 00 Westown, N. Y., a Stockholder in the "Bank of Faith,"

1 00 Yonkers, N. Y., Van Brugh Livingston,

20 00 Home Missionary,

29 85

$3672 43 K. TAYLOR, Treasurer.

050; Eliza Marshall, 3 ; Mrs. Doxsey, 0 25 ; Angeline Smith, 0 95; Mrs. Meader, 025; Miss Messenger, l; Harriet M'Arthur, 025; Miss E. Lec, 0 50; II. E. Ripley, 1 ; V. Thompson, 050; G. W. Phillips, 2; Wm. Barker, 1; John Foster, 2; Wm. Delano, 3; Mis. Dean, 025, Mrs. Ripley, 1 ; Mrs. Walker, 0 50; Miss E. J. Walker, 030; Miss M. Walker, 0 50 ; Miss s. A. Bogardus, 0 50 ; Miss Bunce, 1; Miss Hoey, 1 ; Mig S. Goldsmith, 1; Mrs. Corson, 050; Phebe Taylor, 0 25; Mrs. Thatcher, 0 25 ; W. Jones, 2; Alta Terney, 0 25; P. Bouton, 050; Mrs. Hervey, 0 25; Mrs. Belch, 1; cont. in Sab. School, 7 70,

523 13 Do. Bleecker-st. ch. Mon. Coo. coll., per

M. Wilbur, 7 46 ; Assoc., cash, 100;
a Friend of Missions, 25 ; W. Mackie,
10; N. White, 10; A. R. Rogers, 5,

157 46 Do. do. Fem. Assoc , a Friend,

10 00 Do. Bowery ch. Assoc., A. Tappan, 1000 00 Do. Brick ch. Assoc., J. Corning, 250 ; A.

Post, 10; F. H. M. 5; H. H. Schiefle-
lin, 10; J. Cram, 20; J. Miller, 3; N.
B. Graham, 3; R. C. Cornell, 5; Edw.
Crary, 50,

350 00 Do. Cedar-st. ch. Assoc., N. Hayns, 10;

Henry Young, 100; Wm. Walker, 20;
T. Sherman, 10,

140 00 Do. Central Presb. ch. Coll. Jan. 15th,

2172; Assoc., Mrs. Dely, 050; C. Do-
remus, 0 50 ; Miss Miller, 0 75 ; Jage
Crane, 1 ; H. Page, 5; Mr. Kellogg,!;
Mrs. Kellogg, 1 ; Mrs. Kershaw, 1
Miss Sutlern, 5 ; Miss Egbert, 050;
Miss Doremus, 0 50; W. B. Humbert,
10; G. L. Storer, 5; Mrs. Muzzy, 1

Morris, 1 25; Miss Ludlow, 1
R. Hadley, 2; -- Spader, O 50;
- Green, 1 ; C. S. De Lenor, 050;
C. Hinckley, 0 25; J. Chamberlain,
050; — Platt, 0 25 ; E. Lane, 1 ;
Mrs. Wiks, 1 ; Mrs. Henchman, 2 ; 0.
Willcox, 5; G. Mather, 20; Jane
Keyser, 5; M. Bigelow, 1; J. Cal-
boon, 1; A. Robertson, 2,

99 72 Do. Garden-st. ch. Assoc., O. E. Cobb, 15; 8. Cobb, 10; F. Saltus, 25,

50 00 Do. Murray-st. ch. Assoc., a Friend to Mis

cious. 10; Jobu M'Gregor, Life Mem-
bet, 30,

40 00 Da. Peari st. ch. Assoc., John Borland,

Life Member, 30; cont. at a special
beeting, 30,

60 00 Do. Jobo Dunlap, Esq., of Scotland,

20 00 D. Beodry condividuals, per A. L. Ely,

CO 00 Beadleton, 8. C., Femalo Soc., per Rev. A. Farter,

15 00 Pero, Mass., Tb. coll., por Rev. J. M. Brewster,

15 00 Philadelphia, Pa., 5th Presb. ch. Aux., per G. W. M'Clelland,

150 00 Prairie du Chien, Mich., per Rev. A. Kent,

12 00 Praculoa, N. d., Rev. G. 8. Woodhull, 1;

C. 8. Sears, 3; a Free Will Offering,
3: W. D'Hart, 2; Rev. A. Dod, 1; a
Friend, 1; J. Van Doran, 5; R. Voor-
beu, to cons. Mrs. Sarah W. Voorbees
Life Member, 30,

46 00 Puitney, Vi., children in Sab. Sch., for Valley of Mississippi,

3 55 Leddles' Milk, Ky., Aux. Soc., per Rev. 8. Taylor. 22; donation of Mr. T.,,

30 00 Statale ea. N. Y., Mon. Con, coll. 10 83 ; cail. 504,

15 87 Sob Hadley, Mass., Elijah Montague, to

cuest. Mrs. M. i Life Member, 30 ;
Young Men'. Dom. Mis. Soc., of which
30 to const. Dr. Moses Montague a Lifo
Meraber, 38 50 ; per E. Willians, 68 50

Sums acknoutledged as received by Rev. M. P.

Squiur, Agent for the A. II. M. s, in the Western part of the state of New York, from Nod. 1st,

1031, 10 Feb. 10th, 1832. Aurora village, coll.

800 Bataria, coll.

9 00 Big Flat, Mon. Con. coll.

5 00 Brighton, avails of cloth sold, 5; Bency, Soc., in part, 10,

13 00 Busti, Mirs. Asa Dunforth,

3 00 Campbelltowo), Aur, and coll.

20 00 Canandaigua, Mrs. G. Shepherd, 5; Wi.

dow's Site, avails of gold beads sold,
2 50,

7 50 Condor, coll.

13 23 Cohocton, Sab. coll.

14 00 Dunkirk, to const. Rev. Timothy Stillman Life Member,

30 00 Elmira, coll., bal.

3 00 Fredonia, a tributo of gratitude to the

A, II. M. S. for the occasional services
of Missionary,

25 00 Groveland, three Individuals,

1 50 Hector, J. Waldron, 1; C. Scovill, 050 ; M. Pratt, 125; A. Ely, 1; J. Scovill

, 0 50 ; F. Van Vleit, 0 23; J. H. Hotchkin, 2; coll. 13 12,

19 62 Jainestown, E T. Foote, 5; H. Allen, 3;

Wm. Falconer, 5; A. Brown, 5; A.

Joy, 5; T. Kellogg, 5; coll. 20 40, 52 40 Lansing, coll.

8 00 Ludlow villo, Sab. coll.

38 00 Mead's Creck,

2 36 Medina, Aux.

15 00 Milan, Mon. Con. coll.

6 00 Newark, coll.

19 06 North Bristol, Gent. sub., in part,

7 00 North Pentield, by S. Presiun, 9 83; by Rev. R. Dunning, 850,

18 33 Ogden, Miss.Suc.

8 00 Ovid, coll. and Aux.

57 87 Painted Post, Mon. Con. coll. 4; coll. 10; (also, a Gold Ring, not yet sold,)

14 00 l'erry Centro, Lad. Aux.

23 00 Pittsford, Muse, a Ludy, in part to consi.

Rev. Charles Goodrich a Lilo Member, 11 50 Port Bay, coll.

2 50 Prattsburg, coll. 90; Lad. Benev. Soc. 10, 100 00 Pultnoy, bal,

4 00 Riga, 11. Brewster, 10; Th. coll. 11 30; Lad. Aux, bal. 1,

22 30 Ripley, Aux. 25 ; E. Hopkins and family, 6, 31 00 Rochester, Lad. Aux , in part, 27 50 ; Mrs.

Laura M. Ely, Life Member, in full, 25, 52 50 Romulus, coll. and sub. Seneca Falls, Gent. sub. in part, Silver Creek, coll. and sub.

9 10 Sodus, Lad. Aux., 13 25; coll. 12,

25 25 Stockton, coll. 11 10; W. Winchell,5, 16 10 Victor, Mrs. J. Jenks,

1 00 Waterloo, Gent, sub.

3 37 Westfield, coll. 23; S. Bradbury, 5; J. Lanesworth, ? G. Stone, 2,

32 OC West Mendon, W. R. Blasdoll and Wife,

075; W. H. & H. II. Blusdell, 0 25, 1 00







acceptance Jesus Christ and his free (Furnished by a Clergyman.)

salvation. To the Deacon's kind im

portunities, he replied substantially as BËware! for God answers prayer in follows: wrath as well as in mercyto the de

“ About twenty years ago I was construction as well as the salvation of men. I vinced of sin; and so pungent were my In proof of this give the following || convictions that life seemed insupportfacts:

able. Instead of going, as urged by A merchant of engaged in a the word and Spirit of God, to Him who lucrative trade, was convinced by the gives rest to the weary and heavy laden, Spirit of God that he was an heir of | I retired to a grove-knelt before God hell, but might by repentance, and faith |-but instead of pleading for his reconin Jesus Christ, become an heir of hea- | ciled favour, prayed that he would unven. The "god of this world” tempted burden my soul, by taking his Holy him with much earthly gain, and God, Spirit from me. My prayer was anin the Person of the Holy Ghost, offered swered. For I had no sooner risen him durable riches and righteousness. upon my feet, than my sense of sin and He was fully convinced, as he said, that fear of hell were gone. From that the riches of earth and the riches of day to this, I have had no anxiety about heaven were set before him, and that my eternal state. In that grove I prayed he could not obtain both, but might away the Spirit of God, and he will nchave his choice. He glanced at heaven's

ver return to offer me pardon and eterdurable riches, and then settled bis nal life through the blood of Christ. I covetous gaze upon earth's glittering know that I shall soon be in hell. Nogold. He paused, feeling that his thing can save me. My doom is sealed. choice was for eternity; but strangely; || And yet I am quite indifferent to the madly said, "Give me my portion here." || future.” Thus given over to hardness His prayer was answered. His riches | of heart and blindness of mind, in anwere multiplied. But, said he, “ 1 || swerto his blasphemous prayer,he died, know that to gain the world I have lost according to his own word, “in hell

to lift up his eyes, being in torments.” Beware, then, how you pray! If you

Oh, then, beware how

you pray y! are so contemptuous of Christ's blood Beware, even, of a secret desire that bought inheritance, as to ask in pre- the Spirit should depart from you; for ference to it the perishable treasures of that secret, impious prayer, may proearth, God in his anger may grant your voke the searcher of hearts to give you, request. Beware, also, lest your de- || also, over to hardness of heart, and ceitful heart barter away heaven for blindness of mind, that you may be earth, while you cherish the hope that | damned. both are yours. You may not be as conscious of your doings as the merchant named, and yet may as effectually,

6 REFUGES OF LIES." seal your damnation. That my note of alarm is not sounded

(Furnished by a Pastor.) without cause, is further proved by Mr. How strange is it, that mankind

of G-, in the state of New-should ever mistake self-complacency for York. I give his history as related to holy delight! Should imagine, that me by Deac. I, who visited him that pleasure which begins and ends in on his dying bed, and urged upon his self, is the same with that which begins

my soul."

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