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days of “the year of the right hand of the | are truly desirable. Since the revival Most High.” Thirty then came for the commenced, 44 have been added to the first time to the table of the Lord. One of church, and there are 12 or 15 more who them was a widow of nearly threescore will probably unite with us. and ten ; several were at the head of rising Most of our ministers have two and families, but most of them were in child. || some three places of preaching. To be hood and youth. These, added to the num. absent on the Sabbath occasioned inconber formerly reported, make 52 that have venience and sometimes unpleasant feel. boen admitted to the church since I came ing among the people. to this place (6 months.] Nearly 20 others The subject of having one or two are indulging a hope, and about the same || missionaries, who should attend and take number are uttering the great question, charge of protracted meetings, was laid " what must I do to be saved ?"

before Presbytery for advice. Mr. Salmon and myself were requested to labour in

this manner, each half the time. From Rev. Samuel Bissell, Twinsburg, O.

We have recently attended one 4 days On the third Sabbath in November, our meeting in Greenfield, and I hope not meeting-house was dedicated to the wor.

without the presence of the Holy Spirit. ship of the triune God; and on the same Many were anxious, and at the close of day 25 interesting persons, most of them || the meeting about 40 expressed a hope in in the morning of life, united in covenant || Christ. Several conversions have taken with God and this little flock of Christ, || place since. Last Sabbath brother Sal. promising to be the Lord's. The day was

mon and myself were at G., administered one of great interest, and will long be re- l the Lord's supper, received 23 into the membered by all present. The whole ac. church, and baptized 15 children. cession to the church during the last year is 36,

From Rev. Wm. L. Buffett, Atwater. From Rev. H. T, Kelly, Kingsville, O.

It will doubtless rejoice your heart to Since my last report eight have been re- hear again of the loving kindness of our ceived into the church-one by letter, exalted Redeemer. He has, during the seven by examination. A number, I think | quarter for which this report is intended, 10 or 12, now entertain hopes.

favoured us with some additional tokens The temperance cause continues to of bis rich mercy and grace. We are en. flourish. T'he two last addresses were abled to number at least six or seven new made by our two physicians, who are mem. cases of hopeful conversion during that bers of it. It numbers now over 100 mem- time. Most of these are the fruits of a

much the largest portion belong to protracted meeting held at Randolph, on our congregation. There are three stores | the 7th of September last, and one or two within a stone's throw of each other, and of the cases have occurred since. That neither of them sell any whiskey. The meeting was instrumental of producing a monthly concert of prayer for Missions is very deep impression on the minds of the attended regularly, and a contribution people of this place of a very salutary ten. taken up each time.

dency. Though it failed of issuing, as On the whole, the state of things is

we had hoped, in another general revival, much more encouraging than in any pre

we have reason to rejoice and thank God vious year. A Bible Society has been for the good which has actually resulted, formed, as a branch of the Ashtabula Co.

Retrospective view. Bible Society, and about 35 dollars has been subscribed by the inhabitants of this A short retrospective view of God's town, and the town examined generally to dealings with us during the four years in ascertain the destitute. Something also which this church and congregation have has been subscribed by our people for the been aided by the funds of your society, Western Reserve College.

would not, perhaps be improper. The people of this place have, in consequence

of this assistance, enjoyed the ministra. From Rev. E. Conger, Ridgefield, Huron tions of the sanctuary, and the entire la. County.

bours of your missionary the whole of the In my last, Imentioned that we were en- | time. Their contributions to the various joying a refreshing from the presence of benevolent objects of the day, have, the Lord; and, although the excitement notwithstanding, been far greater than has in some measure ceased, yet its fruits what they were in their former destitute

bers ;

state: in which they were, comparatively, 1 small sum came to us enclosed in the fol at no expense in support of the gospel.lowing note, which contains some sugges. The Lord has been pleased to visit them tions worthy of the consideration of those with the signal outpourings of his Spirit who feel that they are bought with a price, in one precious revival season. Those who have connected themselves with our and are not their own. church (30 in number) continue to give Dear Sir,-Enclosed are three dollars pleasing evidence of the genuineness of for the A. H. M. S., being about the their religion, and appear to be growing amount this unworthy member of your in grace. I may also add, that with but Society has been accustomed to expend one exception, this appears to be true also annually for trifles, usually denominated of those who have joined the other church. I refreshments, to set before his friends on Our little church has, during this four new year's day. It is now more than a years, been more than doubled. A temper. Il year since the thought came into my mind ance society of eighty members has been that this was an unprofitable investment; formed. In view of these things we are and I had not reflected long before the led to exclaim, with admiring wonder, conviction was fastened upon me, that it "What hath the Lord done! To his was my duty to convert this annual exname be all the glory.” Still very muchpenditure into stock of a more permanent yet remains for us to do in the cause of and productive character. The resolution our Lord and Master. And though we was accordingly formed, that, whatever shall make an effort to dispense with any might be the opinions of others, or how. further assistance from your society, we ever strong might be the power of custom hope not to be forgotten in the prayers of or fashion, so long as a kind Providence the Executive Committee, and of those shall afford me the means, it shall be the by whose munificence this infant congre- || custom of my house to dispense with these gation hath thus far been nourished.

trifles, and to cast the amount annually into the treasury of the Redeemer.

I havo entered into some arithmetical MISCELLANEOUS,

calculations, as to the probable amount of The following communication, marked money expended in this way annually, in

this city, and the probable good and evil Westtown, N. Y., contained $1.

produced by it ;-also the comparative in. Having read in a late number of the Ob-fluence which this same money might ex. server an account of the meeting held at ert on the present and future generations the missionary rooms the 14th of last of men, if better expendod. How many month, and seeing there a statement made young men of piety and talents might it by Mr. Taylor, of the deficiency in the educate and send forth to proclaim the treasury of the A. H. M.S., I felt desirous words of eternal life to those who sit in of throwing in my mite. I had no yearly darkness? How many, through their in. income-no wealthy parents ; but if I had strumentality, might be brought to remove sot wealth, I had health. I therefore de- their influence from the side of sin and ruin termined to devote the first week of the to the side of holiness and salvation ? What new year to my needle, with the purpose mind can follow out the result ? Eternity of giving the sum gained to the cause of alone can show the revenue of glory, Home Missions. From one who hopes which would redound to the Redeemer. she is

These few intimations are submitted to A Stockholder in the Bank of Faith. your disposal, in hope that a more able

hand, with a warmer leart, will follow up

the subject, whose arguments the Holy 3 PENNY SAVED A8 GOOD AS A PENNY EARNED. Spirit shall bless to lasten that new year's Our readers will notice, in the “Trea. day, when all men shall honour the Lord

with their substance and the first fruits of mrer's acknowledgments” for the month, their increase, and no longer mistake the the receipt of $3 from a “Citizen.” This" great purpose of living. A CITIZEN

Appointments by the Executive Committee of the A. H. M. S., from Dec. 15th,

1331, lo Jan. 15th, 1832. Missionaries not in commission last year.

Rev. Fordyce Harrington, Delaware Co., N. Y.

Rev. E. Child,
Rev. B. B. Drake, Spafford and Borodino, N. Y. Rev. Alvan Nash, Ravenna, O.
Rev. N. S. Smith, Sullivan, Madison Co., N.Y. Rev. Thos. Lippencott, Alton, &c., II.
Rev. J. H. Martin, Little Falls, Herkimer Co., N. Y. Rev. A. B. Church, Calais, Me.
Rev. J. W. Irwin, Suckett's Harbour, N. Y.

Rev. P. Robinson, Oyster Ponds, L. I.
Rev. Greenbury Murphy, Greenville, Ala.

Rev. H. Shedd, Wherstone, Ohio. Rev. Charles A. Campbell, Scott Co., Ky.

Rev. Jeremial. Hill, Owen Co., Ind. Rev. Bennett Roberts, Perry, Maine.

Rev. Giles Pease, Washington Village, (CovenRev. Joseph M. Sadd, Farmington, &c.,


try,) R. I.
Rev. Sam' Newbury, Rutland, Meigs Co., 0. Rev. Jonathan King, Tiverton, R. I.
Rev. Alfred Wright, Mount Prairie, Monroe Co., Rev. Ira Manley, Keene, N. Y.

Rev. Thos. A. Spilmun, Hillsborough, UI.
Rev. S. J. Bradstreet, Vermillion, Huron Co., O. Rev. Addison Kingsbury, Belpre, 0.
Rev. Phinehas Smith, Pittstown, Rensselaer Co., Rev. C. G. Clark, Dexter, M. T.

Rev. Claiborne Young, Montgomery and Boon Co.,


Rev. M. A. Remley, Livonia church, Washington Rov. D. B. Buits, Westero, Oneida Co., N. Y.

Co., Ind.
Rev. S. W. Leonard, Hastings and Constantia, Rev. Enoch Kingbury, Danville, III.

Rev. Jas. Crawford, destitute places in Ind.
Rev. Isaac Headly, Litchfield, Herkimer Co., N. Y. Rev. Calvin Butler, Vanderburg and Warrick Cos.,
Rev. Isaac F. Adanis, Pitcher, Chenango Co., N. Y.

Indiana Rev. B. Y. Messenger, Edwardsville, &c., Ill.

Rev. E. Kent, Shelbyville, Ind. Rev. Eldad Barber, Marion, &c., Marion Co., 0. Rev. J. J. Shipherd, Elyria, O.

The Treasurer of the American Home Missionary Society acknowledges the Receipt

of the following sums, from Dec. 15th, 1831, to Jan, 15th, 1832. Albany, N. Y., Hop, S. Van Rensselaer, $300 00 25; W. Van Antwerp, 5; Thos. DeBig Hollow, N. Y., Hepry R. Avory, Life

lano, 5,

155 00 Member in part, per Rev. Dr. Purtor,

10 00

Do. do. Sab. Sch. Miss. Assoc., per J. T. Catskill, N. Y., Henry Whittlesey, per do., 10 00 Rollins, Tr.,

100 00 Cleaveland, O., P. M. Weddell, Life Direc

Do. Laight st. Male Assoc., Charles Starr, tor,

200 50 300; J. Boorman, 250 ; M. B. Edgar, Durham, N. Y., Dennis Baldwin, Life

10 ; W. Chauncey, 10; C. Miler, 3; Member, per Rev. Dr. Porter,

30 00 Cash, 2; H. S. Whittemore, 1; E. Fishkill, N. Y., Mrs. Bethiah Plait, 5 00 Lord, 25; C. R. Robert, 25,

626 00 Harford, Pa., . Th. Coll., per Rev. A.

Do. do. Fem. Assoc., per Mrs. H. C. Paton,

7 00

14 00 Jamaica, L. I., Eliphalet Wickos, Esq. 100 00 Do. Murray st. Assoc., J. R. Hurd, 25; B. Loxington, N. Y., Samuel Osborn, Life

L. Swan, 20; W. Wilson, 15; G. U. Momber, per Rev. Dr. Porter,

30 00 Richards, Life Member, by his father, Manchester, Vt., Th. Coll., per Rev. J.

30; Samuel Walker, Life Member, 30; Anderson,

10 00 Alexander Stewart, Life Member, 30; Monson, Mass., A. W. Porter, per H.

A. M'Intyre, Esq., Life Member, 30 Waldo & Co.

100 00 Peter R. Starr, Life Member, 30; Mount Pleasant, N. Y., Mon. Con. Coll.,

Friend, 5,

215 00 per P». Mr. Prime, 18 00 Do. Pearl si. Femalo Assoc.,

20 00 New Ila . Ct., East. Dist. H. M. Assnc.,

Do. J. Leaviti, found in his store,

1 00 per H. E. Hodges, Tr., including $15

Do. A Citizen, saved by not furnishing relees of a physician on the Sabbath, 200 00 freshments on New Year's day,

3 00 Do. United Society, per John Merriman, 137 00 Do Balance of sale of Mission House, from Now-York, Bleecker st. Male Assoc., D.

W. Colgute, C. S. Koberis, and others, 150 00 Howell, 3; J. B. Murray, 10; J. P.

Norwich, Ci., Jabez Huntington, a NewThurston, 5; N. White, 3; J. Aspin

Year's token of respect,

10 00 wall, 10; a Friend, per do., 3; R. H.

Philadelphia, 1st Presb. ch. Fem. Mirs. Nevins, 25; Mead Wheeler, 10, 73 00 Soc., ptr Rev. A. Barnes,

165 75 Do. do. Fem Assoc., Matilda McComb,

Boyalion, Vl., Gen John Francis, 10; J. J. Life Member, 50 00 Sufferd, 1; Miss Dudley, 1; per

W. Do. Brick ch. Assoc., 0. E. Hurtington,


19 00 50); E. B. Sackett, 5; Wr. Wallace,

Scotchiow'n, N. Y., Aux., per S. W. 100; E. A. Russell, 25; E. E., 20; W.


4 50 Couch, 20; W. Whitlocli, 25 ; E. C.,

Westminster, Fem. Dom. Mis. Soc., per 5; B. Wakemin, 10 ; D. Oakley, 10;

M. Kendall, Sec., T. B., 1; Drake Mille, 50 ; Grove

Windham, N. Y., Bennett Osborn,'to Wright, 20; E. Wheeler, 10; W. H.

const. himself and wife Life Members, Sackett, 5; John Morte, 10 ; J. i. Hale,

60; Mrs. Hannah Steele, Life Member, James Brown, 100; A. De Foreel,

30; Lyman Morse, Life Member in 50; Samuel Cowdrey, 25; G. P. Ship

put 15; Lucius Hii ock, Life man 70,

621 00 Member, (bal.) 10; a Friend, 1; per Do. Cedar-st. ch. Sab. Sch. Assoc., per Mr.

Rev. Dr. Porter,

116 00 Hinsdale, 200 00 A Friend, per G. M. Tracy,

50 Do. Central Presb. ch., John North, 50 CM) Home Missionary,

67 76 Do. Exchange Place Ref. Dutch Miss. A 880C., Petor Remson, 100 ; John

$3819 01 Steward, Jun., 20; H. I. Wyckoff

K. TAYLOR, Treasurer.







Christian character in its loveliest at

tractions. With a well balanced and Eremplified in the useful life and trium- well cultivated mind,--with deep and phant death of Mrs. M.

fervent piety,-she united an unusual [Furnished by a Pastor.]

share of meekness, prudence, and conMaria M was from a child the descension. Her heart was ever set subject of serious impressions. Her | upon doing good, and her hands were seriousness, however, like that of most ever active in carrying into effect her youth, who possess an uncommon share benevolent designs. of vivacity, was of short duration. Pos At the age of twenty she went to resessing an amiable disposition and en-side with her friends in the town of gaging manners, she won the affections S-, Indiana. Here opened before of all around her. The Spirit often her a field well suited to her talents strove, and for a season her attention and untiring zeal to benefit those would be arrested to the realities of around her. One of the principal eternity ; but again and again the spheres in which her influence was felt heavenly messenger would be grieved was that of Sabbath schools. With away. Her ruling passion was a love | but few religious privileges in the place, for vain amusements. Moving in the and few to co-operate with her in her first circles of the youth, who always benevolent efforts, she collected and considered their society graced by her sustained a female Sabbath school for presence, she was thus beguiled along several seasons almost entirely by her in pursuit of fancied bliss.

own exertions. Having herself learn"She tried the enchanting viol's sound,

ed the worth of such instruction in Wbere mirth and gayely abound." early life, she spared no pains to com. Her attention at length became ef- |municate the same to others. sectually arrested. At the age of about In the autumn of 1829 she was marsixteen years she hopefully experienced || ried to a gentleman of high literary and religion, and united with the Presby- | moral worth. But the bridal robe was terian church in M-, Ohio. It destined soon to be exchanged for the would seem that her conversion was in habiliments of the grave! Her constianswer to special prayer, inasmuch astution being undermined by previous the church had set apart a day for fast- || disease, it was soon discovered, by the ing and prayer in behalf of anxious | hectic flush which crimsoned her cheek, sinners; and on that very day she that death was on his way, and the lahopefully gave her heart to the Saviour.bours of the devoted Sabbath school Her religious exercises were marked teacher were ended. Nor were our by peculiarly abasing views of herself, fears unfounded; for the hour of her and by a deep sense of the justice of departure was near at hand; but never, God in the condemning sentence of his no never, will her friends forget the holy law. As she indulged the hope | power of religion, which sustained this of pardoned sin, her mind seenis to suffering saint. Such was the interest have enjoyed a most delightful confi- she felt for her Sabbath school class, dence in the perfections and govern- | that she sent for them to visit her on ment of God. . Her views of the doc- | her bed of sickness, that she might once trines of grace were truly evangelical. more direct them to the Saviour. It From this time to her death she main-was a touching scene to witness her tained a close and tender walk with anxiety for them, and hear her say,"I God, and exhibited to the world the find now, when I am too feeble to read,

that the precious promises of the Bible, || but is not a professor of religion, she which I committed years ago in the exclaimed, in language of unutterable Sabbath school, afford me unspeakable tenderness,—“Be a Christian-love consolation in my affliction."

the Saviour—that you may be prepared Near the close of life she would of- || to follow me!" As her extreme weakten exclaim, in language like this—"|||ness would permit, she exhorted those feel more than ever that the promises around her to exercise strong faith in of God are true. O it is a glorious fact God, and to persevere steadfast to the that God does support his people in the end. At length she fell asleep in Jehour of trial! How sweet is that pro- sus ; thus leaving us her dying testimise, my grace shall be sufficient for mony of the untold value and efficacy thee!' I am conscious that I have the of true religion, to support the soul supports of his grace. O what occa- amid the pains of dissolving nature. sion have I to bless God for his abound She needs no sculptured marble to ing mercy !"

remind her friends of her worth, no The writer often visited and con-bending, willow to point out the spot versed familiarly with her on the mo. | where her dust reposes. Mementos mentous scenes which were about to such as these, the wasting hand of time open to her view. Although on earth, may destroy ; while that which is enshe seemed to breathe, as it were, the graven on the tablet of the memory atmosphere of heaven. “ If it be the land embalmed in the affections of the will of God," said she, “it is my choice beart, shall remain for ever. to die. I have no desire to recover. I

B. C. Cfeel that it is desirable to depart and be with Christ. I have committed my all to his hands, and I know that he will | CONVERSION OF A SCHOOL TEACHER. not forsake me. O, I used to think that

(From a Layman.) I felt the value of religion, but never

[The following account is taken till of late have I so fully appreciated principally from the diary of the subits worth.” Within a few days of herject, Mr. N., and was designed by the death, she would exclaim,“ Surely gentleman who forwarded it, to illuscan say, none but Jesus ! none but Je-trate the usefulness of tracts.] sus!”. Having been informed that it “ In early youth I was taught by my was the opinion of her physician that parents to fear God and keep his she could survive but a very few days, || commandments,' and I viewed it indisshe exclaimed, “0 what blessed || pensably necessary that I should benews !". Five days before her death | come a Christian, in order to enjoy she had a most distressing season. | happiness in a future state. FrequentHer friends thought her to be dying, ly, under the faithful preaching of the and she thought so herself. As she gospel, I have, in some measure, seen revived, so as to be able to speak, shemy situation. By reading the bible, said," I thought I was leaving you. || funerals, and a great variety of unexI wish I could tell you what wonderful pected occurrences, my attention has views and feelings I have had during my been called to the immediate work of distress ; but it is impossible for me to repentance. A wicked heart, the fear express them. Never have I had such || of the scoffs of the vain and licentious, glorious views of heaven and the Lord and the erroneous ideas I had of reliJesus." Said her sister,—"Do yougion, together with the dread I had of feel the force of that passage, 'eye hath leaving and separating myself from my not seen, nor ear heard, neither hath it beloved companions, with the constant entered into the heart of man to con- renewing of the promise, that I would ceive, the things which God hath laid || seek the one thing needful as soon as I up for them that love him?"" “O yes ! | became seltled in life, constantly blinded it is beyond the conception of mortals. I my eyes, and hurried me along the road If I can have such views on earth, what| to ruin. However insignificant these will heuven be !" To a dear friend pre-things may seem, yet they had this sent, who had been exceedingly kind,'effect on my mind, and had well nigh

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