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which resulted in the organization of a drunkards have been hopefully deňvered aociety of 12 inembers, which was soon from the snare of the Devil, and the bond. increased to 103. About this time an in- age of sin, and brought into the liberty of creasing solemnity under the preaching of the gospel. The change in this little vilthe word, began to be visible in the con- lage is surprising. There is but one house gregation. A few were known to be anx- left, where the morning and evening sau ious, but nothing special occurred until the crifice is not offered. middle of December. At the close of wor. The number of pupils enrolled in our ship on the Sabbath, an appointment was Sabbath schools is about 80. All the made for an inquiry meeting. That even teachers and about twenty of the children ing an unusual solemnity pervaded the Bi-l are now cherishing a hope in Christ. The ble class : and many of the youth were members of my Bible class were the first evidently touched in the heart. At the in- subjects of divine influence; nearly all of quiry meeting five only attended, two of whom (about 50 in number) are hopefully whom were cherishing hope and appeared brought into the kingdom. Fell. The others were deeply affected. A We have admitted to the communion of few Christians were met under the same the church, 65 on examination and two by roof for prayer.

The next morning, at letter. By this addition our little church oar select school, (taught by a pious young|| is inreased in number from 34 to 101-and man,) about a dozen of the scholars were the male members from 7 to 41. Many zo deeply affected, that, when they arose others are cherishing hope, who will doubt. to read, not one of them could speak ; and less, in due time, be admitted to the church, they all sat down and wept. These were but how many it is not ascertained. Eight all members of the Bible class. The next have joined the Baptists. The whole num. evening was our weekly prayer meeting. ber who are cherishing hope as the fruit of Very few had hitherto attended. But now this revival is not ascertained, but may be the scene was suddenly changed. The safely estimated at 130. This good work hoase was crowded. An awful solemnity appears to be still in progress. It is the pervaded the meeting. The Spirit of the Lord's doing, and marvellous in our eyes! Lord came down, and many were melted under the word. An intimation was given, that if any desired the prayers of Chris.

Revival in Ripley, Chatauque Co. N. Y. tians they might rise. About two thirds From Red. J. Marsh, Mina. of the whole congregation arose.

This was Thursday evening. On Saturday even.

I have just returned from "a four days' ing another meeting was attended, which inceting" at Ripley. In that place there was equally crowded and solemn. On the

is one of the most powerful and interest. Sabbath the sanctuary was a new place. ing revivals that I have ever witnessed.The Lord was there, and every counte- | Forty or fifty are hoping, and probably one

hundred are anxious. It does appear to sance was changed. Many hearts were pierced with the sword of truth. On Mon.

me that the Lord is about to perform a day evening about 40 were found in the great work of grace in this county. anxious room. That week the school house would not hold half the people who From Rev. E. Mason, Le Roy. pressed into the prayer meeting, and we

Rev. and dear Sir-Since my last comrepaired to the church, the lower part of

munication to you, God hath performod which was nearly filled. The next Mon.

great things for us, whereof we are glad. day evening about 60 were found in the Our Sabbath school children, early in the anxious room-a number of them rejoic. | winter, began to be uncommonly serious, ing in hope. Since that period the Lord and a number of them were hopefully con. has moved onward in this mighty work, || verted to God. It is necessary to state with such a convincing and overwhelming | here, that the revival a year ago numbered power, as to constrain even Universalists and infidels to acknowledge, “this is the || who were heads of families; among the

among its subjects almost exclusively those work of God."

youth and children instances of hopeful The subjects of this blessed work are of|| conversion were lamentably few. This all ages, from the child of ten, to the gray. I could not be overlooked, at the time, or headed of 70 years. The moralist and the afterward easily forgotten. It created, in profane have alike been convicted of their the minds of God's peoplo, deep solicitude, enmity against God, and brought to bow and called for unwonted prayer and effort. and melt at the feet of Jesus And in To gather into the fold of Christ these some instances, even Universalists and children and youth, was the great object

and, blessed be the Lord, by the power of the Methodist church. Quite a number, his Spirit, we have been enabled to do it. I should say from fifteen to twenty, have As the first fruits of this revival, upwards | manifested hope in Christ, who have not of twenty of our Sabbath school children

as yet publicly professed their faith. were gathered, three or four adults, and Between sixty and seventy of our Sabbath two or three heads of families; but the school children are on the Lord's side ; in most of our youth who were advanced be. || many instances, whole classes; and we yond the time of attending Sabbath schools have now, a multitude of young and ten. were left; and their obstinacy bowed the der lambs to protect, watch over, and hearts of Zion. Many cries, with bitter || rear up for the Lord. Three fourths of the tears, were poured out “ between the porch || inhabitants in this society are now proand the altar”-and that too with increas. || bably heart Christians. Great union and ing earnestness. The four days' meeting, | peace prevail among us; our religious which commenced in the village of Le Roy | meetings continue to be well attended ; on the 27th of January, was attended by || and Christians have covenanted together, many members of this church, and served | not to cease praying for those who still greatly to augment their faith, prayers and continue in their sins. We have believed, efforts. On February 17th, we commen- that God will, in answer to prayer, do ced a four days' meeting in our church; / great things for his people, and we at. the brethren from abroad were generally tempted to do our duty, and behold he present, and began to preach the gospel of hath excceded even our expectations. the blessed God. During the first day the Bless the Lord, O our souls, and forget effect was small, only four desiring an in- | not all his benefits ! terest in our prayers. On the second day our meeting house was crowded with pro. fessors and others from abroad; about 30, || From Rev. Samuel Parker, Apulia, N. Y. mainly strangers, were deeply impressed, and begged an interest in our prayers.-

For two or three months past my la. The solemnity increased, on the third day, I bours have been greatly increased, by the and about 50 arose for prayers; but few, Lord's pouring out his Spirit in this place. however, of our own congregation were The first indication of any thing special, included in the number. The Sabbath was was seen about the middle of last Novem. a day of still deeper interest. 25 wereber, in an increase of the spirit of prayer, called to the church, and, in the evening, among some of the members of the church. a number apparently regenerated. On This spirit gradually increased into a deep Monday morning, after sermon, prayers and agonizing wrestling with God, that he were offered for a crowd of anxious sin. I would glorify himself in the salvation of ners, and many arose from their knees, | sinners. It was not long before there among our own people, rejoicing in hope. I were some, who began to inquire, what The most of our visiting brethren then they should do to be saved. Nothing dispersed, and I was left alone with my very special appeared, until about the midown people. Up to this hour the ranks of dle of February last, when the Spirit of our youth remained almost unbroken. Af the Lord came down and wrought won. ter sermon they were affectionately invi- ders among us. From that time down to ted to come forward to the anxious seat and the present, we have had an interesting give up their hearts to God. The church, / state of things among us. Conversions in the mean time, were pouring out their have been frequent; more than fifty in. souls in silent prayer for their salvation; dulge hopes. Whether these all have a when, to our surprise, the youth came forth good hope through grace, is known only like the bursting out of water, and before to Him who searches the heart. the congregation separated, 45 or more The work has, in its character, been still were gathered hopefully into the fold of and deeply solemn. A sober and pungent Christ. The work, up to this date, has exhibition of divine truth, accompanied gradually progressed. Not long since with fervent prayer, has been the means there were twenty conversions in a few employed. The work evidently comdays.

menced, and has been carried on, in an. Since this revival commenced, we have swer to prayer. Among the hopeful subadded to the church between sixty and jects of the work, are found persons of all seventy. A number of Sabbath school classes, from the gray-headed, down to children and youth, belonging to Metho-the child of the Sabbath school. Gene. dist families, perhaps fifteen in number, || rally in revivals, a large proportion have are subjects of this work, and have joined" been females, but here, about two thirds

not answer.

are males, and many are heads of families. || remained, generally, quite stupid, anti In twelve families, the altar for prayer last Thursday morning, during prayer, has been erected.

while he was pleading for the lifo of their The work is still going on with deep souls, he thought there was an unusual interest. Pray for us.

solemnity upon the minds of these young inmortals. There was nothing peculiarly interesting, however, until the school had

nearly closed for the afternoon. He saw From Rev. L. Johnson, Brunswick, N. Y. ono little boy, about 9 years old, in tears.

Ho went to this boy, and inquired what I have the pleasure of communicating was the cause of his weeping. He could to you the intelligence, that God is re

Ho saw others in tears. viving his work among the people to whom His own feelings, as well as what he wit. I minister in holy things. The work of|nessed in others, convinced him, that. God's Spirit, in convicting and converting what he saw was from the Holy Spirit. sinners, .commenced about the first of He remarked this to the school, and from February, at a three days' meeting, held almost every eye there was a flood of in this place. Previous to that meeting, tears. He knew not what to do—they however, there were a few who were con- could not read their lessons-it was a victed of sin; and some in the church, be- || house of weeping. In the midst of this gan to awake out of sleep. As God was scene, he sent for me. And as I entered the doing great things in Troy, and as we room, I said to my soul, “How dreadful were so near, that we could almost hear is this place; this is none other than the the song of the redeemed ones, and the house of God, and this the gate to heaven.” cry of the anxious, we dreaded to meet Almost every one had his face covered the responsibility at the judgment, of in his hands, and weeping bitterly. I having the Lord come so near, and we told them it was God's Holy Spirit that have no refreshing from his presence. I made them weep, that they must repent Many began to cry, something like the of their sins, and give their hearts to God, begging blind man, when Jesus was pass. &c. I then prayed, conversed with them ing by, Jesus, thou son of David, have individually—had two prayers more, and mercy on me.” In these circumstances, the school was closed. Several boys met and with these feelings, we said to the in the schoolhouse after dark, and had a ministers and brethren of sister churches, prayer meeting by themselves, only one "Come over and help us for three days. of them at that time having any hope in They came, especially from Troy, in the the mercy of God. And yet they could spirit and power of the gospel. "The last not rest—they must come and see me day of the feast was the Sabbath ; the Lord's supper was administered; two were I conversed and prayed with them. Two added to the church on profession of their thought they submitted to God that night. faith, and when the covenant was read, || There are now seven of these scholars, the church rose and renewed their cove- who are indulging hopes. Five, the last nant with one another, and with their week, began, as we think, to love God. God. It was a solemn time. The ever-There are within the bounds of this so. lasting doors were lifted up, and the Kingciety, from fifteen to twenty who give evi. of Glory he came in, even “the Lord, dence of a recent change of heart, and fourstrong and mighty, the Lord mighty in teen of these either belong to the bible battle.” Many felt his presence, and the class or the Sabbath school. arrows of conviction pierced many a flinty heart. That evening, as we trust, two surrendered themselves and their all, up into the hands of the King of Glory, as

From Rev. Jephthah Pool, Sennett, subdued and redeemed sinners, Several

Cayuga Co.N. Y. others, during the week, thought they ob There appears to be the commencement tained a good hope through grace. We of a revival of religion. Within a few endeavoured to prepare the way of the weeks, twelve have obtained a hope of an Lord, and make his paths straight. interest in Christ; others are troubled.

The Spirit of the Lord came down upon one of the schools, in a peculiar manner. The teacher is a pious man. There had

From Rev. G. K. Clark, Spencer, N. Y. been, some weeks ago, a few instances of The Holy Spirit has been shed down conversion among his scholars; the rest | upon us suddenly, and many seem anxious. VOL. IV.


once more.



Fourteon or fifteen are now indulgingsnately, as I do. We unite in the I hopes. We have had frequent meetings, ance cause; and the Sabbath 6 and they have been crowded and solemn. which meet in different districts, ai Whether the work will spread and become posed promiscuously of all the child. general, we cannot tell; we have some can collect-and it is difficult to det faith to believe, that the whole town is definitely how many belong to our i about to be visited, and that the Lord tive societies. And in the pleasing i will establish his church in this place. with which the Great Head of the

has favoured us, during the past fi

winter, both denominations have a From Red. W. H. Whittemore, Rye, West-|Some of the hopeful subjects of ren chester Co. N. Y.

grace have united with each of the cl By the report of Mr. W. for the quarterles, while others have not as yet m ending April 1st, we learn that an inte public profession. Although few have resting state of things existed in his con.

brought in, compared with those who gregation, and that many were rejoicing that we have seen great things, wi

throng the way of death, we can truly in hope of salvation, through the Lord Jesus Christ, and that others were anx.

we are glad. Some, who had for a iously inquiring the way to Zion.

time manifested great hatred to the ti and, like the master they served, had almost every device to persuade other believe a lie, have hopefully been made

by the truth, and are united with the From Rev. Joel Camptell, Honesdale, Pa.ple of God. During the last quarter, we have en.

[In the statistical table accompany joyed some special manifestations of the the foregoing, the number of hopeful Lord's presence, in the out-pourings of his versions is stated at not far from thirty spirit. "The church has been revived, and some souls hopefully converted. Meetings have been frequent and well attended. I think there are indications of good for

From Rev. S. A. Loper, Hampden, M. Zion in this region. The work which appeared to commence in this place, two Although I am not permitted to repe or three months since, is spreading around the existence of a revival of religion us. The church at Bethany is revived. this place at this time, yet we think the: Sonne souls born again, and many appa-is ground to hope that the day is near whe rently inquiring the way to Zion. the Spirit will be poured upon us from o

high. Of this, however, we would not b

too confident; for we remember that ou Carbondale, Pa.

hopes have often been raised, and as ofte

dashed. Then we were not prepared fo The congregation at Carbondale, aided the reception of so great a gift, and we fea by the A. H. M. S., has also been refreshed that we are not now. Still, we cannot but by the Divino Spirit within a few weeks hope. We are greatly encouraged. past. It has become necessary to erect a The signs of the times seem propitious. more commodious place of public worship, | Appearances have been growing more and and efforts are now making for this pur.more favourable for several weeks past. An pose.

unusual seriousness evidently pervades the minds of some. Prayer meetings, which have been nearly deserted, are now more

numerously attended; and Christians ap. From Rev. A. P. Tenny, Hebron and Gro-||pear to be more humble, more prayerful,

and more zealous in the cause of their Di. ton, N. H.

vine Master than formerly. There is in each of these towns a Con In my visits among the members of the gregational church of about sixty members,||church, of late, I have endeavoured to press and a Calvanistic Baptists' of nearly equal upon their minds the importance of praying numbers. The houses of worship are own and labouring for a revival of religion.ed in common by the two denominations. With special reference to this great object, They have a minister who preaches alter."we have spent a day, the present month, in


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