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toon individuals, most of them by profes. || ruption every other Sabbath until the presion, came forward and publicly united sent, and will probably put forth increased with the people of God. Freely was the efforts, the coming summer. My bible church receiving, and freely were they classes have been doing some good, espe. ready to give. A few individuals, learn- | cially in E. There is a great improve. ing our embarrassed situation, readily gave ment in attending the missionary concert me $161,50 to aid us in finishing our for prayer, and other social meetings have house of worship. This was a most un. been of late more interesting. I catechize expected and timely assistance, for which once every week during the winter seawe praise God. We hope that an impulse son, and thereby have a favourable oppor. has been given to the work, which will tunity of communicating doctrinal know. result in its completion the ensuing sum- / ledge, both to children and their parents, mer. Thus light has sprung up out of who, in many cases, attend with their fadarkness. “The God of heaven, he will milies. prosper us; therefore, we his servants will rise and build," but Sanballat and Tobiah, and the heathen, shall have no portion, nor

REVIVALS IN OHIO. right, nor memorial in Jerusalem.

I have a bible class, which meets every || From Rev. Francis Bartlett, Start townweek, and has become exceedingly inte. ship, Hocking county, 0. resting. Quite a number attend, and ma. nifest a deep interest, who have, till lately, || has been a season of uncommon interest

The eloven months of my labour here, been seldom seen even in the Sanctuary | to me. I may truly say, the Lord has reon the Sabbath. I view it as one of the vived us. My wife and myself, have both most promising means of salvation we laboured to make the means of grace as have.

numerous and as interesting as possible. Our Sabbath school has recently been || In the bible class, in the Sabbath school, re-organized, under very auspicious cir.|| and in religious visitation, we have spent cumstances. At our last Sabbath school' much of our time. Our attention has concert, an unusual degree of feeling was also been much directed to the distribution manifested; the scholars, especially when || of religious books and tracts, which we addressed, were affected even to tears, That there are many lambs in this flock;| procure and lend to the people. This, in

a county, whose existence is but as yes. whom the Great Shepherd will soon ga- || terday, is a privilege indeed. And these ther to his arms, I have reason to hope. | various efforts, although very feeble, have We have raised ten dollars to replenish | been followed with blessings of incalcula. our Sunday school library. By the aid of | ble value. Our labours, however, do not a very worthy agent sent out by the A. I deserve to be mentioned in connexion with S.S. U. we have recently established in what the Lord hath done in this county. this county, about a dozen schools, most

We wished and prayed for a powerful reof which are in very promising circum-vival, at the very beginning of our labours, stances.

but the Lord in wisdom, has ordered it

otherwise,' and has caused us to hear the From Red. W. O. Stratton, Canfield and still small voice, during all our labours

here. Religion seems to be making steady Ellsworth, 0.

progress. Her institutions are better un. The congregations in C. and E., are derstood, and more highly prized, and the both pretty large for Ohio. Their tempo people are much more desirous to support ral prospects at present are so good, that them now, than when I first came to this neither of them will, I understand, apply place. Previous to the beginning of my for aid this year, and several have been labours here, this people had never enjoyed added to the communion of the church, || but two months regular preaching. No reliwhom we trust truly love Jesus Christ; gious paper gave them a weekly view of the whilst many more in both congregations religious world; no concert of prayer gave are indulging the blessed hope, that they || them a monthly record of the stately stephave passed from death unto life, or are | pings of Jehovah throughout the earth; anxiously asking, what they must do to and no agents of the tract, bible, education, be saved. The two Sabbath schools in Sabbath school, missionary society,&c., oc. E. have been suspended through the win. || casionally spread before them the benevoter, but will, I expect, resume perations | lence of the re of the Lord Jesus Christ. again, as soon as the roads become settled. But they were literally alone, and that The one in C. has gone on without inter- too in the wilderness, with no one to lead

thom onward, in the farth of active plety. Ilyear of his Hfe, he spent overy Friday In It is not strange, therefore, that they|| fasting and prayer. His great desire was should have been found living, as our fa- to have beforo ho died the regular minis. thers lived fifty years ago. There were, litration of the word established hero; but however, a few, even herc, under all these tho Lord conferred a still greater blessing disadvantages, who seemed to have on him, by taking him, as we trust, to him. caught the spirit, which blesses the hap-self in glory. He died before any minis. piest portions of our country. One of|tration was sent here: yet I believe that these, who now sleeps with Jesus, you, we are to look to that little prayer meeting, will permit mo to mention in a more par. and to the other efforts of that pious man, ticular manner.

as the means, in the hands of God, of all

the spiritual blessings, that have been sent An example to pious Emigrants.

on this people. In 1829, a missionary was

sent to this people, for two months, under He was a deacon in Plymouth, Massa- / whose preaching, three of that deacon's chusetts, and removed to this county in children were hopefully converted, and a 1816. Besides himself and wife, there church was organized of seventeen memwas no known professor of religion within | bers. In the mean time, the above men. twelve miles of him, and the nearest place tioned son of the deacon had become an of public worship, was twenty miles. ordained minister, and on the seventh of These circumstances brought sadness to May, 1830, began to labour here, under a his heart, “while he remembered Zion." || commission from the A. H. M. S. And if Yet he did not “hang his harp upon the he has been instrumental in doing any willows.” But as his first Sabbath drew good, I believe it to be in answer to the on him in the wilderness, he invited his prayers of his pious father, in no small thinly scattered neighbours, to come and|degree. unite with him in prayer on the Lord's day. (From the statistical table accompanying

A thing so new, excited their curiosity, the above, we learn that the number of and a number came, and attended to the hopeful conversions, since May last, is first prayer which they had perhaps evertwenty-four.] heard there in public, and to an excellent sermon from Burder. The burden of his prayer was, that God would cause this

Milan, Huron Co. O. wilderness to bud and blosom as the rose ;

On and ere long spread his table here. His

222 of vol. 3, wo publishod an account of faith never failed him, he laboured as

the awakening in this place, under the labours of though he expected the Lord would an.

Rev. E. Judson. The following is from his last reswer bis prayers, in his own time. He thus laboured alone, from Sabbath to Sabbath, In my last quarterly report, I was per. conversing with all he met, on the momen-mitted to speak of the continued influencos tous concerns of their' souls, during one of the Holy Spirit upon the congregation whole year; at the end of which, the Lord in this place. During the last three months, sent a helper for him, another layman, hopeful conversions have not occured as from old Plymouth. The year following, | frequently, as in three months preceding. another came. The deacon's hands were We have, however, enjoyed the con. thus greatly strengthened, and his hearttinued manifestations ofthe divino presenco. much encouraged, by seeing a little im-It has resembled the gentle distilling of provernent in the moral character of the the dew, rather than the copious shower of settlers. The third year, his second son rain. I am unable to name tho definite professed conversion, and joined the number of hopeful conversions since I last church in Athens, twenty miles distant, I wrote. Twenty havo united with our and a few months afterwards commenced church, eighteon of them by confession, his studies preparatory to the ministry. I which, 'added to the seventeen before re When this son made known his wishes to ported, gives thirty-five who have united his father, respecting the ministry, he said, with us, as the fruits of this revival. "the thing proceedeth from the Lord; we Others are expected to unite with us, at cannot speak unto thee bad or good.”— our next communion. The whole num. Gen. xxiv. 50. “Behold the way is be-ber that have united with the Milan church fore thee; go, and the Lord go with you within a year, is forty-eight. This, when and bless you.” For six years, he watched we take into consideration, that the whole and prayed over this spot in the little pray- number antecedent to that period, was only er meeting on every Sabbath, and doubt-|32, may be regarded as a large accession to less in secret also; and during the last lour numbers. Our mootinges continue to





be woll attonded, and some seriousness || eight by profession and four by letter. Joy still exists amoog us. Of those who have and gratitude swelled the hearts of God's united with us, almost one half are Sabbath children, whilst some of the impenitent, to scholars. Our Sabbath school has never say the least, were pricked in their hearts, been as flourishing as at present. It has and under the energies of omnipotent Grace now been in operation for nearly a year have since hopefully submitted themselves and a half, and, during the whole period, | to God. The Lord is doing great things has been increasing in numbers and inte- || for us. Among the hopeful converts, which

are all from the Sabbath school and Bible

class, except one, there is now a higher Eldridge, Huron Co. O.

state of religious affection, more decision

and devotedness, than at the time they in. Our prospects in Eldridge have been more dulged hope.. I know of no exception to eheering, for a few weeks past, than for this statement. This is peculiarly encour. some months previous. A good degree of|aging and animating to the friends of Zion, interest and Christian energy is manifested || especially to us. The aspect of this place by most of the members of the church.

has almost entirely changed within six spirit of prayer has been felt for impenitent |months. sinners, and we have been permitted to rejoice over three or four, who cherish the hope, that they have been born of the Spirit of God.

Awakening begun at Euclid, O.

From Rev. S. Peet.
Churches in Huron Co.

We have had many trials, and the past

year has been marked by them, as well as The churches in this county are united former years. We, however, can at length for the purpose of holding conferences"

say, that the Lord is among us. A good monthly. These meetings have been work is begun here; seven souls have, we highly blessed. Most of the congregations | hope, submitted to Christ within a short visited, have been favoured more or less time, and about twenty are anxious. with the reviving infiuences of the Holy Christians to some extent are awake, Spirit. The state of religion in most of

though not universally. our churches, is at present more than usual

I need not say, that the hearts of God's ly interosting.

people are greatly rejoiced, and that your missionary feels to praise the Lord for his

goodness. Meetings are numeroiis, From Rev. E. P. Salmon, Ruggles, 0. crowded and solemn. Christians love to I stated in my last report that we had pray

and converse. I have much to do, some pleasing indications that God was and must go out this afternoon, to see about to appear in mercy and revive this some of the anxious, and must be excused little branch of his vine. Our hopes have from giving you a long letter. I will give not been altogether disappointed. We you intelligence from time to time, if the have for three months past enjoyed a little work goes on. Pray that it may increase, refreshing season, and there still appears and spread through this region. to be evidence that God has not forsaken

There is a good degree of religious feeling here, and some cases of deep serioupness. Our communion season, which

From Rev. John Beach, Norwalk, Ohio. was observed the first Sabbath of the pre. Since the date of my last commission I sent month, was, I think, the most solemn have continued my missionary labours in and interesting day I ever witnessed. The this place and in Fitchville. The prospects Lord was in very deed with us; an univer- in both congregations are encouraging. sal solemnity pervaded the whole au- | For a short season the excitement which dience-in almost every countenance was commenced last summer in Fitchville, depicted deep anxiety. Some who had seemed to subside, but recently it has been boasted that they would not weep, found renewed. Professing Christians are quickthemselves dispossessed of this resolution ;ened--the Holy Spirit is convincing of they could not longer suppress their feel. || sin. The Sabbath school enjoys the larg. ings, but wept profusely during the whole est share in the blessing. At our last com. service. Our third meeting was equally | munion there were added to the church solemn and impressive. Twelve were re-two, on profession, one by letter. Meetings ceived into communion with this church, are well attended, especially on the Sab


bath; and the precious word of God has || But while we acknowledge with gratitude Dot been dispensed in vain.

the mercy of God towards us, we have to Two weeks since, a monthly conferencelament the prevalence of soul-destroying of the churches was attended in this place, error in our neighbourhood. In this town. which exerted a very favourable influence. ship, I understand, there are not less than Some cases of seriousness, and a very few forty-six subscribers to a Universalist paof hopeful conversion, had been witnessed per. I need not say that they exert a pow. before. The way appears to have been erfully deleterious influence. prepared for just such a meeting. A spirit of grace and of supplication, seems to From Rev. Robt. J. Hall, Mount Pleasant, bave been poured out upon professing Christians. Different denominations are

Hamilton Co. Ohio. more united. A general solemnity is per

Mr. H. labours in Mount Pleasant and ceivable at religious meetings. An un

two other congregations in the vicinityisual number attend public worship. Last From the last report received from him, it Sabbath three united with the church-two appears that the Great Head of the Church by letter, and one on profession.

has blessed his labours, in the addition of I prefer, however, to withhold further 60 members to the three churches, of whom particulars for a time, to determine whe-1) 50 wero received on profession of their ther our hopes are to be blasted or realized.) faith. From Rev. H. S. Fullerton, Union, (near Burlington and Hartford, Licking Co. O. Chillicothe,) Ohio.

A recent Report of our missionary in When I commenced my labours here, in these churches, encourages us to hope that October last, I found that the church had the Lord is about to pour out his Spirit in

After detailing some been in a divided, sinking condition, for copious effusions. several years. Some of the old members interesting facts, he adds in a postscripthad died-others had gone to different

“ Last evening we held our first inquiry parts of the country, and in the mean time meeting. Twelve attended. Two were ihere had been very few additions of new rejoicing in hope—two wished to remain members to supply their place. Within silent--and eight were deeply impressed ;

some of them were on the borders of des the last year, however, there had been an increased attention to the means of

pair. Pray for us.”

grace, aod three or four had been added to the charch.

From Rev. A. T. Rankin, Felicity, Cler. Desire to hear the Word.

mont Co. 0. April 1, 1831. Since the commencement of my labours I have preached within the bounds of the In looking over the year's service just congregation regularly on Sabbaths, and ended, there are many things calculated to as frequently through the week as my fill our hearts with gratitude to God. When health would permit. There has been, and I visited this placé last spring, as a misthere still is, a very great desire to hear thesionary, the church was in a perishing conFord preached. If I were able to preach | dition. The Sabbath, to this people, had once, or even twice every day, I believe I been for a length of time silent, its return would very seldom be without an audience. brought no temple service, the voice of Oar congregations are large and solemn. prayer and praise had ceased. And though They are still increasing, and I feel en. the few remaining followers of the Re. couraged to hope that it will yet be said of deemer, (for the number had dwindled to this place—“this and that man was born a few,) wept over the desolations of this there."

part of Zion, yet they had almost relin. Season of refreshing.

quished all hope of ever again seeing good By referring to the schedule that accom-days, when they should rejoice at the sweet panies this, you will see we have reason to and heart-elevating accents, “Let us go hope that God is with us, and is blessing up to the house of God.” Some of their us. Three members have been received children had well nigh wandered; others by letter, and thirty-one by confcssion, since were growing in years, on whose foreheads I came here in October. Of the latter, || had never been impressed the seal of the nine adults were to be baptized. The ad. | everlasting covenant; over whom the names ditions have been chiefly from the youth, of the blessed Trinity had never been prothough the middle-aged, and the gray head. || nounced. Sadness and gloom settled on ed, have also participated in the blessing. the countenances of the parents as they


looked over thetr rising families, and re-jjat times. Never have I known a church membered their offspring were increasing to come up to the help of the Lord more in stature, but without wisdom and the unanimously than this ; and such has been knowledge of the Lord. And but for the the spirit of prayer, that where the word benevolence of your society, none can tell preached did not profit, the strong cryings how long such a melancholy state had con- of Christians have so availed with God, as tinued.

that during seasons of prayer our strongChanges effected.

est "have bowed themselves. There has But by the blessing of Providence, the been an universal excitement in the town, face of things has been greatly changed. and I believe that the various denominaSuccess appears

to have attended the tions have more or less entered into the preaching of the word, through the whole work. Upwards of a hundred have in. year. The old church in Felicity has been dulged hopes within the bounds of the revived and greatly increased; and the Presbyterian society, and thirty-four uni. foundation of a new and active one laid ted with the church on Feb. 13th, on proin the adjoining neighbourhood.

fession of their faith, thirteen of whom At the commencement of the year we were then baptized. The work is still adestablished a weekly prayer meeting, the vancing, and I think more rapidly than monthly concert, and a prayer meeting on heretofore. The society has ever been dithe vacant Sabbath, which have been con- / vided about the site of their contemplated tinued with interest. Also, a sabbath meeting house. They have been prepared, school, bible class, and temperance soci-land would have built one some years ago, ety.

but for this. Now they are united, and de. (From the schedule accompanying the clare with one voice, “the revival has deforegoing report, it appears that the addi-cided whero the site shall be.” Every tions to the churches of Felicity and Eben-thing appears to be in the most happy and

ezer, to which our missionary preaches, harmonious state. · have been by Letter, 3, by Confession, 127.

Revival in Newark. What hath God wrought!]

I have been at Marion only part of the time since the revival commenced. The people of Newark were destitute of a mi.

nister, and insisted on my spending part of From the last report of our missionary, | my time among them. A revival having Rev. John B. Preston, who preaches prin- commenced among them, duty appeared cipally at Ernest Town and Camden, U.C.plain, I thought, and I have complied with we learn that there have been during the their request. During my absence from first three quarters of his missionary year, Marion, my place has been supplied by thirty-eight hopeful conversions, of which Rev. Messrs. Nash, Campbell, of Palmyra, thirty-five are in the congregation of Cam- and Steele, of Warsaw. There has been den. Eight S. Schools are in operation, within the bounds of Newark society, I embracing 315 scholars, having libraries should judge, about a hundred and fifty amounting in all to 320 volumes. Four hopeful conversions. On Feb. 20th five temperance societies have beon organized were added to this church by letter, and having 420 signers.

eighty-threo on profession of their faith.

It was a most solemn day, and it has given a mighty impetus to the work.




From Rev. James Boyle, Marion and New

From Rev. S. Porter, Castleton, N. Y. ark, Wayne Co. N.Y.

March 14, 1831.

Blessed be the Lord, I am now able to Revival in Marion.

speak of a glorious work of grace among When I wrote you last I mentioned that my people, which I trust will rejoice the there was some appearance of a revival in hearts of all who love Zion, and especial. Marion, and that wo had some expectationly of the friends and patrons of the Home of seeing a great work of God among us. Missionary cause. The first token for That expectation has been realized. The good, in regard to this blessed work, was congregation became so large that we were

a spirit of agonizing supplication, which obliged to build an addition to the school. was poured out upon a little band of sisters house in which we held our meetings, ll in tho church, who had kept up a weekly which will contain nearly two hundred prayer meeting. In November a move. persons, and yet we are straitened for roomment was made in the Temperance cause,

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