Moralische Gedichte

J.C. Bohn, 1753 - 334 Seiten

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Seite 4 - If I am right, Thy Grace impart Still in the right to ftay ; If I am wrong, oh teach my Heart; '. To find that better Way; Or impious
Seite 25 - where that Knowledge , if it were certain , could « be of no Ufe. Wherein he agreed entirely with "the Sentiments of Socrates, as Plato delivers them; " which I mention as the higheft Honour I can do « that Prince of Philofophers. I have often fince
Seite 3 - Let not this weak unknowing Hand . .-Prefume Thy Bolts to throw, And deal Damnation round the Land, On each I judge thy Foe.
Seite 3 - For God is pay'd when Man receives, T enjoy , is to obey. Yet not to Earth's contrafted Span ^ Thy' Goodnefs let me bound, Or think Thee Lord alone of Man, When
Seite 270 - Well, I wonder, • what the Devil the Queen could fee in him ; for I attended him two Years, and he was the greateft Dunce that ever I taught. ESSAY ON MODERN EDUCATION, in POPE'S & SWIFT'S MISCELLANIES (Lond. 1736.) Vol. III. p.
Seite xix - Great Wits fometimes may gloriouily offend, And rife to faults true Critics dare not mend, From vulgar bounds with brave diforder part, And
Seite 2 - to be done, Or warns me not to do , This, teach me more than Hell to
Seite 1 - THE UNIVERSAL- PRAYER. DEO OPT. MAX. FATHER of All! in every Age, In every Clime ador'd, By Saint, by Savage, and by Sage,
Seite vii - affligent leur amour propre. Ils prennent donc le parti de méprifer dans les autres un mérite, qu'eux-mêmes ils n'ont pas eu la volonté ou le pouvoir d'acquérir. Mais fans contredit, les plus grands ennemis des Notes, ce font ces Critiques acharnez, qui ont déclaré une guerre impitoyable aux bons Ecrivains de l'antiquité. Comme elles font voir à
Seite 70 - augmenté les tailles de trois millions & levé pendant vingt ans quatre millions fept cens mille livres par an: ce qui pourroit Faire environ 23 millions d'aujourd'hui , au lieu que Charles Vil. n'avoit jamais levé par an que

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