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20 AN ODE FOR ST. Cecilia'S DAY. Addison,

a streak of lightning clears the day,

and flashes on the sight.
Let echo too perform her part,
prolonging every note with art,

and in a low expiring strain

play all the concert o'er again.
5 Such were the tuneful notes that hung

on bright Cecilia's charming tongue;
notes that sacred heats inspir'd,
and with religious ardour fir'd:
the love-sick youth, that long suppress'd
his smother'd passion in his breast,
Do sooner heard the warbling dame,

but, by the secret influence turn'd,
he felt a new diviner flame,

and with devotion burn’d.
With ravish'd soul, and looks amaz’d,
upon her beauteous face he gaz'd;

nor made his amorous complaint:
in vain her eyes his heart bad charm’d,
her heavenly voice her eyes disarm'd,
and chang'd the lover to a saint.

6 And now the choir compleat rejoices,
with trembling strings and melting voices,

the tuneful serment rises high,

and works with mingled melody:
quick divisions run their rounds,
a thousand trills and quivering sounds

in airy circles o’er us fly,
till, wasted by a gentle breeze,
they faint and languish by degrees,

and at a distance die.

· AN ODE. i The spacious firmament on high ; with all the blue ethereal sky, and spangled heavens, a shining frame, their greal original proclaim. Th' unweary'd sun, from day to day, : does his Creator's power display; and publishes, to every land,

the work of an Almighty hand.
2 Soon as the evening shades prevail,

the moon takes up the wonderous tale;
and nightly, to the listening earth,
repeats the story of her birth:
whilst all the stars that round her burn,
and all the planets, in their turn,
confirm the tidings as they roll,

and spread the truth from pole to pole. 3 What tho', in solemn silence, alt

move round the dark terrestrial ball; · what tho', no real voice, nor sound,

amidst their radiant orbs be found:
in Reason's ear they all rejoice,
and utter forth a glorious voice;
for ever singing as they shine,
the hand that made us is divine.

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AN HYMN. 1 When all thy mercies, O my God,

my rising soul surveys, transported with the view, I'm lost

in wonder, love, and praise. No. 78.

2 O how shall words with equal warmth

the gratitude declare, that glows within my ravish'd heart!

but thou canst read it there. 3 Thy Providence my life sustain'd,

and all my wants redrest; when in the silent womb I lay,

and hung upon the breast. 4. To all my weak complaints and cries, .

thy mercy lent an ear,
ere yet my feeble thoughts bad learnt

to form themselves in prayer.
5 Unnumber'd comforts to my soul .

thy tender care bestow'd, before my infant heart conceiv'd

from whence these comforts flow'd. 6 When in the slippery paths of youth

with heedless steps I ran,
thine arm unseen convey'd me safe,

and led me up to man. * Through hidden dangers, toils, and death,

it gently cleard my way; and through the pleasing snares of vice,

more to be fear'd than they. 8 When worn with sickness, oft hast thou

with health renew'd my face; and when in sins and sorrows sunk,

reviv'd my soul with grace. 9 Thy bounteous hand with worldly bliss

has made my cup run o'er, and in a kind and faithful friend

hast doubled all my store.

10 Ten thousand thousand precious gifts

my daily thanks employ;
nor is the least a chearful heart,

that tastes those gifts with joy. 11 Through every period of my life,

thy goodness I'll pursue; and after death, in distant worlds,

the glorious theme renew. 12 When Nature fails, and day and night

divide thy works no more, my ever-grateful heart, O Lord,', in

thy mercy shall adore. 13 Through all eternity to thee,

a joyful song. I 'll raise; for, oh! eternity's too short, .. .,

to utter all thy praise. ..

AN ODE. 1 How are thy servants blest, O Lord !

how sure is, their defence! eternal wisdom is their guide,

their help Omnipotence. 2 In foreign realms, and lands remote,

supported by thy care, through burning climes I pass'd unhurt,

and breath'd in tainted air.
3 Thy mercy sweeten'd every soil,

made every region please;
the hoary Alpine-hills it warm’d,

and smooth'd the Tyrrhene seas. 4 Think, O my soul, devoutly think,

how, with affrighted eyes,

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thou saw'st the wide-extended deep,

in all i'ts horrors rise.. 5 Confusion dwelt in every face,

and fear in every heart; when waves on waves, and gulphs on gulphs,

o'ercame the pilot's art. 6 Yet then from all my griefs, O Lord,

thy mercy set me free; whilst, in the confidence of prayer, ..

my soul took hold on thee.
7 For tho' in dreadful whirls we hung

high on the broken wave,
I knew thou wert not slow to hear,

nor impotent to save.....
8 The storm was laid, the winds retir'd,

obedient to thy will;
the sea, that roar'd at thy command,

at thy command was still.
9 In midst of dangers, fears, and death,

thy goodness I'll adore;
and praise thee for thy mercies past,

and humbly hope for more.
10 My life, if thou preserv'st my life,

thy sacrifice shall be;
and death, if death must be my doom,

shall join my soul to thee.

AN HYMN. 1 When rising from the bed of death,

o'erwhelm'd with guilt and fear, I see my Maker face to face;

O how shall I appear! , ,

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