The plays, histories and novels of ... mrs. Aphra Behn. With life and memoirs, Band 5


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Seite 87 - There was no one Grace wanting, that bears the Standard of true Beauty. His Hair came down to his Shoulders, by the Aids of Art, which was by pulling it out with a Quill, and keeping it comb'd; of which he took particular Care.
Seite 153 - Tis a continent whose vast extent was never yet known, and may contain more noble earth than all the universe beside; for, they say, it reaches from east to west one way as far as China, and another to Peru: it affords all things both for beauty and use; 'tis there eternal spring, always the very months of April, May, and June...
Seite 72 - She was of a generous, humane disposition, something passionate, very serviceable to her friends in all that was in her power, and could sooner forgive an injury than do one.
Seite 164 - Wonders, or not to be recounted, no more than to number the Hair of their Heads. By Degrees they grew more bold, and from gazing upon us round, they touch'd us, laying their Hands upon all the Features of our Faces, feeling our Breasts, and Arms, taking up one Petticoat, then wondering to see another; admiring our Shoes and Stockings, but more our Garters, which we gave 'em, and they ty'd about their Legs, being lac'd with Silver Lace at the Ends; for they much esteem any shining Things.
Seite 86 - Romans: he had heard of the late Civil Wars in England, and the deplorable death of our great monarch; and would discourse of it with all the sense and abhorrence of the injustice imaginable.
Seite 196 - Look ye, ye faithless crew, said he, 'tis not life I seek, nor am I afraid of dying (and at that word, cut a piece of flesh from his own throat, and threw it at 'em), yet still I would live if I could, till I had perfected my revenge: But, oh!
Seite 89 - So that having made his first compliments, and presented her an hundred and fifty slaves in fetters, he told her with his eyes, that he was not insensible of her charms...
Seite 184 - This apprehension made all the females of us fly down the river to be secured; and while we were away, they acted this cruelty; for I suppose I had authority and interest enough there, had I suspected any such thing, to have prevented it...
Seite 78 - Some of the beauties, which indeed are finely shaped, as almost all are, and who have pretty features, are charming and novel ; for they have all that is called beauty, except the colour, which is a reddish yellow ; or after a new oiling, which they often use to themselves, they are of the colour of a new brick, but smooth, soft and sleek.
Seite 164 - ... thought it had been for those that should kill us, but it seems it was of Wonder and Amazement. They were all naked ; and we were...

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