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Copyrighted, 1899,
By Biographical Directory Company.



HE BIOGRAPHICAL DIRECTORY has been compiled for the purpose of giving a brief biographical sketch of the representative business and professional men of the State of New York. The form used is intended to give, wherever possible, the name, business and residence address, place and date of birth, where educated, whether married or single, names of the corporations, firms and institutions with which such men are connected, positions of importance which they hold, as well as those that they have held, and also the names of the clubs, societies and associations of which they are members; and, as such, it is hoped that the work will be found useful in editorial rooms, in business offices, in club libraries, and as a book of reference, generally, in both private and public libraries.

This information has, in very large part, been furnished by the individuals themselves, in addition to which the standard books of reference bearing on these matters have been carefully consulted; and, to insure the accuracy and completeness of each sketch, a proof containing all the information available from both these sources has been sent to all persons mentioned in this publication.

We have made this work as complete as possible on the lines above indicated, and if there are any persons of importance omitted from the volume, it is because they have failed to send us the desired information; and, rather than prepare something imperfect and, perhaps, misleading, it has been thought advisable to omit their names entirely.

The twelve thousand (12,000) sketches in this book are those of men. prominent to-day in commercial, professional or other activities, who are worthily sustaining the reputation of New York as the Empire State, and the names included are entirely of characters living on the first day of January, 1900.

The difficulties and magnitude of the work involved in the compilation of a book of this character will be at once obvious when it is considered how much exhaustive, careful and patient investigation, comparison, verification and cross-references have been necessary in the preparation of the present volume. Owing to the generous co-operation of the subjects of these notices in furnishing us with so much of the information desired, we are able to rely entirely on the merits of the volume for the success to which we believe we can, with all modesty, look forward.

A book of this kind will be published for every State in the Union just as rapidly as it is possible for us to obtain the necessary information; and it is our purpose to revise it in each State every three years.

In conclusion, we desire to also record our appreciation of the assistance rendered to us in the preparation of this work by such clubs and other organizations as have furnished us with membership lists, and also to acknowledge our indebtedness to the various works of reference necessary to the compilation of a volume like the present.



AARON, CHARLES E.-Leather Merchant, 8 Ferry street, New York City; residence 217 Quincy street, Brooklyn. President New York Leather Belting Co. Member Hardware Club, Union League Club of Brooklyn, and Metropolitan Museum of Art.

AARON, HERMAN-Lawyer, 15 Wall street, New York City; residence 353 West 57th street. Member Press Club, Society of Medical Jurisprudence, Columbia Alumni and College of the City of New York Alumni Associations.

AARON, ISRAEL-Rabbi Temple Beth Zion, Buffalo; residence 748 Auburn avenue. Born in Lancaster, Pa., Nov. 20, 1859. Educated in Lancaster and at University of Cincinnati, Ohio, and Hebrew Union College (D.D.). (Married.) Honorary president Sisterhood of Zion. Member University and Liberal Clubs, Masonic and other fraternal bodies.

ABARBANELL, JACOB R.-Lawyer and Editor, 24 Vandewater street, New York City; residence 241 Grove street, Jersey City, N. J. Born in New York City, Dec. 6, 1852. Educated at the College of the City of New York (B.S.), and Columbia College Law School (LL.B.). (Married.) Editor of the New York "Family Story Paper" and "Golden Hours." Author of many novels and translations under nom de plume "Ralph Royal." Member Manhattan, Single Tax, City College, Thirteen and New York Press Clubs, and MedicoLegal Society.

ABBE, ROBERT-Physician, 11 West 50th street, New York City. Member Riding and Barnard Clubs, and Century and College of the City of New York Alumni Associations.

ABBEY, HENRY-Author and Merchant, New York Produce Exchange, New York City; residence 11 Linderman avenue, Kingston. Born in Rondout, N. Y., July 11, 1842. Educated in academy. Engaged in the flour and grain business. Author of "May Dreams," "Ralph, and Other Poems," "Stories in Verse,' "Ballads of Good Deeds," and "The City of Success, and Other Poems." Member Authors' and Shakespeare Clubs, and National Sculpture Society.

ABBOT, EVERETT VERGNIES-Lawyer, 55 William street, New York City; residence 187 Madison avenue. Member Reform, Calumet, Harvard and Staten Island Cricket Clubs, Sons of the Revolution, and Association of the Bar of the City of New York.

ABBOT, FRANK P.-China Merchant, 29 Barclay street, New York City; residence 5 First place, Brooklyn. Born in Brooklyn, May 25, 1853. Educated at Polytechnic Institute, Brooklyn. (Married.) Member of the firm of Gerard, Dufraisseix & Abbot. Trustee and ex-president Crockery Board of Trade. Member Hardware Club.

ABBOTT, CHARLES E.-Merchant, 236 Eighth avenue, New York City; residence 279 West 22d street. Born in Vermont, March 27, 1859. (Single.) President New York Retail Bakers' Association. Member New York Athletic Club, and Forest and Stream Club of Wilmington, Vt. Thirty-second degree Mason.


ABBOTT, FRANK W.-Physician and Surgeon, 523 Franklin street, Buffalo. Born in Arakan, Burma, India, Dec. 24, 1841. Educated at University Rochester (A.B. and A.M.) and University of Buffalo (M.D.). (Married.) Ophthalmic surgeon Buffalo General Hospital; surgeon Charity Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital of Erie County. Was examining surgeon for pensions, etc. Member Buffalo Academy of Medicine, American Ophthalmological Society, Buffalo Medical Club, American Otological Society, and International Ophthalmological Congress.

ABBOTT, HENRY H.-Lawyer, 58 Pine street, New York city; residence 204 West 92d street. Born

in Chicago, Ill., Nov. 17, 1870. Educated at Amherst College. (Married.) Member of the firm of Breed & Abbott. Member Amherst Alumni Association, and Law Institute.

ABBOTT, LAWRENCE F.-President, 287 Fourth avenue, New York City; residence Mountainville. President and director "The Outlook" Co. Member University and Social Reform Clubs, Hamilton Club of Brooklyn, and Amherst Alumni and Aldine Associations.

ABBOTT, LYMAN-Clergyman and Editor, 287 Fourth avenue, New York City; residence Brooklyn. Born in Roxbury, Mass., Dec. 18, 1835. Educated at College of the City of New York ('53), and Harvard (D.D.). (Married Abby F., daughter of Hannibal Hamlin, of Boston.) Practiced law. Ordained Congregational minister, 1860; pastor in Terre Haute, Ind., 1860-5; New England Church in New York, 1865-9. Secretary American Union Commission, 1865-8. Resigned pastorate in 1869 to devote himself to literature. Edited the literary record of "Harper's Magazine"; associate editor of "The Christian Union," with Henry Ward Beecher, whom he succeeded as pastor of Plymouth Church in Brooklyn, 1888; resigned November, 1898. Now editor of "The Outlook." Author of "Christianity and Social Problems," "Jesus of Nazareth," "Illustrated Commentary on the New Testament," "A Layman's Story,' "How to Study the Bible," "Life of Christ," "In Aid of Faith," "The Evolution of Christianity," "A Study in Human Nature," "Theology of an Evolutionist," "The Life and Epistles of Paul," and others. Member Congregational Club.

ABBOTT, WILLIS JOHN-Editor and Author, 154 Nassau street, New York City; residence 220 Central Park, South. Born in New Haven, Conn., March 16, 1863. (Grandson of John S. C. Abbott, historian.) Educated at University of Michigan ('84). (Married Maria A. Nack.) Managing editor Chicago "Times," 1892-3; joined staff of New York "Journal," as writing editor, 1896. Chairman Henry George campaign committee, 1898. Author of "Blue Jackets of '76," "Blue Jackets of 1812," "Blue Jackets of 1861," "Battle Fields and Camp Fires," "Battle Fields of 1861," "Battle Fields and Victory," and "Carter Henry Harrison, a Memoir." Member Twilight Club and Aldine Association.

ABEEL, GEORGE—Iron Merchant, 190 South street, New York City; residence 5 East 124th street. Member of the firm of Abeel Bros. Trustee East River Savings Institution. Member Harlem, St. Nicholas and Suburban Riding and Driving Clubs, St. Nicholas Society and American Museum of Natural History.

ABEEL, JOHN H.-Iron Merchant, 190 South street, New York City; residence St. Nicholas Club. Member St. Nicholas and New York Athletic Clubs, and St. Nicholas Society.

ABEGG, HENRY-Importer, 92 Grand street, New York City; residence 222 West 23d street. Member of the firm of Abegg & Rusch. Member Merchants' Central and Reform Clubs, Metropolitan Museum of Art, and American Museum of Natural History.

ABELL, CHARLES LEE-Insurance, 11 Mooney building, Buffalo; residence 242 Linwood avenue. Born in Buffalo, Oct. 4, 1856. Educated in Buffalo. (Married.) President Marine Elevator Co. LieutenantColonel 74th Regiment, N. G. N. Y. Member Buffalo, Ellicott and Army and Navy Clubs, and Sons of the American Revolution.

ABELL, HENRY E.-Commissioner, 300 Mulberry street, New York City; residence 434 Fourth street, Brooklyn. Born in Esperance, Schoharie Co., N. Y., June 25, 1837. (Son of William Bliss Abell.) Educated at Delaware Literary Institute, Franklin, N. Y., and

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