Travels in Upper and Lower Egypt,: In Company with Several Divisions of the French Army, During the Campaigns of General Bonaparte in that Country;

T.N. Longman and O. Rees, ... and Richard Phillips, 1803
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Seite 70 - The female forms, however, resemble the figure of beautiful women of the present day, round and voluptuous, a small nose, the eyes long, half shut, and turned up at the outer angle, like those of all persons whose sight is habitually fatigued by the burning heat of the sun, or the dazzling...
Seite 69 - ... design chalked out for him, and could not introduce any deviation which might alter the true meaning that it was intended to convey: it was with these...
Seite 71 - I have discovered at Tentyra the representations. of the peristyles of temples in caryatides, which are executed in painting at the baths of Titus, and have been copied by Raphael, and which we constantly ape in our rooms, without suspecting that the Egyptians have given us the first models of them.
Seite 22 - Prince, who was lively, gay, impetuous, and clever, all of which were shewn in his physiognomy : his colour was deeper than bronze, his eyes very fine and well set, his nose somewhat turned up and small, his mouth very wide but not flat, and his legs, like those of all the Africans, bowed and lank. He told us that his brother was an ally of the King of Burnu, and traded with him, and that he was always at war with the people of Sennar. He likewise informed us, that it was forty days...
Seite 32 - Still no tidings of our cavalry on the 14th. We amused ourselves with hearing Arabian tales, in order to kill time, and relieve our impatience. The Arabs relate stories so slowly, that our interpreters could follow them almost without interrupting the narrative. They retain the same passion for these tales as we have long been familiar with in the thousand and one tales of the Sultana...
Seite 68 - I saw that the Supreme Being, the First Cause, was every where depicted by the emblems of his attributes ; and I had but a few hours to examine, to reflect on, and to copy, what it had been the labour of ages to conceive, to put together, and to decorate. With my pencil in my hand, I passed from object to object, distracted from one by the inviting appearance of the next, constantly attracted to new subjects, and again torn from them.
Seite 261 - ... the village of Luxor. Nothing can be more grand, and at the same time more simple, than the small number of objects of which this entrance is composed. No city whatever makes so proud a display at its approach as this wretched village, the population of which consists of two or three thousand souls, who have taken up their abodes on the roofs and beneath the galleries of this temple, which has, nevertheless, the air of being in a manner uninhabited.
Seite 322 - ... all at once as if it would overflow its channel, the waves passed over our heads, and we felt the bottom heave up under our feet: our clothes were conveyed away along with the shore itself, which seemed to be carried off by the whirlwind which had now reached us. We were compelled to leave the water, and our wet and naked bodies being beat upon by a...
Seite 239 - ... roasted and devoured. Nothing was to be found except the bodies of their dogs, killed in endeavouring to defend the property of their masters. If we made any stay in a village, the unfortunate inhabitants who had fled on our approach, were summoned to return...

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