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This new and very beautiful species has just bloomed in the Royal Gardens at Kew Palace, and was exhibited at the last show at the Chiswick Gardens, where it was the admiration of all who saw it. It forms a neat branching plant, which appears to be easy of culture, and blooming so freely, is one of the most lovely of plants, and will merit a place in every collection.

Plate II.


Our drawing of this new species was made from a plant which bloomed in our collection this spring. In habit, the plant resembles A. grandiflora, the flowers, however, are of a much more rich and deep colour than those of that variety. It is a strong grower, and succeeds well with the ordinary treatment.

2. GLOXINIA CARTONII. This is one of the most beautiful of the many varieties of this interesting family. We believe it was originated in the garden of His Grace the Duke of Northumberland, at Sion House, Isleworth. It is

Vol. XIV. No. 161.


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