Plato and the Older Academy


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Seite 2 - Hume's Treatise on Human Nature. Edited, with Notes, &c. by TH GREEN, MA and the Rev. TH GROSE, MA 2 vols. 8vo. 28*.
Seite 2 - History of Civilisation in England and France, Spain and Scotland. By HENRY THOMAS BUCKLE. 3 vols. crown 8vo. 24*.
Seite 1 - Introduction to the Science of Religion : Four Lectures delivered at the Royal Institution ; with two Essays on False Analogies and the Philosophy of Mythology. By F. Max Muller, MA Crown 8vo.
Seite 1 - Socrates and the Socratic Schools. Translated from the German of Dr. E. ZELLER, with the Author's approval, by the Rev. OSWALD J. REICHEL, BCL and MA Crown 8vo. 8s.
Seite 2 - MA 8vo. 14^. VOL. III. The Social Dynamics, or the General Laws of Human Progress (the Philosophy of History). Translated by ES BEESLY, MA 8vo.
Seite 2 - History of European Morals from Augustus to Charlemagne. By WEH LECKY, MA 2 vols. 8vo. price 28». History of the Rise and Influence of the Spirit of Rationalism in Europe. By the same Author.
Seite 172 - ... no respect from mind, then everything that we perceive through the body is to be regarded as most real and certain. But we must affirm them to be distinct, for they have a distinct origin and are of a different nature; the one is implanted in us by instruction, the other by persuasion; the one is always accompanied by true reason, the other is without reason; the one cannot be overcome by persuasion, but the other can; and...
Seite 2 - Vol. III. The Social Dynamics, or the General Laws of Human Progress (the Philosophy of History'). Translated by ES Beesly, MA Professor of History in University College, London.
Seite 265 - We cannot doubt," says Zeller, " that Plato meant to set forth in Ideas not merely the archetypes and essence of all true existence, but energetic powers ; that he regarded them as living and active, intelligent and reasonable.
Seite 1 - An Outline of the Necessary Laws of Thought : a Treatise on Pure and Applied Logic. By W. THOMPSON, DD Archbishop of York. Crown 8vo. 6s. On the Influence of Authority in Matters of Opinion. By the late Sir. GC LEWIS, Bart. 8vo. 14*.

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