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reckoned very valuable. In Asia these animals with black, and thrice obscurely annulated are found on the mountains of Caucasus, from with black near the end. In general appearance Persia to India; and also in China, where they it has the form of the domestic cat. Its length is are called Poupi. By the Bukharian traders, two feet and a half from the nose to the base of who often bring their skins to Russia, they are the tail : its tail little more than eleven inches : styled Bars. The leopard inhabits also Arabia, its height before is nineteen inches; behind where it is called Nemr. Mr. Forskal says, that twenty. It is sometimes found larger, there in that country, as well as in Egypt, it will do being instances of its reaching the length of three no harm to man unless provoked; but will enter feet from the nose to the tail. This animal inhouses by night and destroy the cats.

habits the reeds and woods in the marshy parts F. lynx Canadensis, the Canadian lynx, has that border on the western sides of the Caspian pale yellow eyes, and erect ears tufted with long Sea, particularly about the castle of Kislar on black hair. The body is covered with soft and the river Terek, and in the Persian provinces of long fur, cinereous tinged with tawny, or gray Ghisan and Masenderan, and frequent about the mixed with white, and marked with black or mouth of the Kur, the ancient Cyrus.- In mandusky spots more or less visible in different sub- ners, voice, and food, it agrees with the wild cat. jects, dependent on the age or season in which It conceals itself in the day, and wanders over the the animal is killed; the legs are strong and flooded tracts in search of prey; feeding on rats, thick; the claws large. It is about three times mice, and birds, but seldom climbing trees. It the size of a cat; though only about a foot high, is excessively fierce, and never frequents the and the tail is four inches long, tipt with black haunts of mankind. It is so impatient of captiThis species inhabits the -vast forest of North vity, that one which was taken in a trap, and America. It is called in Canada le chat cervier, had a leg broken, refused for many days the or le loup cervier, on account of its being so food placed by it; but in its fury devoured the destructive to deer: which it drops on from the fractured limb, with pieces of the stake it was trees, like the puma, and, fixing on the jugular fastened to, and broke all its teeth in the phrensy vein, never quits its hold till the exhausted ani- of its rage. mal falls through loss of blood. The English F. lynx vulgaris, the common lynx, is about call it a wild cat. It is very destructive to the two feet and a half long and fifteen inches high. young pigs, poultry, and all kinds of game. He has a great resemblance to the common cat; The skins are in high esteem for the softness and but his ears are longer and tufted, and his tail is warmness of the fur; and great numbers are an- much shorter: his head and body are of a grayish nually imported into Europe.

color tinged with red; his hair is streaked with F. caracal, the siyah-ghush, or Persian lynx, yellow, white, and black colors. The lynx inhas a lengthened face and small head; very long habits the vast forests of the north of Europe, slender ears, terminated with a long tuft of black Asia, America, and Japan. His eyes are brilliant, hairs; eyes small: the upper part of the body is bis aspect is soft, and his air is gay and sprightly. of a very pale reddish brown; and the belly and Like the cat, he covers his urine with earth; he breast are whitish : the limbs are strong and howls something like the wolf, and is heard at a pretty long; and the tail is about half the length considerable distance; he does not run like the of the body. These animals inhabit Arabia, dog or wolf, but walks and leaps like a cat; he Persia, India, and Barbary; where they are often pursues his prey even to the tops of trees; neibrought up tame, and used in the chase of smaller ther wild cats nor squirrels can escape him; he quadrupeds, and the larger sort of birds, such as lies in wait for stags, goats, hares, weasels, birds, cranes, pelicans, peacocks, &c., which they sur- &c., and darts suddenly upon them; he seizes prise with great address. When they seize their them by the throat and sucks their blood; then prey, they hold it fast with their mouth, and lie opens the head and eats the brain ; after this, he for a time motionless on it. They are fierce frequently leaves them and goes in search of when provoked ; Dr. Charleton says, he saw one fresh prey. The color of his skin changes acfall on a hound, which it killed and tore to cording to the season or the climate; the winter pieces in a moment, notwithstanding the dog furs are more beautiful than those of summer. defended itself to the utmost.- The Arabian These furs are valuable for their softness and writers call it anak el ard; and say, that it hunts warmth : numbers are annually imported from like the panther, jumps up at cranes as they fly, North America, and the north of Europe and and covers its steps when hunting.

Asia; the farther north and east they are taken, F. lynx chaus, the Caspian lynx, has a the whiter they are, and the more distinct the round head, a little more oblong than that of the spots. Of these the most elegant kind is called common cat; shining restless eyes, with a most irbys, whose skin sells on the spot for £1. sterbrilliant golden pupil; ears erect, oval, and lined ling. The ancients, particularly Pliny, (viii. 8.) with white hairs; their outside reddish, their celebrated the great quickness of the lynx's sight; summits tufted with black. The hairs are coarser and feigned that its urine was converted into a than those of the cat or common lynx, but less precious stone. so than those of the wolf. They are shortest on F.onca, the American tiger, the jaguar of Buffon, the head, but on the top of the back above two is of a bright tawny color; the top of the back inches long. The color of the head and body is marked with long stripes of black; the sides a yellowish-brown; the breast and belly of a with rows of eyes like annular spots, open in the bright brown, nearly orange. The tail reaches middle, which is of the ground color of the hair: only to the flexure of the leg; is thick and the thighs and legs are marked with full spots cylindric; of the same color with the back, tipped of black, the breast and belly whitish: the tail

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1. Partus. The Panther.

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