The Red Sea and Gulf of Aden Pilot: Containing Descriptions of the Suez Canal, the Gulfs of Suez and Akaba, the Red Sea and Strait of Bab-el-Mandeb, the Gulf of Aden with Sokótra and Adjacent Islands, and Part of the Eastern Coast of Arabia

Hydrographic Office, Admiralty, 1900 - 528 Seiten

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Seite xxiv - ... 11. For a boat riding in bad weather from a sea anchor, it is recommended to fasten the bag to an endless line rove through a block on the sea anchor, by which means the oil can be diffused well ahead of the boat and the bag readily hauled on board for refilling, if necessary.
Seite xxiii - On free waves, ie, waves in deep water, the effect is greatest. 2. In a surf, or waves breaking on a bar, where a mass of liquid is in actual motion in shallow water, the effect of the oil is uncertain, as nothing can prevent the larger waves from breaking under such circumstances, but even here it is of some service.
Seite xxiv - For boarding a wreck, it is recommended to pour oil overboard to windward of her before going alongside. The effect in this case must g,eatly depend upon the set of the current, and the circumstances of the depth of water.
Seite xxiii - ... nothing can prevent the larger waves from breaking under such circumstances, but even here it is of some service. 3. The heaviest and thickest oils are most effectual. Refined kerosene is of little use ; crude petroleum is serviceable when nothing else is obtainable ; but all animal and vegetable oils, such as waste oil from the engines, have great effect.
Seite xxii - USE OF OIL FOR MODIFYING THE EFFECT OF BREAKING WAVES. — Many experiences of late years have shown that the utility of oil for this purpose is undoubted and the application simple. The following may serve for the guidance of seamen, whose attention is called to the fact that a very small quantity of oil skillfully applied may prevent much damage both to ships (especially of the smaller classes) and to boats by modifying the action of breaking seas. The principal facts as to the use of oil are as...
Seite xx - The method of fixing by doubling the angle on the bow is invaluable. The ordinary form of it, the so-called "bow and beam bearing," the distance from the object at the latter position being the distance run between the times of taking the two bearings, gives the maximum of accuracy, and is an excellent fix for a departure, but does not insure safety, as the object observed and any dangers off it are abeam...
Seite xxiii - With the wind on the quarter the effect seems to be less than in any other position, as the oil goes astern while the waves come up on the quarter.
Seite xi - ... is the sound of the two Italian vowels, but is frequently slurred over, when it is scarcely to be distinguished from ey in the English they, or ei in eight.
Seite xvi - ... an elaborate detailed survey could reveal. In general surveys of coasts or of little frequented anchorages, the necessities of navigation do not demand the great expenditure of time required for so detailed a survey.
Seite xviii - Thus, a light standing 200 feet above the sea and recorded as visible only 10 miles in clear weather, is manifestly of little brilliancy, as its height would permit it to be seen over 20 miles if of sufficient power.

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