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.! Tutus ab infestis latronibus ? v O pater et rex

Jupiter, ut pereat pofitum rubigine telum,

Nec quisquam noceat cupido mihi pacis ! at ille,

Qui me commorit, (melius non tangere, clamo)

* Flebit, et insignis tota cantabitur urbe.

y Cervius iratus leges minitatur et urnam;

Canidia Albuti, quibus eft inimica, venenum;

Grande malum Turius, fi quid fe judice certes:

NOTES. race's ironical Apology, which is to this purpose: Nature, says he, has given all Creatures the means of offence and defence : The wolf has teeth, the bull has horns, and my weapon is satire. And, at the same time that he vindicates the claim to his natural talent, he shews the moral use of it, by the instances of the like natural talents of Cervius to inform, of Canidia to poison, and of Turius to pass fentence. The turn of this ludicrous argumentation is fine and delicate ; and we find his Imitator faw the whole force of it.

Ver.71. I only wear it in a land of Hectors, etc.] Superior to, tutus ab infeftis latronibus, which only carries on the metaphor in

enfis Vagina tetus,

I only wear it in a land of Hectors, Thieves, Supercargoes, Sharpers, and Directors. v Save but our Army! and let Jove incrust Swords, pikes, and guns, with everlasting rust! w Peace is my dear delight-not Fleury's more: 75 But touch me, and no Minister so sore. Whoe'er offends, at some unlucky time * Slides into verse, and hitches in a rhyme, Sacred to Ridicule his whole life along, And the fad burthen of some merry song.

80 y Slander or Poison dread from Delia's rage, Hard words or hanging, if your Judge be Page. From furious Sappho scarce a milder fate, P-x'd by her love, or libell’d by her hate.

Notes. whereas the imitation does more ; for, along with the metaphor, it conveys the image of the subject, by presenting the reader with the feveral objects of fatire. VER.

2. 72. Thieves, Supercargoes,] The names, at that time, usually bestowed on those whom the trading Companies sent with their Ships, and intrusted with their con

VER. 81-84. Slander--libelld by her hate.] There seems to be more spirit here than in the original. But it is hard to pronounce with certainty. For tho' one may be confident there is more force in the 83d and 84th lines than in

Canidia Albuti, quibus eft inimica, venenum ; yet there might be something, for ought we know, in the Character or History of Cervius which might bring up that line to the spirit and poinancy of the 82d verse of. the Imitation.

cerns, abroad.

Ut, quo quisque valet, fufpectos terreat, utque Imperet hoc Natura potens, fic collige mecum. Dente lupus, cornu taurus petit ; unde, nifi intus

Monstratum? Scaevae vivacem crede nepoti

Matrem ; nil faciet sceleris pia dextera (mirum ?

Ut neque calce lupus quemquam, neque dente petit


Sed mala tollet anum vitiato melle cicuta.

• Ne longum faciam: seu me tranquilla senectus
Exspectat, seu mors atris circumvolat alis ;
Dives, inops ; Romae, feu fors ita jusserit, exsul;
Quisquis erit vitae, fcribam, color.

T.: • O puer, ut fis
Vitalis metuo; et majorum ne quis amicus



VER. 85.-90. It's proper power to burt, etc.) All, except the two last lines, inferior to the elegance and precision of the Original.

VER. 93,--96. Whether old age-pade] The Original is more hnithed, and even sublime. Besides, the laft


2 It's proper pow'r to hurt, each creature feels;

85 Bulls aim their horns, and Affes lift their heels; Tis a Bear's talent not to kick, but hug; And no man wonders he's not ftung by Pug. a So drink with Walters, or with Chartres eat, They'll never poison you, they'll only cheat.

Then, learned Sir! (to cut the matter short). Whate'er my fate, or well or ill at Court, Whether Old age, with faint but chearful ray,

, Attends to gild the Ev'ning of my day, Or Death's black wing already be display'd, 95 To wrap me in the universal shade; Whether the darken'd room to muse invite, Or whiten’d wall provoke the skew'r to write: In durance, exile, Bedlam, or the Mint, • Like Lee or Budgel, I will rhyme and print. ioo

F. Alas young man! your days can ne'er be long, In flow'r of age you perish for a long ! Plums and Directors, Shylock and his Wife, Will club their Tefters, now, to take your



verse-To wrap me in the universal made, has a languor and redundancy unusual with our author.

Ver. 97. Whether the darken'd room Or whitend wall ] This is only a wanton joke upon the terms of his Original

Quifquis erit vitae color.

* E

Frigore te feriat.

H. Quid ? cum eft Lucilius aufus

Primus in hunc operis componere carmina morem,

* Detrahere, et pellem, nitidus qua quifque per ora

Cederet, introrsum turpis; num Laelius, et qui

Duxit ab oppreffa meritum Carthagine nomen,

Ingenio offenfi? aut laeso doluere Metello,

Famofifque Lupo cooperto versibus ? atqui

Primores populi arripuit populumque tributim;




Ver. 105-120. What? arm'd for Virtue, etc.) This is not only superior to any thing in Horace, but equal to any thing in himself.

Ver. 110. Lights of the Church, or Guardians of the Laws?] Because juft Satire is an useful supplement to the fanctions of Law and Religion; and has, therefore, a claim to the protection of those who preside in the administration of both.

Ibid. Could penfiond Boileau-Could Laureate Dryden] It was Horace's parpose to compliment the former times, and therefore he gives the virtuous examples of Scipio

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