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Those Askaparts , men big enough to throw
Charing-Cross for a bar, men that do know
No token of worth, but Queens man, and fino
Living ; barrels of beef, Aaggons of wine.
I thook like a spied Spie-Preachers which are
Seas of Wit and Arts, you can, then dare,
Drown the sins of this place, but as for me
Which am but a scant book, enough fhall be
To wash the stains away : Although I yet
(With Maccabees modefty) the known merit
Of my work lessen, yet some wise men shall,
I hope, esteem my Writs Canonical,

NoTE. .

• A Giant famous in Romances. P.

Each man an Askapart, of strength to tofs
For Quoits, both Temple-bar and Charing-cross.
Scar'd at the grizly forms, I sweat, I fly,
And shake all o'er, like a discovered fpy. 279

Courts are too much for wits so weak as mine:
Charge them with Heaven's Artillery, bold Divine !
From such alone the Great rebukes endure,
Whose Satire's sacred, and whose rage secure :
'Tis mine to wash a few light stains, but theirs
To deluge fin, and drown a Court in tears. 285
Howe'er what's now Apocrypha, my Wit,
In time to come, may pass for holy writ.

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