Constitution and By-laws, House Rules of the Chilton Club, Incorporated March 10, 1910


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Seite 56 - ... in the Club. VI. On the first day of each month, or as soon thereafter as may be practicable, a notice of the amount of his indebtedness shall be sent to each member in arrears on the last day of the preceding month.
Seite 51 - The Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote of those present and voting at any annual meeting; provided that written notice of any proposed amendment shall be sent to the SecretaryTreasurer...
Seite 44 - Council shall consist of twenty members, five of whom shall be elected by ballot at each Annual Meeting of the Club, to replace the outgoing class and to take office at the expiration of the term of such outgoing class. They shall hold office for four years, or until the fourth Annual Meeting after their election.
Seite 58 - Council ; one month's previous notice in writing having been given to the member, with a copy of the charges preferred against him.
Seite 55 - Candidates elected, on payment of the entrance fee and of the dues for the current half year, shall become members of the Club, and the election of any candidate shall be void if he fail to make such payment within thirty days after notice of his election is mailed, addressed to him at the place given as his residence on the posted list of candidates.
Seite 48 - The secretary shall keep a record of all the meetings of the association and make and sign all orders upon the treasurer and pay over to the treasurer all money which comes into his possession, taking the treasurer's receipt therefor.
Seite 47 - DUTIES OF THE PRESIDENT. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Club and of the Executive Committee. In case of the absence of the President, or of a vacancy in the office, his duties shall be discharged by a chairman pro tern., to be chosen by the Committee. The President shall be exempt from the regular annual dues. V. DUTIES OF THE TREASURER. The Treasurer shall hold...
Seite 52 - Directors, shall have charge of all supplies pertaining to all departments and shall approve of all bills of the Club. 3. The Finance Committee shall audit the accounts of the Treasurer annually, and report to the Board of Directors, and shall audit and certify all bills of the Club. 4. The Committee on Literature and Art shall have charge of the Library and of all books, papers and works of art belonging to the Club, and...
Seite 45 - BY-LAWS. I. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. The Executive Committee shall have the management and control of the Club and of its property, and shall exercise a general superintendence of its interests and affairs. They may make or authorize all necessary contracts, but shall have no power to make the Club liable for any debt beyond the amount of money which shall, at the time of contracting such debt, be in the Treasurer's hands, and...

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