Bulletin, Ausgaben 31-33

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1963

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Seite 5 - On Strengthening the Ties Between School and Life and on Further Developing the System of Public Education in the USSR," was enacted by the USSR Supreme Soviet in December 1958.
Seite 30 - ... children it is because these techniques are useful for eliciting the special cognitive style and creative potential of these children. All too often these techniques have been employed with the implicit assumption that they are useful with children who have inadequate learning ability. 8. It will lead to real appreciation of slowness, one-track learning and physical learning as potential strengths which require careful nurturing. The teacher will have to receive special training in how to respond...
Seite 9 - ... of school children to the extent of their physical capacity, and a considerable expansion of the network of all types of general schools, including evening schools, which provide a secondary education in off-work hours.
Seite 27 - For the sake of clarity, their attitude towards education and toward the school must be considered separately. In a survey conducted a few years ago, people were asked, "What did you miss most in life that you would like your children to have?
Seite 93 - Small research projects are being explored by individual teachers; for example, staffs in an elementary school, a junior high school, and a senior high school have created and used experimentally tests on selected occupations.
Seite 29 - Inefficient test-taking skills, limited reading ability. The school must recognize these deficiencies and work assiduously to combat them. They are by no means irreversible, but even more important, because neglected, the positive elements in the culture and style of lower socioeconomic groups should become the guidelines for new school programs and new educational techniques for teaching these children. There are a number of reasons why it Is Important to emphasize the positive : 1. It will encourage...
Seite 17 - ... students are to be assigned to specialization groups, and which courses may be added or dropped by decision of the academic council or an institution or its departments. Common to all curriculums for Soviet students in higher education are the three required courses in Communist ideology : History of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, Political Economy, and Dialectical and Historical Materialism.
Seite 9 - Introduction of universal compulsory secondary education. In the next decade compulsory secondary general and polytechnical eleven-year education is to be introduced for all children of school age, and...
Seite 30 - It will function against the current tendency of overemphasizing vocational, nonacademic education for children of low-income background. 5. It will provide an exciting challenge for teachers if they realize that they need not simply aim to "bring these children up to grade level," but rather can actually develop new kinds of creativity.

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