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BOOKS printed for W. WHYTE & Co. 13, George Street,

Edinburgh. Just published, in one thick volume, 12mo. price 68. 6d, boards, THE DOCTRINE of UNIVERSAL PARDON Considered and Re

futed, in a Series of Sermons, with Notes, Critical and Expository. By ANDREW THOMSON, D. D. Minister of St George's Church, Edinburgh.

“ This volume is, as might be expected from the high name of the author, the most important work that has been published on the subject of the Row Heresy.

We are not sorry that a man of real talent like Dr, Thumson should take up the matter in hand, and put an end at once to this petty warfare. To say that these sermons contain a satisfactory refutation of the doctrine of Universal Pardon, is saying very little ; one-third of the texts adduced, and onetenth part of the reasoning, would have been sufficient for this purpose ;-- what we principally admire in them is the clearness, unhampered with verbiage and unnecessary ornament, with which the author pursues his argument."

Edinburgh Literary Journal, March 1830. Just published, in one volume 8vo. price 10s. 6d. Second Edition, SERMONS on VARIOUS SUBJECTS. By ANDREW THOMSON,

D. D. Minister of St George's Church, Edinburgh. " To the volume before us we must assign a very high place, both on account of the views of divine truth it uniformly advocates, and the very able and enlightened manner in which it illustrates and enforces those views. Discrimination and faithful appeal, in connexion with a use of language, simple, energetic, and appropriate, are the distinguishing characteristics which pervade those dis

The subjects are evidently selected with a view to general usefulness, and are handled with great earnestness, and exemplary theological precision. There are in this volume many brilliant and convincing passages. We wish that it may fall into the hands of those who are enemies to evangelical views. It is so conclusive in its argument, that it leaves no room for an opponent to escape. It literally shuts every sinner up to the faith of Christ. We particularly recommend the appendix of this volume. It contains four admirable essays. The first, against some modern notions of assurance; the second, in favour of the immediate abolition of Colonial Bondage; the third, in opposition to Mr. Irving's erroneous views of the Human Nature of Christ; and the fourth, a Defence of Christ's Spiritual Reign, in contradistinction to the views of those who are looking for a personal reign of Messiah in Palestine."-Evangelical Magazine, May 1829.

Lately published, in one volume, post 8vo. price 7s. 6d. LECTURES on SELECT PORTIONS of the PSALMS.

By AnDREW THOMSON, D. D. Minister of St George's Church, Edinburgh.

“ These Lectures or Sermons, we have great pleasure in saying, are, in all respects, that kind of discourses which we think best fitted to convey just views and saving impressions of our holy religion. The subject of discourse forms always an entire paragraph of the divine word. No part of the text is ever passed over with neglect in the Exposition, which is always Scriptural, and clear, and short; and the most pointed and appropriate application of every doctrine thus established is not reserved, in the ancient and formal manner, for the close of the discourse, but made in the course of their discussion, and at every turn, as the preacher proceeds in his address. Public Teachers will find in these Lec. tures a mode of exposition which, in our opinion, they may consult with great advantage. To private Christians we most cordially recommend them, as fitted to be eminently useful to persons of every rank, character, and condition. Edinburgh Theological Magazine, Sept. 1826.


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