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die of the night there was a autem. nocte clamor factus cry: Behold the bridegroom est: Ecce. sponsus venit, cometh; Go forth to meet exite obviam Christo. DoChrist the Lord. Alleluia. mino. Alleluia.

SECRET. May this sacrifice of propitiation. and praise, we beseech thee, O Lord, by the intercession. of blessed Cecily thy Virgin and Martyr, ever make us worthy of thy mercy. Thro'.

POSTCOMM. Satiasti. Thou hast fed.O Lord, thy family, with the sacred oblations; ever therefore comfort us with her intercession, whose feast we celebrate. Thro'.

II. VESPERS. Ps Alms. as p. xlix. Anth. TT7ITH organs Ant. /^ANTANTIBUS


sounding, Cecily sang to the Lord, saying] Let my heart be undented, that I may not be confounded.

Anth. Valerian found Cecily in her chamber praying with an Angel.

Anth. Thy servant Cecily, O Lord, serveth thee like the labouring bee.

Anth. I bless ihee, O Father of my Lord Jesus Christ, because the fire at my side is extinguished by thy Son.

Anth. I askedof our Lord a truce for three days, that I might consecrate my house a church.

organis Caecilia Domino decantabat, dicens; Fiat cor meum immaculatum, ut non confundar.

Ant. Valerianus in. cubiculo Caeciliam cum Angelo orantem invenit.

Ant. Caecilia famula tua, Domine, quasi apis tibi argumentosa deservit.

Ant. Beneuico te, Pater Domini tnei Jesu Christi, quia per Filium tuutrl ignis extinctus a latere meo.

Ant. Triduanasn Domino po[X)sci inducias, ut domum meam ecclesiam consecvarem.

Ltttle Chaptrr, Hymn, and p. I.

Anth. This glorious Virgin always carried in her bosom the Gospel of Christ, and ceased neither night nor day from divine conversation and prayer.

Prayer. Collect at Mass, p. 474.

Then is made a Commem. of the following Feast

Ant, Virgo gloriosa semper evangel ium Christi gevebat in pectore, et non diebus neque noctibus a colloquiis divinis et oratione ces

XXIII. St. CLEMENT, Pope and Marfyr. Simidoullt. At VESPERS. The COMMEM.

Anlh. Let us all pray to Ant. Oremus omnes ad our Lord Jesus Christ to Dontinum Jesurn Christum, open a vein of water for his ut confessoribus suis fontit contessors. venam aperiat.

V. Thou hast crowned V. Gloria et honore co him -w ith glory and honour, ronasti eum, Domine. R. O Lord. R And hast placed Et conttituistr eum super him over the work of thy opera manuum tuarura. hand.

Pratir. Collect at Mass. Of St. Feltcttas, Myr. Anth. The kingdom. V. I" thy comeliness. p. lxi. Prayer. Collect at Mas*.

MASS. Intrott. Ps. lvi.

MY words, saith the Lord, which I have put in thy mouth, shall not depart from thence: and thy offerings shall be pleasing on my altar, Ill. Blessed jsMhe man that feareth the Lord: in his commandments he taketh great delight. V. Glory. j; Collect. Peus, qui nos beat!. Common, p. xviii.

Of St. FELICITAS. Prcesta. GRANT, we beseech thee, O Almighty God, that by celebrating the feast of blessed Felicitas, thy Martyr, we may be protected by her merits and prayers. Thro'. ErtsiLR, Phil. iii. as above, p. 26 t. GRAD. Ps. IO9 The Lord hath sworn, and he will not repent; thou art a priest for ever, according to the order of Melchisedech. V. The Lord said to my Lord: Sit 'thou at my right hand. Alleluia, Alleluia. V. This is. the priest, whom the Lord hath crowned Alleluia. Gospel. Matt. xxiv. Common, xxxviii. OFFERT. Ps. lxxxviii. My truth and my mercy an with him: and in my name shall his power be exalted.

SECRET. Sanctify, O Lord the offerings we bring to thee, and by the intercession of blessed Clement, thy Martyr and Bishop, cleanse us from the stains of our sins. Thro'.

Of St. FELICITAS. Mercifully look down, O Lord, fen the vows of thy people, and grant we may enjoy her patronage, whose festival we celebrate. Thro'.

COMM. Matt. xxiv. Blessed is the servant whom the Lord, when he cometh, shall find watching, verily, I say to you, he shall set him over all he hath.

POSTCOMM. Corporis. Being nourished by the pari ic-ipation of this sacred body and precious blood, we beseech thee, O Lord our God; that what we perform with pious devotions, may, by the intercession of blessed Clement, thy Martyr and Bishop, be to us a certain means of salvation. Thro'.

Of St. FELICITAS. Supplices. We humbly beseech thee, O Almighty God, that, by the intercession of thy saints, thou wouldst increase in us thy gifts,* our lives. Thro'.

XXIV. St. JOHN of the CROSS, Confessor. Doullt.

At VESPERS. The Commemoration. Anth. I will compare. V. The Lord loved. Common, p. xliii. Prayer. Collect at Mass.

Of St. Chhysogonus, Martyr. Anth. Thissairit. V. Thou hast crowned. Common, p. xv. Prayer. Collect at Mass.

MASS. Intrott. The mouth, &c. p. xliii. except:

COLLECT. Deus, qui. O God,who didst inspire blessed John, thy Confessor, with an ardent love of perfect selfdenial and of the cross, grant we may so follow his example, as to obtain everlasting glory. Thro'. f Of St. CHKYSOGONUS. Adesto. Give ear, O God, to our prayers, that we, who in all humility acknowledge the guilt of our offences, may, by the prayers ofblessed Chrysogonus thy Martyr, be delivered from the burden of our sins. Thro'.

SECRET of the same. Be appeased, OLorJ, we beseech thee, by the offerings we have made; and defend us from all dangers by the intercession of blessed Chrysogonus, thy Martyr. Thro'.

POSTCOMM. Tui, Domine. Grant, O Lord, that by the participation of thy sacrament, we may be cleansed from our secret sins, and freed from the snares of our enemies. Thro'.

Of St. CHRYSOGONUS. Tui„ Domine. May we, O Lord, by the participation of this thy sacrament, be both cleansed from our sins, and delivered from all the snares of our enemies. Thro'.

The second Vespers are from the Little Chap. Oj the following Feast, with a Commentary, of St. John.

XXV. St. CATHARINE. V. and M. Double.

VESPERS, all as in the Common, p. xlix. Prayer. Collect at Mass.

The Comment of St. John. Anth. This man. V. The Lord led. Common, p. xlv. Prayer. Collect as above, p. 477.

MASS. Intrott, I spake. With the rest. ComMon, p. li.except;

COLLECT. Deus,qui. O God, whogavedstthelav to Moses on Mount Sinai, and wonderfully translatedst, by the ministry of thy holy Angels, the body of blessed Catharine, thy Virgin and Martyr, to the same place; mercifully grant, by her merits and prayers, we may safely come to the holy mount, which is Christ. Who liveth.

The second Vespers are, from the Ltttle Chapttb of the following Feast.

XXVI St. FELIX VALOIS, Conf. Double.

VESPERS, all asp. xlii. In Mchvmn is said: Deserves that we. Prayer. Collect at Mass.

The Commem. of St. Catharine. Anth. Come,"0 spouse. Common, p. li. V. Grace, ib. p. liii. Prayer. Collect at Mass.

Of St. Prtrr, Bishop and Martyr. Anth. This saint. V. Thou hast crowned. Common, p. xv. Prayer. Infirmiiatem, ib. p. xvi.

MASS. Intrott. The righteous man, &c. p. xlv.

COLLECT. Detts, qui. O God, who, by thy he* venly inspiration, didst call blessed Felix, thy Confessor, . out of the desert to exercise his charity in the redemption of captives; grant that, by his intercession, having obtained thy grace, we may be freed from the captivity of sin, and brought sate to our heavenly country. Thro'.

Of St. Prtrr. Collect. Infirmitatem, with the following Secret and Postcootm. p. xvi. left.

In the second Vespers is made a Commemoration of the following Feast.

XXVII. St. GREGORY THAUMATURGUS, Bishop and Confessor. A Semidouble.

At VESPERS. 77teCommem. Anth. O Priest. V. The Lord, p. xxxiv. Prayer. Da, qvuesumus. ib.

MASS. Intrott. The Lord settled, &c. p. xxxiv. except:

GOSPEL. Mark xi. 22.

AT that time: Jesus answering said to his disciples: Have faith in God. Verily I say unto you: Whoever shall say to this mountain: Be thou removed, and cast into the sea; and shall not stagger in his heart, but believe that whatever he saith shall be done: it shall be done unto him. Wherefore I say unto you: Whatsoever things ye shall ask with prayer, believe that ye shall receive them, and they shall be granted you.

Litany for a happy Death: composed by a Young Lady, who, at ten years of age, was converted to the Catholic Faith, and .died at eighteen, in the odour of sanctity.

O LORD Jesus, God of goodness and Father of mercies, I approach to thee with a contrite and humble heart: to thee I recommend the last hour of my life, and the decision of my eternal doom.

When my feet, benumbed with death, shall admonish me that my mortal course is drawing to an end, Merciful Jesus have mercy on me.

When my eyes, dim and troubled at the approach of death, shall fix themselves on thee my last and only support, Merciful Jesus, have mercy on me.

When my face, pale and livid, shall inspire the beholders with pity and dismay; when my hair, bathed in the sweat of death, and stiffening on my head, shall forebode my approaching end, Merciful Jesus, huvt mercy on me.

When my ears, soon to be for ever shut to the discourse of men, shall be open to hear the irrevocable decree, which is to cut me off from the number of the living, Merciful Jesus, have mercy on me.

When my imagination, agitated by dreadful spectres, shall be sunk in an abyss of anguish; when my soul, affrighted with the sight of my iniquities and the tet rors

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