Description of Coal Flora of the Carboniferous Formation in Pennsylvania and Throughout the United States: Additions and corrections of the first and second volumes with plates additional to atlas

Board of Commissioners for the Second Geoglogical Survey, 1884

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Seite 908 - REPORT OF PROGRESS IN 1877. The Geology of LANCASTER COUNTY, with an atlas containing a colored geological map of the county, local map of the GAP NICKEL MINE, map and sections of the East Bank of Susquehanna River ; other geological sections across the county, and geological colored maps of York and Lancaster counties. By Persifor Frazer. 8 vo., pp. 350. Price of Report and Atlas, $2 20 ; postage, $0 25.
Seite 906 - Geology of the OIL REGIONS OF WARREN, VENANGO, CLARION, AND BUTLER COUNTIES, including surveys of the GARLAND and PANAMA CONGLOMERATES in Warren and Crawford counties, and in Chautauqua county.
Seite 906 - I, REPORT OF PROGRESS IN THE VENANGO COUNTY DISTRICT — 1874. By John F. Carll. With observations on the Geology around Warren, by FA Randall; and Notes on the Comparative Geology of North-eastern Ohio and Northwestern Pennsylvania, and Western New York, by JP Lesley. 8 vo., pp. 127, with 2 maps, a long section, and 7 cuts in the text. Price in paper, $0 60; postage, $0 05.
Seite 905 - REPORT OF PROGRESS IN THE CAMBRIA AND SOMERSET DISTRICT OF THE BITUMINOUS COAL FIELDS of Western Pennsylvania — 1875. By F. and WG Platt. Pp. 194, illustrated...
Seite 909 - RIVER VALLEY IN FAYETTE AND WESTMORELAND COUNTIES. with Geological Notes of the Coal and Iron Ore Beds, from Surveys, by Charles A. Young; by Franklin Platt. To which are appended: I. A Report on Methods of Coking, by John Fulton. II. A Report on the use of Natural Gas in the Iron Manufacture, by John B. Pearse, Franklin Platt, and Professor Sadtler.
Seite 910 - The sale of the reports is conducted In accordance with the provisions of Section 10 of the Act of the 14th day of May, 1874, which directs that copies of the Reports, with all maps and supplements, shall be furnished at cost of publication to all applicants for them.
Seite 907 - PINE CREEK IN POTTER COUNTY. By Franklin Platt. III. ON THE COKING OF BITUMINOUS COAL. By John Fulton. Illustrated with 2 colored Geological county maps, 3 page plates and 35 cuts. 8 vo., pp. 271. Price, $1 00 ; postage $0 12.
Seite 905 - Stevenson ; pp. 437, illustrated by 50 wood-cuts and 3 county maps, colored. Part I. Eastern Allegheny County, and Fayette and Westmoreland Counties, west from Chestnut Ridge. Price, $1 40 ; postage, $0 20.
Seite 905 - GEOLOGY OF CLINTON COUNTY. Part II. A special study of the CARBONIFEROUS and DEVONIAN STRATA along the West Branch of Susquehanna River. By H. Martyn Chance. Included in this report is a description...
Seite 907 - Price, $1 70 ; postage, |0 22. T. REPORT OF PROGRESS. Geology of BLAIR COUNTY, with 35 illustratrations and an Atlas of 14 sheets of the colored map of MORRISON'S COVE, Ac.

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