Abbildungen der Seite

mal-treat ob-struct per-form pre-sume ma-nure ob-tain per-fume pre-tence ma-rine ob-tend per-haps pre-tend ma-ture ob-trude

per-mit pre-text mis-call ob-tuse

per-plex pre-vail mis-cast oc-cult

per-sist pre-vent mis-count

OC-cur per-spire pro-ceed mis-deed of-fend per-suade pro-claim mis-deem 0-mit per-tain

pro-cure mis-give op-pose


pro-duce mis-hap

op-press per-verse pro-fane mis-judge or-dain

per-vert pro-fess mis-lay

out-bid pe-ruke pro-found mis-lead out-brave

pe-ruse pro-fuse mis-name out-dare pla-card pro-ject mis-spend out-do po-lite pro-late mis-place out-face

por-tend pro-lix mis-print out-grow pos-sess pro-long mis-quote out-leap post-pone pro-mote mis-rule out-live pre-cede pro-mulge mis-take out-right pre-clude pro-nounce mis-teach out-run pre-dict pro-pel mis-trust

out-sail pre-fer pro-pose mis-use out-shine

pre-fix pro-pound mo-lest out-shoot pre-judge pro-rogue mo-rose out-sit pre-mise pro-tect neg-lect out-stare

pre-pare pro-test o-bey out-strip

pre-pense pro-tract ob-ject out-walk

pre-sage pro-trude ob-late out-wit

pre-sent pro-vide o-blige

pre-serve pro-voke ob-scure

pre-scribe pur-loin ob-serve pa-trol

pre-side pur-sue


Af-ter ma-ny bat-tles gain-ed on both sides, and find-ing him-self in the great-est dis-tress, be-ing left to fate by his sub-jects, he thought it prudent to re-tire. He now laid a-side all marks of a king, and, cloth-ing him-self as a pea-sant, took shelter, for a time, in the house of a poor shep

a herd. He soon af-ter went over to the Isle of Ath-el-ney ; where he built a fort, to pro-tect him-self, his house-hold, and the few faith-ful ser-vants that he had with him.

When he had been a-bout a year in this retreat, up-on news be-ing brought him that some of his peo-ple had rout-ed an ar-my of the Danes, kill-ed their chief, and ta-ken their ma-gic standard, he sent forth an e-dict, call-ing up-on his no-bles to come to him, and u-nite in one more ef-fort to ex-pel the com-mon foe.

Al-fred, in or-der to make a sur-vey of the ex-act num-ber of the Danes, and the state in which their ar-my was, dress-ed him-self as a harp-er, and went in-to their camp. Up-on his re-turn, he gave or-ders to his no-bles to re-pair

to their homes, to mus-ter as strong-ly as they could, and meet him on a cer-tain day at Selwood, in Wilt-shire.

This af-fair was done in so se-cret a man-ner, and so quick-ly, that, in a short time, the King, at the head of a large ar-my, came near the Danes



pur-suit re-flect pur-vey re-float re-bate re-form re-bel re-fract re-bound re-fresh re-buff re-fund re-build re-fuse re-buke re-fute re-call re-gain re-cant re-gale re-cede re-gard re-ceive

re-gret re-ceipt re-hear re-cess re-hearse re-charge re-ject re-cite re-join re-claim re-joice re-cline

re-lapse re-cluse re-late re-coil re-lax re-coin re-lay re-cord re-lease re-count

re-lent re-course re-lief re-cruit re-lieve re-cur re-ly re-deem re-main re-dound re-mand re-dress re-mark re-duce re-mind re-fer re-miss re-fine re-mit re-fit



re-sist re-sign re-solve re-sort re-source re-spect re-store re-strain re-tain re-tard re-tire re-treat re-turn re-veal re-venge re-vere re-vile re-volt re-volve re-ward ro-mance sa-lute se-clude se-crete se-cure se-dan se-date se-duce se-lect se-rene sha-green sin-cere sub-due

be-fore they had a-ny know-ledge of his de-sign. Al-fred, see-ing the sur-prise in-to which he had thrown them, press-ed them so close-ly on all sides, as to cause them at length to sus-tain a com-plete de-feat. He then grant-ed them terms of peace ; which were in-deed bet-ter than they could ex-pect. He a-greed to give up the whole king-dom of the East An-gles to such as would em-brace the Christian faith ; in case they would com-pel the rest of their par-ty to quit the is-land, and, as much as was in their pow-er, pre-vent the land-ing of any more troops from a fo-reign country. This trea-ty was a-greed to; and when Guthram, the Dan-ish cap-tain, with thir-ty of his men, came to sub-mit to the of-fice of bap-tism, Al-fred be-came spon-sor for the chief at the font. A year or two af-ter this, a great num-ber of Danes land-ed in Kent, and laid siege to Roches-ter; but the King com-ing to the re-lief of that ci-ty, they were soon glad to de-camp. Alfred had now great suc-cess, by means of his na-vy; which he had been at great pains in form-ing. Hav-ing made the sea-coasts se-cure, he be-gan to de-fend the rest of the king-dom with cas-tles and wall-ed towns; and, lay-ing siege to the ci-ty of Lon-don, he soon got it from the Danes. Af-ter some years' res-pite, Al-fred was a-gain call-ed in-to the field, for a bo-dy of Danes

sub-duct trans-form un-do un-moor sub-join trans-late un-done un-paid sub-lime trans-mit un-dress un-ripe sub-orn trans-mute un-fair un-safe sub-scribe tran-spire un-fed un-say sub-sist trans-plant un-fit

un-seen sub-tract tran-scend un-fix un-shod sub-vert trans-port un-fold un-sound suc-ceed tran-scribe un-furl

un-spent Suc-cess trans-pose un-gird un-stop suc-cinct tre-pan un-girt un-taught suf-fice trus-tee un-glue un-tie sug-gest un-apt un-hinge un-true sup-plant un-bar

un-hook un-twist sup-ply un-bend un-horse un-wise sup-port un-bind un-hurt un-yoke sup-pose

un-blest u-nite up-braid sup-press

un-bolt un-knit up-hold sur-mount un-born

un-known up-rear sur-round un-bought un-just u-surp sur-vev

un-bound un-lace with-al sus-pend un-brace un-lade where-as sus-pense un-case un-less with-draw there-on

un-caught un-like with-hold there-of un-chain un-load with-in there-with un-chaste un-lock with-out tor-ment un-clasp

un-loose with-stand tra-duce un-close

un-man your-self trans-act un-couth un-mask


Trisyllables accented on the First Syllable. ab-di-cate ab-ro-gate ac-ci-dent ab-ju-gate ab-so-lute


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