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ban-ner beg-gar bleed-ing boor-ish ban-ter be-ing blem-ish boo-ty ban-quet bed-lam bless-ing bor-der bant-ling bed-time bleak-ness bor-row bap-tism

bel-fry blind-fold bot-tle bar-ber bel-low blind-ness bot-tom bare-foot bel-ly

blis-ter bound-less bare-ness


boun-ty bar-gain bet-ter blood-shed bow-els bark-ing bi-as blood-y bow-er bar-ley bib-ber bloom-ing boy-ish bar-on bi-ble blos-som brace-let bar-rel bid-der blow-ing brack-et bar-ren big-ness

blub-ber brack-ish bar-row big-ot blue-ness bride-groom bar-ter bil-let blun-der bram-ble base-ness bil-low blunt-ness brand-ish bash-ful bind-er blus-ter

brave-ly ba-sin bind-ing board-er

brawl-ing bas-ket birch-en boast-er

braw-ny bast-ard bird-cage boast-ing

bra-zen bat-ten bird-lime bob-bin bra-zier bat-tle birth-day

bod-kin breed-ing bawl-ing bish-op

bo-dy brew-er bea-con bit-ter boil-er break-fast bea-dle bit-tern bold-ness breast-plate bea-my

black-en bol-ster brick-bat beard-less black-ness bond-age brick-kiln bear-er blad-der bon-fire bri-dal beat-er blame-less bond-man bride-maid beau-ty bland-ish bon-net brief-ly bed-ding blank-et bo-ny bri-dle bee-hive bleat-ing boo-by bri-er

the gar-den? I wish to show you our fine tall a-loe in full bloom at the bot-tom of the gra-vel path near the ap-ple tree.

One day, James took a walk by the side of the mill-stream, with his rod and line in hand, for he was go-ing to an-gle for roach and dace. He had not gone far when he met his aunt, who ask-ed him what he was going to do, and when he had told her, she said, that, if he would come with her, she would show him what would please him a great deal more than catch-ing fish.

So James went with his aunt, who, when they had got home, gave him a nice mince pie and a glass of cur-rant wine; she then told him she had bought him a kite, and, that when the servant came in, he should go to the park and help him to fly it.

James now gave his aunt ma-ny thanks, and felt more pleas-ed that he had met her, than if he had stood two or three hours by the side of


bright-ness bus-kin brim-mer bus-tle bril-liant butch-er bri-ny but-ler brit-tle but-ter bris-tle but-tock bro-ken but-tress broth-er bux-om brush-wood buz-zard bru-tal

cab-bage bru-tish cab-in bub-ble ca-ble buck-et cad-dy buc-kle ca-dence buck-ler call-ing buck-ram cal-lous bud-get cal-low buf-fet cam-bric bu-gle cam-let bul-ky can-cel bul-let can-cer bul-rush can-did bul-wark can-dle bum-per can-dour buu-dle can-ker bun-gle

can-non bun-gler cant-er bur-den

can-vas bur-gess ca-per burn-er

ca-pon burn-ing cap-tain bur-nish cap-tive bush-el cap-ture

car-bine chap-el car-case chap-lain card-er chap-let care-ful chap-man care-less chap-ter car-go

char-coal car-nage car-rot charm-er car-pet charm-ing cart-er char-ter cary-er chas-ten case-ment chat-tels

cas-ket chat-ter cas-tle

cheap-en cau-dle cheap-ness cause-way cheat-er caus-tic ched-der cav-ern cheer-ful ce-dar cheer-less cel-lar chem-ist ceil-ing cher-ish cen-sure cher-ry cen-tre chest-nut ce-rate chi-na cer-tain

chief-ly chal-dron chief-tain chal-lenge child-hood cham-ber chi-sel chan-cel child-ish chand-ler chil-dren chang-er

chim-ney chang-ing chop-ping chan-nel chris-ten

the riv-er, to catch the poor fish, and put them in pain with his sharp hook,

You should al-ways do as you are bid-den, both by your pa-rents and teach-ers : be care-ful not to tell a false-hood: nev-er loi-ter a-bout the streets; nor play with bad boys : do not put flies, or any oth-er in-sects in pain, and as much as you can, pre-vent your play-mates from do-ing so.

When you have a long les-son to re-peat, a bill to make out, or a hard sum to work, you should nev-er say you can not do it; but set a-bout it at once with a will-ing mind, for that which a boy has once done, can a-gain be done by a boy.

One day some boys went to a wood to seek for eggs and young birds : they had not got far on their way when they saw a wasp's nest ;

and one of the boys, more bent on mis-chief than the rest, got a stick and tri-ed to break the ground near

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chol-er clo-ver con-cert COV-er cho-rus clo-ven con-cord coun-cil chuc-kle clown-ish

con-course coun-sel churl-ish clus-ter con-duct

coun-ter churn-ing clum-sy con-duit

coun-ty ci-der clot-ty


coup-let cin-der cob-bler

con-flux court-ly cir-cus cob-nut


cou-sin cis-tern cob-web


crack-er ci-pher cock-pit

con-sort crac-kle ci-ty cod-ling

con-quest craf-ty cir-cle cof-fee con-stant crea-ture clam-ber cold-ness con-scious cred-it clam-my col-lar con-sul

cres-cent clam-our col-lect con-test

creep-er clap-per col-lege con-text crib-bage clar-et col-lop con-tract crook-ed clas-sic co-lon con-vent crotch-et clat-ter col-umn

con-vert cross-ness clean-ly col-our con-vex

cru-el clear-ly com-ma con-vict

cru-et clear-ness com-bat cool-er crum-ple clea-ver come-ly cool-ness crup-per cler-gy

com-er coop-er crus-ty clev-er com-fort

cop-per crys-tal cli-ent com-ment co-py

cud-gel cli-mate

com-merce cor-al cul-prit cling-er com-mon cord-age cul-ture clog-gy

com-pact cor-ner cum-ber clois-ter

com-pass cor-net cun-ning clo-ser

com-pound cos-tive cup-board clo-set

com-rade cost-ly cu-rate clou-dy con-cave cot-ton cur-dle

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