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de-fi-ci-en-cy de-gen-er-a-cy de-lib-er-ate-ly de-rog-a-to-ry de-ter-min-a-tive dis-hon-our-a-ble dis-in-ter-est-ed dis-pas-sion-ate-ly dis-pen-sa-to-ry dis-rep-u-ta-ble ef-fec-tu-al-ly ef-fem-i-na-cy e-lec-tu-a-ry e-ma-ci-a-ted em-phat-i-cal-ly e-pis-co-pa-cy e-pis-to-la-ry e-quiv-o-ca-tor ex-clam-a-to-ry ex-pec-to-ra-tive ex-plan-a-to-ry ex-u-ber-an-cy he-red-i-ta-ry har-mo-ni-ous-ly his-tor-i-cal-ly i-ma-gi-na-ble i-ma-gi-na-ry im-mea-su-ra-ble im-me-di-ate-ly im-mod-er-ate-ly im-pen-e-tra-ble im-prac-ti-ca-ble in-ac-cu-ra-cy

in-ap-pli-ca-ble in-com-pa-ra-ble in-cor-ri-gi-ble in-dis-pu-ta-ble in-dis-so-lu-ble in-ef-fi-ca-cy in-es-ti-ma-ble in-ev-i-ta-ble in-ex-0-ra-ble in-ex-pli-ca-ble in-ex-tri-ca-ble in-fat-u-a-ted in-flam-ma-to-ry in-hab-it-a-ble in-hos-pit-a-ble in-im-it-a-ble in-nu-mer-a-ble. in-op-er-a-tive in-sep-a-ra-ble in-suf-fer-a-ble in-su-per-a-ble in-tel-li-gi-ble in-tem-per-a-ture in-ten-tion-al-ly in-tol-er-a-ble in-val-u-a-ble in-va-ri-a-ble in-vet-er-a-cy in-vi-o-la-ble in-vol-un-ta-ry in-vul-ner-a-ble ir-ra-tion-al-ly ir-rep-a-ra-ble

Such is that room which one rude beam divides,
And naked rafters form the sloping sides ;
Where the vile bands that bind the thatch are

seen, And lath and mud are all that lie between ; Save one dull pane, that, coarsely patch’d, gives

way To the rude tempest, yet excludes the day : Here, on a matted flock, with dust o'erspread, The drooping wretch reclines his languid head; For him no hand the cordial cup applies, Nor wipes the tear that stagnates in his eyes ; No friends with soft discourse his pain beguile, Nor promise hope till sickness wears a smile.


As a describer of life and manners, perhaps there is no author stands more pre-eminently conspicuous than Addison. His humour, which, as Steele observes, is peculiar to himself, is so happily diffused as to give the grace of novelty to domestic scenes and daily occurrences. He never outsteps the modesty of nature,” nor raises merriment or wonder by the violation of truth. His figures neither divert by distortion, nor amaze by aggravation. He copies life with so much fidelity that he can be hardly said to invent: yet his exhibitions have such an air of originality, that it is difficult to suppose them

ir-re-vo-ca-ble i-tin-er-a-ry jus-ti-ci-a-ry la-bo-ri-ous-ness le-git-i-ma-cy non-sen-si-cal-ly no-to-ri-ous-ly ob-ser-va-to-ry OC-ca-sion-al-ly 0-ri-gin-al-ly par-ti-cu-lar-ize par-ti-cu-lar-ly pe-cu-ni-a-ry per-pet-u-al-ly po-lit-i-cal-ly pre-lim-i-na-ry pre-par-a-to-ry pre-var-i-ca-tor pro-fes-sion-al-ly pro-por-tion-ate-ly re-me-di-a-ble re-pos-i-to-ry re-cip-ro-cal-ly re-cov-er-a-ble

rhe-tor-i-cal-ly ri-dic-u-lous-ly sub-sid-i-a-ry sig-ni-fi-can-cy un-al-ter-a-ble un-an-swer-a-ble un-au-thor-i-zed un-char-i-ta-ble un-ci-vil-i-zed un-cul-ti-va-ted un-fath-om-a-ble un-fa-vour-a-ble un-gov-ern-a-ble un-oc-cu-pi-ed un-par-don-a-ble un-prof-it-a-ble un-qual-i-fi-ed un-rea-son-a-ble un-ser-vice-a-ble un-so-ci-a-ble un-war-rant-a-ble. ver-mic-u-la-ted vo-cab-u-la-ry vo-lup-tu-a-ry

Five Syllables, pronounced as Four, and accented not merely the production of imagination. As a teacher of wisdom he may be confidently followed. His religion has nothing in it enthusiastic or superstitious; he appears neither weakly credulous nor wantonly sceptical ; his morality is neither dangerously lax nor impracticably rigid. All the enchantment of fancy, and all the cogency of argument, are employed to recommend to the reader his real interest, the care of pleasing the Author of his being.

on the Third Syllable. Ab-di-ca-tion

ac-cla-ma-tion ab-ju-ra-tion

ac-cu-sa-tion ab-o-li-tion

ac-qui-si-tion ab-so-lu-tion

ad-mi-ra-tion ac-cep-ta-tion


His prose is the model of the middle style ; on grave subjects not formal, on light occasions not grovelling; pure without scrupulosity, and exact without apparent elaboration ; always equable, and always easy; without glowing words or pointed sentences. Addison never deviates from his track to snatch a grace; he seeks no ambitious ornaments, and tries no hazardous innovations. His page is always luminous, but never blazes in unexpected splendour. It seems to have been his principal endeavour to avoid all harshness and severity of diction; he is therefore sometimes verbose in his transitions and connexions; and sometimes descends too much to the language of conversation; yet, if his language had been less idiomatical, it might have lost somewhat of its genuine Anglicism.

Dr. Johnson.

ad-u-la-tion ad-van-ta-geous ad-ven-ti-tious af-fir-ma-tion ag-gra-va-tion a-gi-ta-tion al-le-ga-tion al-ter-a-tion al-ter-ca-tion am-mu-ni-tion am-pu-ta-tion an-i-ma-tion an-no-ta-tion ap-pa-ri-tion ap-pli-ca-tion ap-pre-hen-sion ap-pro-ba-tion ar-bi-tra-tion ar-ti-fi-cial as-sig-na-tion at-tes-ta-tion aug-men-ta-tion a-va-ri-cious ben-e-dic-tion ben-e-fac-tion ben-e-fi-cial cal-ci-na-tion cal-cu-la-tion cas-ti-ga-tion cel-e-bra-tion cir-cu-la-tion cir-cum-spec-tion cir-cum-stan-tial

cir-cum-ven-tion co-a-li-tion co-gi-ta-tion com-bi-na-tion com-men-da-tion com-mu-ta-tion com-pen-sa-tion com-pi-la-tion com-pli-ca-tion com-po-si-tion com-pre-hen-sion com-pu-ta-tion con-dem-na-tion con-den-sa-tion con-fi-den-tial con-fir-ma-tion con-fis-ca-tion con-fla-gra-tion con-for-ma-tion con-fu-ta-tion con-gre-ga-tion con-sci-en-tious con-se-cra-tion con-se-quen-tial con-ser-va-tion con-so-la-tion con-stel-la-tion con-ster-na-tion con-sti-tu-tion con-sul-ta-tion con-sum-ma-tion con-tem-pla-tion con-tra-dic-tion

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