Abbildungen der Seite

ob-vi-ous-ly prof-li-ga-cy

stat-u-a-ry oc-cu-pi-er prom-is-so-ry sub-lu-na-ry oc-u-lar-ly pur-ga-to-ry

tab-er-na-cle op-er-a-tive pu-ri-fi-er

ter-ri-fy-ing or-a-to-ry ra-ti-fi-er

ter-ri-to-ry or-din-a-ry rea-son-a-ble

tes-ti-mo-ny pa-ci-fi-er re-vo-ca-ble tol-er-a-ble pal-a-ta-ble righ-te-ous-ness tran-si-to-ry par-don-a-ble sa-cri-fi-cer trea-son-a-ble pa-tri-mo-ny sanc-tu-a-ry val-u-a-ble par-si-mo-ny sat-is-fi-ed va-ri-a-ble pen-e-tra-ble sec-re-ta-ry

ve-ge-ta-ble per-ish-a-ble

sep-a-rate-ly ven-er-a-ble prac-ti-ca-ble ser-vice-a-ble vir-tu-ous-ly preb-en-da-ry slov-en-li-ness vol-un-ta-ry pref-er-a-ble sol-i-ta-ry war-rant-a-ble pres-by-te-ry sov-er-eign-ty wash-er-wo-man prev-a-lent-ly spec-u-la-tive weath-er-beat-en prof-it-a-ble spir-it-u-al won-der-ful-ly

Words of Four Syllables, accented on the Second

Syllable. Ab-bre-vi-ate ac-com-pa-ny

am-bas-sa-dor ab-dom-i-nal ac-count-a-ble am-big-u-ous a-bil-i-ty ac-cu-mu-late am-phi-bi-ous a-bom-i-nate a-cid-i-ty a-na-to-mist ab-sur-di-ty ac-know-ledg-ed an-gel-i-cal a-bun-dant-ly ad-min-is-ter an-ni-hil-ate a-bu-sive-ly ad-mon-ish-er a-nom-a-lous ac-cel-er-ate ad-ven-tur-er an-tag-o-nist ac-ces-si-ble a-gree-a-ble an-ti-ci-pate ac-com-mo-date al-low-a-ble


Sweet was the sound, when oft at evening's close,
Up yonder hill the village murmur rose :
There as I pass’d, with careless steps and slow,
The mingling notes came soften'd from below;
The swain responsive as the milk-maid sung,
The sober herd that low'd to meet their

The noisy geese that gabbled o'er the pool,
The playful children just let loose from school ;
The watchdog's voice that bay'd the whisp'ring

wind, And the loud laugh that spoke the vacant mind; These all in sweet confusion sought the shade, And fill'd each pause the nightingale had made. But now the sounds of population fail, No cheerful murmurs fluctuate in the gale; No busy steps the grass-grown footway tread, But all the bloomy flush of life is fled. All but yon widow'd, solitary thing, That feebly bends beside the plashy spring; She, wretched matron, forced in age for bread, To strip the brook with mantling cresses spread, To pick her wintry faggot from the thorn, To seek her nightly shed, and weep till morn; She only left of all the harmless train, The sad historian of the pensive plain.


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Chess is the most ancient and universal game known among men; for its origin is beyond the

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an-ti"-qui-ty con-sol-i-date de-lin-e-ate a-po”-lo-gize con-spic-u-ous de-liv-er-ance a-rith-me-tic con-sp”-ra-cy de-mo”-cra-cy

" as-sas-sin-ate con-su-ma-ble de-mon-stra-ble as-trol-o-ger con-sist-en-cy de-nom-i-nate as-trol-o-gy con-tam-i-nate de-plo-ra-ble as-tron-o-my con-tempt-i-ble de-pop-u-late as-tron-o-mer con-test-a-ble de-pre-ci-ate at-ten-u-ate con-tig-u-ous de-si-ra-ble au-then-ti-cate con-tin-u-al de-spite-ful-ly au-thor-i-ty con-trib-u-tor de-spond-en-cy

a-vail-a-ble con-ve-ni-ent de-ter-min-ate bar-ba-ri-an con-vers-a-ble de-test-a-ble ba-rom-e-ter con-vex-i-ty dex-ter-i-ty be-at-i-tude co-op-er-ate di-ag-o-nal be-com-ing-ly cor-po-re-al

di-am-e-ter be-ha-vi-our cor-rel-a-tive di-min-u-tive be-ne"-fi-cence cor-rob-or-ate dis-cern-i-ble be-ne"-vo-lence cor-ro-sive-ly dis-cov-e-ry bi-o"-gra-phy cre-du-li-ty

dis-crim-in-ate bi-tu-mi-nous

cu-ta-ne-ous dis-dain-ful-ly ca-day-er-ous de-bil-i-tate dis-grace-ful-ly ca-lam-i-tous de-cap-i-tate dis-loy-al-ty ca-pi-tu-late de-crep-i-tude dis-or-der-ly ca-tas-tro-phe de-fen-si-ble

dis-pen-sa-ry cen-so-ri-ous de-fi-na-ble dis-sat-is-fy cer-tif-i-cate de-fin-i-tive dis-sim-i-lar chi-rur-gi-calde-form-i-ty

dis-u-ni-on chro-no-lo-dy de-gen-er-ate di-vin-i-ty

gy con-form-a-ble de-ject-ed-ly dog-mat-i-cal con-grat-u-late de-lect-a-ble dox-ol-o-gy con-si-der-ate de-lib-er-ate duc-til-i-ty con-sist-o-ry de-light-ful-ly du-pli"-ci-ty


memory of history; and it has for numberless ages been the amusement of all the civilized nations of Asia, the Persians, the Indians, and the Chinese. Europe has had it above a thousand years. The Spaniards have introduced it into South America, and thence it has extended into the United States. It is so interesting in itself, as not to need the view of gain to induce persons to engage in it; and for that reason it is very rarely played for money. Those, therefore, who have leisure for such diversions, cannot find one that is more innocent ; and the foresight necessary to complete a good chess-player, renders this game, in its effects on the mind, not merely innocent, but profitable to the vanquished, as well as to the victor.


But, O my Muse, what numbers wilt thou find,
To sing the furious troops in battle join'd!
Methinks I hear the drum’s tumultuous sound,
The victor's shout and dying groans confound;
The dreadful burst of cannon rend the skies,
And all the thunder of the battle rise.
'Twas then great Marlbro's mighty soul was

That, in the shock of charging hosts unmoved,
Amidst confusion, horror, and despair,
Examined all the dreadful scenes of war:

e-bri-e-ty ex-or-bi-tant im-mu-ta-ble e-con-o-my ex-pe"-ri-ment im-ped-i-ment ef-fec-tu-al ex-ter-min-ate im-pen-i-tence ef-fem-i-nate ex-trav-a-gant im-pe-ri-ous ef-fron-te-ry ex-trem-i-ty im-per-a-tive e-gre-gi-ous fa-cil-i-ty im-per-ti-nent e-jac-u-late fa-nat-i-cism im-pet-u-ous e-lab-0-rate fas-tid-i-ous im-pi-e-ty e-lu-ci-date fa-tal-i-ty im-plac-a-ble e-mas-cu-late fe-li"-ci-ty im-pol-i-tic em-pir-i-cal

fes-ti-vi-ty im-por-tu-nate em-pov-er-ish fra-gil-i-ty im-pos-si-ble en-am-el-ler fru-gal-i-ty im-prob-a-ble en-thu-si-ast fu-tu-ri-ty im-pov-er-ish e-nu-mer-ate ge-o"-gra-phy im-preg-na-ble e-pis-co-pal ge-o"-me-try im-prov-a-ble e-pit-o-me gram-ma-ri-an im-prov-i-dent e-quiv-o-cate gram-mat-i-cal in-a-ni-mate er-ro-ne-ous

ha-bil-i-ment in-au-gu-rate e-the-re-al ha-bit-u-ate in-ca-pa-ble e-van-gel-ist har-mon-i-cal in-clem-en-cy e-vap-o-rate her-met-i-cal in-cli-na-ble e-va-sive-ly hi-la"-ri-ty

in-con-stan-cy e-ven-tu-al his-to-ri-an in-cu-ra-ble ex-am-in-er hu-man-i-ty in-de-cen-cy ex-ceed-ing-ly hu-mil-i-ty

in-el-e-gant ex-ces-sive-ly hy-po-the-sis in-fal-li-ble ex-cu-sa-ble i-dol-a-ter in-fat-u-ate ex-ec-u-tor il-lit-er-ate in-hab-i-tant ex-em-pla-ry il-lus-tri-ous in-grat-i-tude ex-fo-li-ate im-mac-u-late in-sin-u-ate ex-hil-a-rate im-men-si-ty in-teg-ri-ty ex-on-er-ate im-mor-tal-ize in-tel-li-gent

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