Loudon's Hortus Britannicus, a catal. of all the plants indigenous, cultivated in, or introduced to Britain


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Seite xiv - ... when an apprentice, twelve years ago; and, about three years since, wishing to arrange them for reference, and the Duchess having kindly desired him to have them bound at her expense, he classed them according to the Linnean system, fixed them with gum to leaves of drawing cartridge paper, pasting to the back of each leaf a leaf of brown blotting paper, and round the margin of both surfaces of the double leaf so formed strips of cartridge paper. These strips rather more than compensate for the...
Seite viii - Bauer (Francis). Delineations of Exotic Plants cultivated in the Royal Garden at Kew, published by WJ Aitón, fol.
Seite vi - Museo di piante rare della Sicilia, Malta, Corsica, Italia, Piemonte e Germania.
Seite xv - Linnœus, to possess a decided superiority over all others ; not only because it is consistently derived from one simple principle, but also because the author of it, by means of a new nomenclature, has given to his terms the greatest distinctness of meaning.
Seite vii - Description de l'Egypte, ou Recueil des Observations et des Recherches .faites pendant l'Expédition de l'Armée Française.

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