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AND EXCHANGE OF BOOKS, The Library shall be kept gpen on Saturday of each week, from two till six and from seven till nine o'clock, and at such other times as the Directors shall prescribe.

Each share-holder may take two volumes at a time from the Library for each share owned by him, to be retained not longer than four weeks : provided, that all books shall be returned to the Library on the last Saturday of August. Any proprietor failing to comply with this regulation shall pay a fine of twelve and a half cents.

No book shall be taken from Library by any proprietor or subscriber until all assessments and fines due by him are paid.

Subscribers are to be subjected to the same restrictions and penalties as proprietors.

When Books are returned to the Library they should be taken immediately to the Librarian, to be discharged, and returned to their proper places

on the shelves. 类奏

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