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In offering this volume to the public, it is hoped that the Editor will not be charged with the presumption of having laid an irreverent hand upon the text of Pope, but that his motive will be admitted as an excuse for the liberties he has ventured to take. Beyond those of omission, they are few; nor have they been resolved on without scrupulous deliberation, and almost a compunctious reluctance. The reasons for them are given in the inscription to his children ; for whom alone the task of this arrangement was undertaken, whilst preparing himself for a long absence in a distant country.

By friends, who have perused the book, he has been urged to extend its circulation as likely to afford a useful addition to the libraries of the young; and with this hope it is offered to the public.

It may be urged by the fastidious among Pope's idolaters, that more delicacy and respect for the poet

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