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Erafmus Darwin, M. D. Derby

Darke, Efq. Brazen-nofe College, Oxford
Mark Davies, Efq. Hampshire
Mifs Daw, Bridgwater
William Dean, Efq. Wimborne, 2 Copies
Rev. the Dean of Chrift-Church, Oxford
Mr. Benjamin Donne, Bristol
Rev. Henry Donne, Cranborne, Dorset
Mr. William Dyer, Bristol

Rev. W. Duppa, Shropshire
William Dyke, Efq. Syren Cott, Wilts
Rev. Thomas Eden, near Bristol

Elwyn, Efq. Berkeley-Square, Bristol
T. Elwyn, Efq. Trinity College, Oxford
Rev. J. P. Eftlin, Bristol



W. T. Fitzgereld, Efq. London
Edward Long Fox, M. D. Briftol

Samuel Galton, Efq. Birmingham
Davies Giddy, Efq. Cornwall
Mr. Carlos Gimbernat, Spain

James Green, Efq. M. P. Monmouthshire
Lady Guilford,


James Hare, Efq. M. P.

John Scandrett Harford, Efq. Bristol

Thomas Harris, Efq. Queen-Square, Briftol


Harris, Academy, Sloane-Street,

London, 2 Copies

Benjamin Hobhouse, Efq. Cottle's-Houfe, Wilts. Mrs. Holborough, Tockington

Rev. W. J. Hort, Bristol

Mr. Peter Smith Hill, Bristol

Mr. John Jewell, Bideford


W. H. Lambton, Efq. M. P. Charlton, Kent
Marquis of Lanfdown, 5 Copies
Mr. John Lowder, Bath

J. H. Moggridge, Efq. Bradford
Richard Perkins, Efq. Bradford
Azariah Penny, Efq. Briftol
George Rankin, Esq. Hampstead
William Reynolds, Efq. Ketley
Jofeph Reynolds, Efq. Ketley

Mr. John Rudhall, Small-Street, Bristol
Edward Ruffel, Efq.

Marquis of Salisbury, 5 Copies
Marchionefs of Salisbury, 5 Copies
Sir Robert Salusbury, Bart, Llanwerne
John Seward, M. D. Worcester
Mr. Robert Simpson, Bristol
Rev. Dr. Skinner, Salisbury

Rev. Digby Smith, Worcester
James Somerfalle, Efq.

Thomas Somerfalle, Efq.

J. Swainfon, Efq. Frith-Street, London

R. G. Temple, Efq.

Mifs Thompson, Berkeley-Square, Bristol
James Tobyn, Efq. Bristol


Richard Vaughan, Esq. Briftol


Benjamin Waddington, Efq. Llanover-House
Thomas Walker, Efq. Redland

John Wedgwood, Efq. Cote-House
Jofiah Wedgwood, Efq. Etruria
Thomas Wedgwood, Efq. 3 Copies
William Wilkinson, Efq. Shropshire
Rev. David Williams, Knights-Bridge
Thomas Williams, Efq. M. P. 2 Copies
Mr. W. Yonge, Surgeon, Shefnal

N. B. The Author flatters himself, that those Subscribers whose names have not been tranfmitted, would rather excuse their non-insertion, than that the Publication fhould be delayed longer, by waiting for them.



BOOK I. of



EOMETRY* is the fcience of extenfion; which treats of the properties of lines, angles, furfaces, and folids.


2. A Phyfical Point is an indefinitely fmall quantity, as a dot (.) made with a point of a needle. But a Mathematical or Geometrical Point is not a quantity, but only a term or bound of a quantity: Or, in Euclid's words, is "that which hath



* According to its etimology, fignifies the art of measuring land; being probably the first or principal ufe, to which the knowledge of geometry was applied,

no part or magnitude. See Scholium, Article 42.

3. A Line may be conceived to be generated by the motion of a, point. If the point in motion moves continually in the fame direction, it defcribes a right or ftraight C. 1. line; as a line drawn by the fide of a ftraight ruler; and is the nearest distance between its two extreme points.

4. But, if the point in motion be continually changing its direction, it then defcribes a crooked line, and is named a F. 2. Curve.

Note, For the future, whenever we use the term a line, we mean a right line, unless otherwife particularly expreffed.

5. A Solid, in a geometrical fense, is any thing that has length, breadth, and thickness, whatever may be its form; whether it be a folid in the common acceptation of the word, as a piece of wood or ftone; or hollow, as a box, or glass



Note, The marginal references are to the cards and figures; thus, C. 1. C. 2. &c. direct to the Number of the card; and F. 1. F. 2. &c. to the Number of the scheme in the card, if more than one.

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