Annual Report of the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors, Ausgabe 21

Association of Ontario Land Surveyors., 1906
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Seite 73 - The government of Quebec, bounded on the Labrador coast by the River St. John, and from thence by a line drawn from the head of that river, through the Lake St. John, to the south end of the Lake Nipissim; from whence the said line, crossing the River St.
Seite 73 - Lawrence, and the Lake Champlain, in 45. degrees of north latitude, passes along the high lands which divide the rivers that empty themselves into the said River St Lawrence from those which fall into the sea; and also along the north coast of the Baye des Chaleurs, and the coast of the Gulf of St Lawrence to Cape Rosieres...
Seite 166 - If, from the ends of the side of a triangle, there be drawn two straight lines to a point within the triangle, these shall be less than, the other two sides of the triangle, but shall contain a greater angle.
Seite 72 - Twenty-four hours after the signing of the present capitulation, the British General shall cause the troops of his Britannic Majesty to take possession of the Gates of the town of Montreal : and the British Garrison shall not enter the place till after the French troops shall have evacuated it. — " The whole Garrison of Montreal must lay " down their arms, and shall not serve during the present war Immediately after the "signing of the present capitulation, the King's troops shall take possession...
Seite 73 - north twenty-five degrees east, until it strikes the Ottawa "river, to ascend the said river into the lake Tomiscanning, " (Tbniscamingue), and, from the head of the said lake, by a "line drawn due north until it strikes the boundary line of " Hudson's Bay, including all the territory to the westward " and southward of the said line, to the utmost extent of the " country commonly called or known by the name of Canada...
Seite 73 - Longueuil, running along the said limit in the direction of north thirty-four degrees west to the westernmost angle of the said Seigneurie of New Longueuil ; thence along the north-western boundary of the Seigneurie of Vaudreuil, running north...
Seite 73 - ... crossing the River St. Lawrence and the Lake Champlain in forty-five degrees of north latitude, passes along the highlands which divide the rivers that empty themselves into the said River St. Lawrence, from those which fall into the sea; and also along the north coast of the Baie des Chaleurs, and the coast of the Gulf of St.
Seite 171 - A. {cos a = cos b cos c + sin b sin c cos A. cos b = cos a cos c + sin a sin c cos B.
Seite 73 - America ; and to make further provision for the Government of the said Province. II. And whereas His Majesty has been pleased to signify, by his message to both Houses of Parliament, his royal intention to divide his Province of Quebec into two separate Provinces, to be called the Province of Upper Canada and the Province of Lower Canada...
Seite 47 - This ordinance required the public lands to be divided into " hundreds" of ten geographical miles square, and those again to be subdivided into lots of one mile square each, to be numbered from 1 to 100, commencing in the northwestern corner and counting from...

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