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MAY 24, 1939

Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1843, by PERKINS & PUR-VES, in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the Eastern District of Penn. sylvania.

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The following collection of hymns has been prepared with reference to that standard which is found in the general judgment of the Christian public. Of the many, speculations concerning devotional lyric poetry, which have been at different times proposed, it has not seemed proper to allow to any one an influence in advance of the settled decisions of public opinion; but much care has been exercised in seeking to ascertain those decisions, and to conform the character of the book to them. In pursuance of this plan, favorite standard hymns have been retained, as the basis of the collection; while a laborious examination has been made of a large number of Hymn Books and other volumes of religious poetry, British and American, for the purpose of giving it va. riety and freshness. Every stanza inserted has been carefully considered; and while it has not been thought proper to exclude every one which does not possess high poetic merit, or to torture every one which is not per. fectly accommodated to musical accent, it is hoped that the attention which has been paid, in the preparation of the book, to the claims of literary and musical taste, will be found to have effected as much as was advisable. Above all, it is hoped that nothing has been admitted which is at variance with the word of God.

Alterations in language have been made only where, with a full knowledge of the reasonable jealousy of the public on that point, they were judged to be indispensable. A Hymn Book fitted to meet the demands of worshiping assemblies, cannot be produced without the labor of abridgment and alteration; but that wantonness of change and mutilation, which has proved so offensive to the community, is most justly condemned. In the following collection are a few hymns, (not hitlierto familiar to the public,) in which considerable alterations have been made. They are such as were seen to admit of changes which would render them highly valuable, while, in their original form, they could not

have been inserted. Most of these are designated in the Index. In many hymns, what will appear to some to be alterations, are but restorations of the original language, with which unnecessary liberties had been taken.

Among the leading objects kept in view, has been that of gratifying the wish, so generally entertained by those whose feelings are chiefly to be regarded in the prepara. tion of such a book, for that class of hymns which is felt to be peculiarly suited to evening meetings and other occasions of social worship-a class characterized by somewhat more of free expression and enlivening fer. vor, than belongs to the stately compositions which better accord with the dignity of the sanctuary. It is believed that the book will be found unusually rich in this department.

The original hymns are designated as such in the Index.

Much labor has been employed upon the classification of the hymns; but any one who has attempted such a task will be convinced that no two persons could be found who would perform it in precisely the same man. ner. The schedule which exhibits this classification may often be found more convenient than the alpha. betical Index of Subjects.

The collection is submitted to the public, under a sense of the responsibility of attempting to furnish, for those who worship God, the language of devotional song; and with pleasure in the reflection that many a soul may find here the expression of its faith, adoration, and hope, and the means of advancing préparation for the songs of heaven.



L. M.


Assembling for Worship.
SSEMBLED in thy name, O Lord,

We plead the promise of thy word; We gather now to seek thy face

Oh may thy presence fill the place. 2 When 'mid the sad forsaken band

Of thy disciples thou didst stand,
Thy voice, divinely speaking “Peace,”

Bade doubt and fear and sorrow cease. 3 Now may we hear the voice of love

Speak peace and pardon from above;
Sweet intercourse with Jesus find,

And prove him powerful, faithful, kind. 4 Oh send us not away unbless'd,

For on thy gracious word we rest;
We, sinners, to our Saviour flee,
Helpless and hopeless but in thee.

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